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food grade ethanol

  • Ethyl Alcohol, 190 Proof, FCC

    Ethyl Alcohol, 190 Proof, FCC

    E1020 | 64-17-5

    Ethyl Alcohol, 190 Proof, FCC - The FCC grade meets the requirements of the Food Chemical Codex indicates and is suitable for all food, beverage and nutritional supplement applications. Spectrum Chemical offers over 300 Food grade chemic

  • Ethyl Lactate

    Ethyl Lactate

    TCI-L0003 | 97-64-3

    Ethyl Lactate, also known as Lactic acid ethyl ester, is a monobasic ester created from ethanol and lactic acid which can be used as a solvent; it is found naturally in certain foods like chicken, wine or various fruits. Ungraded produ