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Serum Glass Vials
Glass Sample Vials
Clear Narrow-Mouth Glass Bottles
Amber Glass Narrow-Mouth Bottles
PVC-Coated Narrow-Mouth Glass Bottles
General Purpose Glass Wide-Mouth Bottles
Wide-Mouth Glass Packer Bottles
Round Wide-Mouth Glass Bottles
French Square Wide-Mouth Glass Bottles
Volumetric Wide-Mouth Glass Bottles
PVC-Coated Wide Mouth Glass Bottles
Straight Side Glass Environmental Bottles
Environmental Packer Glass Bottles
Environmental Round Glass Bottles
French Square Glass Environmental Bottles
Wide-Mouth Glass Environmental Bottles
Glass Dropper Bottles
Milk Dilution Glass Bottles
Aspirator Glass Bottles
Gas Washing Glass Bottles
Specific Gravity Glass Bottles
Impinger Glass Bottles
Gum Bomb Glass Bottles
Connecting Distillation Adapters
Thermometer Distillation Adapters
Bent Distillation Glass Adapters
Vacuum Distillation Glass Adapters
Glass Distillation Adapters
Kuderna Danish Distillation Apparatus
Distillation Apparatus Accessories
Solvent Recovery Distillation Apparatus
Kjeldahl Distillation Apparatus
General Distillation Apparatus
Class A Volumetric Glass Flasks
Heavy-Duty Volumetric Glass Flasks
Economy Volumetric Glass Flasks
Class B Volumetric Glass Flasks
Dialyzer Filters
MicroDialyzer Filters
Dialysis Tubing Closures
Filtration Membranes
Glass Dialysis Weights
Trial Dialysis Kits
PCR Plastic Tubes
Plastic Centrifuge Tubes
Plastic Test Tubes
Plastic Microcentrifuge Tubes
Tube Closures
Transport Plastic Tubes
Volumetric Plastic Pipets
Serological Plastic Pipets
Pipet Supports
Pipet Bulbs
Transfer Plastic Pipets
Stirring Rods
Cryogenics Plastic Boxes & Racks
Cryogenic Plastic CryoCanes
Cryogenics Labtop Cooler
Cryogenics Accessories
Cryogenics Plastic Caps
Cryogenic Plastic Vials
Dewar Plastic Cryogenic Flasks
Analytical Plastic Funnels
Buchner Plastic Funnels
Powder Plastic Funnels
General Purpose Plastic Funnels
Plastic Filter Funnels
Plastic Filling Funnels
Separatory Plastic Funnels
Funnel Accessories
Narrow Mouth Plastic Containers
Plastic Utility Box
Miscellaneous Plastic Containers
Specimen Plastic Containers
Polystyrene Plastic Containers
Polypropylene Plastic Containers
HDPE Plastic Containers
Hinged Lid Plastic Containers
Polycarbonate Plastic Containers
Container Spigots
Polyethylene Plastic Containers
Square Ratio Plastic Beakers
Polyethylene Plastic Beakers
PTFE Plastic Beakers
Polypropylene Plastic Beakers
PFA Plastic Beakers
Polystyrene Plastic Beakers
AutoAnalyzer Plastic Cups
Plastic Beaker Covers
HDPE Plastic Beakers
PMP Plastic Beakers
Plastic 870 PFA Tubing
Polyurethane Tubing
Polypropylene Tubing
Plastic Tubing Adapters
Tygon Tubing
Vinyl Tubing
Plastic Tubing Accessories
Plastic Tubing Connectors & Couplings
PVC Plastic Tubing
Silicone Tubing
Rubber Tubing
PE Plastic Tubing
Teflon Tubing
Norprene Tubing
PTFE Tubing
Plastic Jars
Centrifuge Plastic Bottles
Sterile Plastic Bottles
Plastic Bottle Closures
Plastic Bottle Caps
Miscellaneous Plastic Bottles
Plastic Bottle Accessories
Dilution Plastic Bottles
Square Plastic Bottles
Wide Mouth Plastic Bottles
Narrow Mouth Plastic Bottles
Plastic Wash Bottles
Dropper Plastic Bottles
Plastic Dispensing Bottles
Environmental Plastic Bottles
Plastic Flask Accessories
Filtration Plastic Flasks
Erlenmeyer Plastic Flasks
Volumetric Plastic Flasks
Round Bottom Plastic Flasks
Polycarbonate Plastic Carboys
Polypropylene Plastic Carboys
LDPE Plastic Carboys
HDPE Plastic Carboys
Plastic Carboy Accessories
Quick Connect Plastic Tubing Connectors
Plastic Tubing Y-Connectors
Reducing Plastic Tubing Connectors
Straight Plastic Tubing Connectors
Plastic Tubing T-Connectors
Miscellaneous Plastic Wash Bottles
Labeled Plastic Wash Bottles
Fluorinated Plastic Wash Bottles
Vented Unitary Plastic Wash Bottles
Autoclavable Plastic Wash Bottles
Wide Mouth Plastic Wash Bottles
Driplok Plastic Wash Bottles
Narrow Mouth Plastic Wash Bottles
PFA Plastic Narrow-Mouth Bottles
PP Plastic Narrow-Mouth Bottles
HDPE Plastic Narrow-Mouth Bottles
LDPE Plastic Narrow-Mouth Bottles
PETG Plastic Narrow-Mouth Bottles
PTFE Plastic Narrow-Mouth Bottles
PVC Plastic Narrow-Mouth Bottles
PC Plastic Square Bottles
PP Plastic Square Bottles
HDPE Plastic Square Bottles
PETG Plastic Square Bottles
LDPE Plastic Square Bottles
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Cork Stoppers
Rubber Stoppers
Snap-On Stoppers
Silicone Stoppers
Teflon Stoppers
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Desiccator Cabinets
Desiccator Accessories
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Sample Bags
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Benchtop Shelf Organizers
Organizer Trays
Stackable Lab Drawer Organizers
Compartment Box Organizers
Star Magnetic Stir Bars
Egg-Shaped Magnetic Stir Bars
Octagonal Magnetic Stir Bars
Micro Magnetic Stir Bars
Cross Head Magnetic Stir Bars
Triangular Magnetic Stir Bars
Polygon Magnetic Stir Bars
Assorted Magnetic Stir Bar Packs
Magnetic Stirrer Accessories
Floating Magnetic Stir Bars
Round Magnetic Stir Bars
Cleaning & Sampling Swabs
Lab Applicator Sticks
Utility Lab Carriers
Miscellaneous Lab Racks
Laboratory Drying Racks
Radioimmunoassay Tube Racks
Centrifuge Tube Racks
Test Tube Racks
Separatory Funnel Racks
Black Rubber Stoppers
Tan Pure Gum Stoppers
Green Neoprene Stoppers
Rubber Stoppers With Folding Skirts
Perforated Rubber Stoppers
Solid Rubber Stoppers
Gray HaloButyl Rubber Stoppers
Laboratory Drying Tubes Desiccants
Humidity Sponge Desiccants
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Reagents for Solar Cell Research
Reagents for Research of Nitric Oxide & Related Species
Reagents for Electrophoresis
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Phase-Transfer Catalysts
Amino Acids
Analytical Chemistry Reagents
Antimicrobials & Antitumors for Research and Experimental Use
B (Classes of Boron Compounds)
Biochemistry Chemicals
Carbonyl Olefination
Charge Transfer Complexes for Organic Metals
Chelating Reagents
Classes of Metal Compounds
Enantiomer Excess & Absolute Configuration Determination
Research Chemicals
Fluorous Chemistry
Functional Materials
GC Derivatizing Reagents
HPLC Analysis
HPLC Labeling Reagents
Ion-Catalyzed Organic Synthesis
Mass Spectrometry
Metal Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
Monofunctional & alpha,omega-Bifunctional Alkanes
Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Related Reagents
Peptide Synthesis Reagents
4-Substituted Cyclohexanols
4-Substituted Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acids
4-Substituted Cyclohexylamines
4-Hydroxy Substituted Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acids
Miscellaneous 4-Substituted Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acids
4-Alkyl Substituted Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acids
4-Amino Substituted Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acids
4-Alkyl Substituted Cyclohexanols
4-Carboxy Substituted Cyclohexanols
Miscellaneous 4-Substituted Cyclohexanols
4-Amino Substituted Cyclohexanols
4-Carboxy Substituted Cyclohexylamines
4-Hydroxy Substituted Cyclohexylamines
Miscellaneous 4-Substituted Cyclohexylamines
4-Alkyl Substituted Cyclohexylamines
C-Protected Amino Acids
N-Protected Amino Acids
Nitrophenyl Ester and Other Amino Acids
Amino Acid tert-Butyl Esters
Amino Acid Succinimidyl Esters
Amino Acid Methyl Esters
Amino Acid Ethyl Esters
Amino Acid Benzyl Esters
Nps-Amino Acids
Others - Amino Acids
Fmoc-Amino Acids
Dns-Amino Acids
Dnp-Amino Acids
Dbs-Amino Acids
Cbz-Amino Acids
Boc-Amino Acids
PTH-Amino Acids
Ac-Amino Acids
NMR Spectrometry
pH Indicators
Solvents for HPLC & Spectrophotometry
Standard Materials for GC
Standard Solution of Volatile Organic Compounds for Water & Soil Analysis
Chelating Reagents
Column Chromatography
Enantiomer Excess & Absolute Configuration Determination
Environmental Endocrine Disruptors
ESR Spectrometry
Food Color Testing Solutions in Japan
GC Derivatizing Reagents
HPLC Labeling Reagents
Ion-Pair Reagents for HPLC
Ligands for Pharmaceutical Research
Mass Spectrometry
Bipyridyls, etc.
Cypridina Luciferin Analog
Firefly Luciferin
Silica Gel
HPLC Labeling Reagents
X-ray Crystallography
Chlorinated Compounds
Estradiol, etc.
Bisphenol A
Tin Compound
Spin Labels
Spin Trapping Reagents
A Set Food Color Testing Solutions in Japan
B Set Food Color Testing Solutions in Japan
Boronic Acid, etc.
Electrochemical Detection
Chemiluminescence Detection
HPLC Ion-Pair Reagents for Acidic Samples
Fluorimetric Ion-Pair Reagent for HPLC
LC/MS Ion-Pair Reagents for Basic Samples
LC/MS Ion-Pair Reagents for Acidic Samples
HPLC Ion-Pair Reagents for Basic Samples
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Chelating Reagents)
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (Chelating Reagents)
Derivatization Reagents for MS
Deuterated Compounds for NMR
Shift Reagents
Standards for NMR
Chemical Shift Standards for Multinuclear NMR
PH Indicators
Mixed Indicator Solutions
Solvents for HPLC
Solvents for Spectrophotometry
1-Olefins (GC Standard)
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (GC Standard)
Standard Mixtures for GC (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters)
n-Paraffins (GC Standard)
Standard Mixtures for GC (n-Paraffins)
Standard Solutions (VOC)
Antibiotics for Research and Experimental Use
Antitumors for Research and Experimental Use
Synthetic Antimicrobials for Research and Experimental Use
Boron Trihalides
Boric Acid Esters
Amino Acids
Monosaccharides and Sugar Analogs
Substrates for Enzymatic Detection
Reagents for Pharmacological Research
Reagents for Electrophoresis
Reagents for Bioanalytical Research
Plant Growth Regulators
Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Related Reagents
Materials for Clinical Chemistry
Lipid Mediator Research
Antimicrobials & Antitumors for Research and Experimental Use
Calcium Signaling
Higher Fatty Acids & Higher Alcohols
Antitumor alkylating agents
Platinum-containing antitumor agents
Hormonal antitumor agents
Other antitumor agents
Antitumor antibiotics
Antitumor antimetabolites
Antitumor plant alkaloids and terpenoids
Boric Acid Triesters
Boron Trifluorides
Boron Trichlorides
Imidazole Alkaloids
Indole Alkaloids
Isoquinoline Alkaloids
Tropane Alkaloids
Piperidine Alkaloids
Purine Alkaloids
Pyridine Alkaloids
Quinoline Alkaloids
alpha-Amino Acids
Amino Acid Amides
Side Chain Protected Amino Acids (N,C-termini Free)
non-Proteinorganic Amino Acids
Biologically-modified Amino Acids
Antifungals for Research and Experimental Use
Antivirals for Research and Experimental Use
Antitumors for Research and Experimental Use
Fluorescent Probes
Functionality Creating Reagents
Functional Group Blocking Reagents
Good's Buffers
Related Reagent for Buffer
Instant Buffers
Calmodulin Antagonists
Trinder's Reagent
Saturated Higher Alcohols
Saturated Higher Fatty Acids
Unsaturated Higher Fatty Acids
Unsaturated Higher Fatty Acid Esters
Unsaturated Higher Alcohols
Alkaline Phosphatase Inhibitors (for Biochemical Research)
Protease Inhibitors (for Biochemical Research)
NO Synthase Inhibitors (Inhibitors)
Inhibitors (Miscellaneous)
Lipid Mediators
Cyclooxygenase (COX) Inhibitors
Fatty Acid Cholesteryl Esters
Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters
Fatty Acid Sodium Salts
Fatty Aldehydes
Lipid Extracts
Saturated Fatty Acids
Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Quaternary Ammonium Salts
Riboses and 2'-Deoxyriboses
Enzymes and Coenzymes in Nucleic Acids
Chemical Reagents for Pharmacology Research
Abscisic Acids
Redox Research Reagents
Reagents for Staining and Others
Anthelmintic Ingredients
Anti-inflammatory Ingredients
Antidiabetic Ingredients
Other Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Ingredients
Antihypertensive Ingredients
Antilipemic Ingredients
Cosmetic Ingredients
Antihistamine Ingredients
Treatment Agents
Stains & Dyes
Cholanes (Bile Acids)
Other Steroids
Pregnanes (Glucocorticoids)
Pregnanes (Progestogen)
Steroid Glycosides
Alkali Phosphatase Substrates
Luciferase Substrate
Glucuronidase Substrates
beta-Galactosidase Substrates
Glucuronic Acids
p-Methoxyphenyl Glycosides
Sialic Acids
Reagents for Oligosaccharide Synthesis
Monocyclic Monoterpenes
Bicyclic Monoterpenes
Acyclic Monoterpenes
Vitamin Derivatives
Vitamin Related Compounds
Titanium-mediated Carbonyl Olefination
Wittig & Horner-Emmons Reaction
Azo Compounds
Semimetal Compounds
Typical Metal Compounds
Transition Metal Compounds
Metal Complexes & Ligands
Absolute Configuration Determination (Exciton Chirality CD Method)
Fluorinating Reagents
Fluorinated Building Blocks
Fluorous Compounds
Reagents for Conducting Polymer Research
Reagent for High-Performance Polymer Research
Pressure & Heat Sensitive Recording Materials
Polyimide Materials
Phthalonitriles & Naphthalonitriles
Photochromic Compounds
Organic Semiconducting Materials
Macrocycles for Host-Guest Chemistry
Liquid Crystals & Related Compounds
LB Films
Charge Transfer Complexes for Organic Metals
Building Blocks for Liquid Crystals
Reagents for Metal Organic Framework (MOF) and Porous Coordination Polymer (PCP) Research
UV Absorbents
Silane Coupling Agents
Self Assembly Materials
Esterification & Alkylation
Glycosyl Donors
Glycosyl Acceptors
Enzyme-related Reagents
p-Methoxyphenyl Glycosides & Related Reagents
HPLC Chiral Separation Columns
HPLC Guard Columns
HPLC Normal Phase Columns
HPLC Reversed Phase Columns
ODS Columns
ODS+Ion-Exchange Columns, Mixed-Mode (Dual Column)
Fluorescence Detection
UV Detection
Standards for Mass Spectrometry & Matrix Materials
Homogeneous Catalysts
alpha,omega-Bifunctional Alkanes
Monofunctional Alkanes
Nucleobases and their analogs
Protecting Agents, Phosphorylating Agents & Condensing Agents
Nucleotides and their analogs
Nucleosides and their analogs
Environmentally-friendly Oxidation
Oxidation Agents
Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis
Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysts
Aromatic Polyketides
Chemical Building Blocks for Polyamines
Reagents for Polyamine Synthesis
Photopolymerization Initiators
Thermal Polymerization Initiators
Reagents for Gel & Buffer Preparation, etc.
Miscellaneous Reagents for Reactive Oxygen Species Research
Reagents for Nitric Oxide Research
Reagents for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Research
Reagents for Organic Thin-film Solar Cell Research
Metal Hydrides
Si-Cl Compounds
Si-N Compounds
Si-O Compounds
Vinylsilanes, Allylsilanes
1,4-Disubstituted Cyclohexanes
Tetrazolium Salts & Formazans
B (Classes of Boron Compounds)
Dinitriles & Trinitriles
Dioxanes & Dioxolanes
Fluorenes & Fluorenones
Iodonium Sulfonium & Oxonium Compounds
Monoprotected Diaminoalkanes
N-Substituted Maleimides, Succinimides & Phthalimides
Non-benzenoid Aromatic Compounds
omega-Functional Alkanols, Carboxylic Acids, Amines & Halides
Phosphorous Compounds
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Si (Classes of Silicon Compounds)
Simple 3-Membered Ring Compounds
Simple 4-Membered Ring Compounds
Peroxidase Substrates
Sulfonic Acid Derivatives
Nonionic Surfactants
Amphoteric Surfactants
Anionic Surfactants
Cationic Surfactants
Asymmetric Organocatalysts
Chiral Building Blocks
Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-coupling
Sulfur Compounds (for Synthesis)
Scavenger Resins
Reducing Agents
Phase-Transfer Catalysts
Optical Resolution
Mitsunobu Reaction
Metal Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
Ionic Liquids
Ion-Catalyzed Organic Synthesis
Grignard Reagents & Alkyl Metals
Gas Cylinders
Combinatorial Chemistry
Fluorinating Reagents, Building Blocks & Fluorinated Bioactive Compounds
Fluorous Chemistry
Heterobifunctional Cross-Linkers
Homobifunctional Linkers
Zero-length Crosslinkers
Organotitanium Reagents
Horner-Emmons Reaction
Wittig Reaction
TCNQ Derivatives
Metal Dithiolenes
TTF Derivatives
Azobennzenes, etc.
Pyridylazo Compounds
Naphthylazo Compounds
EDTA Analogs
Photometric Reagents
Te (Tellurium) Compounds
Ce (Cerium) Compounds
Eu (Europium) Compounds
Ir (Iridium) Compounds
Nd (Neodymium) Compounds
Os (Osmium) Compounds
Pr (Praseodymium) Compounds
Y (Yttrium) Compounds
Re (Rhenium) Compounds
Ru (Ruthenium) Compounds
Sm (Samarium) Compounds
Tm (Thulium) Compounds
W (Tungsten) Compounds
Pt (Platinum) Compounds
Rb (Rubidium) Compounds
Metal Complexes
Exciton Chirality CD Method (for Hydroxy Groups)
Exciton Chirality CD Method (for Primary Amino Groups)
Exciton Chirality CD Method (for Monofunctional Compounds)
Aliphatic & Aromatic Compounds
Sulfur Pentafluorides
Heterocyclic Compounds
Nucleophilic Fluorinating Reagents
Electrophilic Fluorinating Reagents
Fits Reagents
Fluorous Alcohols
Fluorous Alkanes, Fluorous Alkenes
Other Fluorous Compounds
Fluorous Esters
Fluorous Sulfonic Acids & Derivatives
Fluorous Carboxylic Acids, Anhydrides and Halides
4-Alkylcyclohexanecarboxylic Acids
Benzoic Acids
Bifunctional Compounds
Building Blocks for Discotic Liquid Crystals
Chalcones, etc.
Chiral Compounds
Synthetic Intermediates
Benzoquinones, etc.
Fluorenes / Fluorenones
Oxazoles / Oxadiazoles
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Thiazoles / Thiadiazoles
Diyne Compounds, etc.
Diacetylene Monocarboxylic Acids
Cholesteryl Alkyl Carbonates
Schiff Bases
Cyanobiphenyls & Analogs
Nematic Crystals
Phenyl Esters
Cholesteryl Compounds
Crown Ethers
n-Type Organic Semiconducting Materials
p-Type Organic Semiconducting Materials
Azobenzene, etc.
Naphthalonitriles (Building Blocks for Naphthalocyanines)
Phthalonitriles (Building Blocks for Phthalocyanines)
Dicyanopyrazines, etc. (Building Blocks for Phthalonitriles & Naphthalonitriles)
Camphor, etc.
Fatty Acid Esters
Hydroxycarboxylic Acid Esters
Polyalcohol Ethers, Esters
Tetracarboxylic Dianhydrides
Color Former
Lactones & Lactides
Hydroxycarboxylic Acids
Fluorenes, etc.
Diphenyl Sulfones
Diphenyl Sulfides
Diphenyl Ethers
Dichlorosilanes (for Polysilanes)
Diacrylates & Dimethacrylates
Copolymerization Monomers
Bisphenol AF type Compounds
Bisphenol A type Compounds
Aromatic Tetracarboxylic Dianhydrides
Thiophene Derivatives
Materials for Metal Organic Framework (MOF) and Porous Coordination Polymer (PCP)
Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Porous Coordination Polymers (PCPs)
Aminoalkyl Silanes
Chloroalkylsilanes, etc.
Glycidyloxyalkyl Silanes
Olefinyl Silanes
BCl3, BF3, HCl-Alkanol Solutions
Diazomethane Precursors & Equivalents
N,N-Dimethylformamide Dialkylacetals
Onium Hydroxides
Pentafluorophenylsilylation, etc.
Enzyme Substrates
Halogeno Sugars
Imidate Sugars
Deprotecting Agents
TCI Chiral MB-S
TCI Chiral CH-S
TCI Chiral BP-S
Kaseisorb LC SIL-120-5
TCI Chiral BP-S
TCI Chiral CH-S
Kaseisorb LC NH2-60-5
TCI Chiral MB-S
Kaseisorb LC CN-60-5
Kaseisorb LC CN-60-5
TCI Pack ODS Tough
TCI Chiral MB-S
TCI Chiral CH-S
TCI Chiral BP-S
Kaseisorb LC PH Super
Kaseisorb LC ODS-SAX Super
Kaseisorb LC NH2-60-5
Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000
Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000-3
Kaseisorb LC ODS Super
Kaseisorb LC ODS-300-5
Kaseisorb LC ODS-PH Super
TCI Pack ODS Tough
Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000
Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000-3
Kaseisorb LC ODS Super
Kaseisorb LC ODS-300-5
Kaseisorb LC ODS-PH Super
Kaseisorb LC ODS-SAX Super
Amino Group Labeling Reagents for Fluorescence HPLC
Carbonyl Group Labeling Reagents for Fluorescence HPLC
Carboxyl Group Labeling Reagents for Fluorescence HPLC
Hydroxyl Group Labeling Reagents for Fluorescence HPLC
Mercapto Group Labeling Reagents for Fluorescence HPLC
Carboxyl Group Labeling Reagents for HPLC
Amino Group Labeling Reagents for HPLC
Carbonyl Group Labeling Reagents for HPLC
Hydroxyl Group Labeling Reagents for HPLC
N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands & Precursor
Phosphine Ligands
Bidentate Nitrogen Ligands
Matrix Materials (MALDI-TOF-MS)
Matrix Materials (FABMS & liquid SIMS)
Standard for Mass Spectrometry
Metal Triflates
Metal Complexes
Titanium Alkoxides, etc. (Homogeneous Catalysts)
alpha , omega-Alkanediamines
alpha , omega-Alkanedicarboxylic Acids
alpha , omega-Dichloroalkanes
alpha , omega-Dibromoalkanes
alpha ,omega-Alkanedithiol
alpha ,omega-Alkanediols
Alkyl Chlorides
Alkyl Bromides
Alkylcarboxylic Acids
Purine nucleobases
Pyrimidine nucleobases
Pyrimidine nucleosides
Purine nucleosides
Purine nucleotides
Pyrimidine nucleotides
Protecting Agents for Hydroxyl and Amino Groups
Phosphorylating and Phosphorothioating Agents
Condensing Agents (DNA / RNA Synthesis)
Carbon Radical Producing Catalysts
Redox Catalysts
Transition Metal Complexes
Metal Oxidants
Hypervalent Iodine Compounds
Organic Bismuths
Organic Peroxide
Condensation Reagents
Reagents for Protective Groups
Cleavage & Work-up Agents (Fmoc Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis)
Fmoc-Amino Acids (Side Chain Protected Type)
Condensing, Activating & Fmoc-Deprotecting Agents (Fmoc Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis)
Cinchona Alkaloid Derivatives
Tartaric Acid Derivatives
Cinnamic Acid Derivatives
Cinnamic Acids & Esters
Cyclic Polyamines
Linear Polyamines
Denosylating Agents
N-Protecting Agents
Anionic Initiators
Cationic Initiators
Radical Initiators
Reagents for Laemmli's Method
HNO-releasing Reagents
NO Detection Reagents
NO Synthase Inhibitors
NO-releasing Reagents
Scavengers for NO
n-Type Organic Semiconducting Materials
Other Organic Semiconducting Materials
p-Type Organic Semiconductors
Other Polymer Materials
Polymer Materials (Thiophenes)
Borane Complex
Borane-Amine Complex
Aluminum Hydrides
Other Metal Hydrides
Trimethylsilylazide, etc.
Silyl Esters
3-Aminopyrrolidines (Racemic)
Chiral 3-Aminopyrrolidines
Acetylenic Hydrocarbons having Benzene Ring
Acetylenic Hydrocarbons
Acetylenic Carboxylic Acids & Their Derivatives
Acetylenic Alcohols & Their Derivatives
Functionalized Acetylenes
Chloroanthraquinone, etc.
Anthraquinonesulfonic Acids
Boronic Acid Esters
Boronic Acids
Diboron Esters
B-Bromocatecholborane, etc.
Borinic Esters
Simple Indoles
Iodonium Compounds
Oxonium Compounds
Sulfonium Compounds
Half Metallocenes
Titanocene, etc.
N-Substituted Maleimides
N-Substituted Succinimides
N-Substituted Phthalimides
Tropone & Tropolones
Tropylium Ion
omega-Aminoalkylaldehyde Equivalents
omega-Aminocarboxylic Acids
omega-Bromocarboxylic Acids
omega-Chlorocarboxylic Acids
omega-Haloalkyl Chlorides
omega-Haloalkylaldehyde Equivalents
omega-Hydroxycarboxylic Acids
omega-Iodocarboxylic Acid
omega-Unsaturated Alkanols
omega-Unsaturated Amines
omega-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids
omega-Unsaturated Halides
Phosphonic Acids
Chloropyrazines, etc.
Mono- & Polyalkylpyrazines
Pyrazinecarboxylic Acid & Derivatives
Ammonium Polyhalides, etc.
Ammonium Chlorides
Ammonium Iodides
Ammonium Hydroxides
Ammonium Fluorides
Ammonium Bromides
Si-(C)4 Compounds
Si-H Compounds
Si-Si Compounds
Si-X (F, Br, I) Compounds
Cyclobutanes & Cyclobutenes
Tetrazolium Salts
Generating Soluble Dye
Generating Insoluble Dye
Betaine Type
Alkylamine Salts & Quarternary Ammonium Salts
Aromatic Quaternary Ammonium Salts
Heterocyclic Quarternary Ammonium Salts
Ester Ether Type
Ester Type
Ether Type
Prolines and their analogs
Other Asymmetric Organocatalysts
Other Amino Acids
Cinchona Alkaloids
Chiral Phosphoric Acids
Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysts
Glycidyl Compounds
Carboxylic Acids
Amino Alcohols
Simple Alcohols
Protected 1,2/1,3-Diols
N-Protected Amino Alcohols
Isopropylidene Sugars
Detection of Amines for Primary & Secondary Amines (for Detection of Free Amine on the Resins)
Detection of Amines for Primary Amines (for Detection of Free Amine on the Resins)
Fluorinated Bioactive Compounds
Fluorous Solvents
Charge Valve & Connectors
Alkyl Metals
Grignard Reagents
Iron catalysts
Ammonium, Phosphonium, Sulfonium Salts
Imidazolium Salts
Pyrrolidinium Salts
Pyridinium Compounds
Piperidinium Salts
N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands
Phosphine Ligands
Salen Ligands
Heterogeneous Catalysts
Azodicarboxylates & Amides
Tsunoda Reagent
for Resolution of Acids
for Resolution of Alcohols & Thiols
for Resolution of Bases
Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysts
Hydrazines, Hydrazides
Metal Scavengers
Sulfenic Acid Derivatives
Sulfinic Acid Derivatives
Sulfonic Acids
Thiocarbonyl Compounds
Bases & Additives
N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands
Phosphine Ligands
Palladium Catalyst
Nickel Catalyst
Inorganic Chemical Alphabetical Listing
Organic Chemical Alphabetical Listing
Histology Reagent Chemicals
Histology Lectins
Histology Fixatives
Histology Stains & Tracking Dyes
Gene Kits
Bio Kits
Molecular Weight Markers
Electrophoresis Prepared Gels
Electrophoresis Reagents
Loading Dyes
DNA-RNA Isolation
DNA-RNA Hybridization
DNA-RNA Electrophoresis
DNA-RNA Cloning
DNA-RNA Detection
Bio Kits
Protein Detection Kits
Derivatization Kits
Assay Kits
Elisa Kits
Apoptosis Kits
Protein Coupling Kits
Protein Purification Kits
Enzyme Detection Kits
Antigen-Antibody Kits
Blot-Detecting Kits
Detection Kits
Ready Blots
Blot-Stripping Reagents
Blotting Reagents
Recombinant Proteins
Protein Extraction
Protein Purification
Alginate & Chittin Beads
Bioaffinity Matrices
Biosilica Matrix
Coated Microplates
Affinity Chromatography Columns
Lectin Affinity Matrix
Magnetic Beads
Polystyrene Beads
Gold Immunoprobes
Organic Chemicals A - E
Organic Chemicals F - J
Organic Chemicals P - T
Organic Chemicals K - O
Organic Chemicals U - Z
Corning Pyrex Student Grade Volumetric Flasks w/TS Stoppers 500ml
Media Bottle, Grad. w/PTFE/Rubber Lnd Cap, 125ml, 33-430
Ahlstrom Quantitative Filter Paper, Circles, Grade 54 , 4.25 cm Dia.
Histosette II Biopsy cassettes Base and Lid separated, Peach
Bath, Precision Electrical Steaming Bath, 4 Hole, 120V
Corning(R) 150 ml Tube Top Vacuum Filter System, 0.22um Pore 13.6 cm2 CA Membrane, Sterile, 12/Case
1/2 in. flask top to 1/2 in. valve, stainless steel, straight
pH Papers in 2 Roll Dispenser, 1-each 9.0-12.0, 12.5-14.0
Bel-Art Scienceware Pipet pump for pipets up to 10 ml
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Unwire Half-Rack, 13 mm Tube Size, 6 x 6 Array, Red
Hydrion Brilliant Dip Stiks, pH Range: 1-14, 100 stiks/pack
Qualitative Filter Paper, Grade 6, 3 um, 4.25 cm
Bel-Art Scienceware Polypropylene Funnels, 720 mL
Difco TTC Solution 1 Percent, Sterile (Triphenyl Tetrazolium Chloride), 30 mL
Bacto Tryptose (Enzymatic hydrolysate of protein), 10 kg
Electronic Balance Weights with NVLAP, Class 1, 20 g, Straight Cylindrical
Extra Large FreeForm Polymer-Coated, Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves
20 mm Crimp Type Decapper
RS232 cable for AQUAfast IV Colorimeter
Media/Storage Bottle with Polypropylene Cap, 5000 ml
Size: 17.6 ML; PIPET
SIEVES,BRASS 12 in. DIA,1-5/8 in. DEEP, SS 7/8 in.
SIEVES,BRASS 12 in. DIA, 3 in. DEEP,no. 400 SS MESH
15 mL Dropping Bottle with Tip and Cap, Natural LDPE
Thermo Scientific Nalgene T-Type Connector, PP
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Bulk-Packed Environmental Bottle, N/M, HDPE
Dynalon Bulk Pack Bottles, Wide Mouth, LDPE
Time Tape 500 inch roll on a 1 inch core, 1/2 width, Copper
Waring Blenders; Hazardous Location Switch For BHL120/BHL240
ADAPTER PTFE 6.5-8.5 24/25
CD-Indicator-AC adapter, 240V (Australia)
2mm x 14 well Teflon(R) -coated aluminum comb for MGU-202T
1.0mm x 5 well Teflon(R) -coated aluminum comb for MGU-402T
Interchangeable Handle for Thermocouple Probes
25 uL, Model 1702 TLLX Syringe, Instrument Syringe
14 gauge, Kel-F Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 2, 6/PK
Danger Confined Space Hazardous.. 10 x 14 in; Rigid plastic
Bel-Art Scienceware Graduated Polypropylene Beakers, Capacity (ml): 5; Beakers
Grade GF/D Glass Microfiber Filter Binder Free, circle, 1.0 cm
Brass Frame Sieve, SS Mesh, 8 in. Dia., 2 in. Depth, no. 325
Difco, L-Arabinose, 25 g
Difco Haemophilus Influenzae Antiserum Type c, 1 mL
10 mg
Reagent Kit; 300 tests-Phosphorous
pH Elect. All-in-One, DJSE
6-Hole Tool Holder
Corning HTS Transwell(R) -96 Permeable Support with 1.0um Pore Polyester Membrane, 5 per Case, Sterile
T-10 Basic (includes drive, case)
Qorpak 16 oz Natural HDPE Dairy Jug 400 /pk 38-400
Woelm Silica Gel GF 250 um 5 x 20 cm (25 plates/box)
Silica Gel H w/ 5 Percent Ammonium Sulfate 250 um 20 x 20 cm (25 plates/box)
D51P25QR5 Defender 5000 Low Profile Bench Scale, Square, 25 kg x 2 g
Light Trap Accessory for use with 60 mm Spectralon(R) Sphere Accessory
Cuvette Rack
Elite-XLB capillary columns, length: 25 m, I.D.: 0.20 mm, film thickness: 0.33 um
Mini UniPrep Syringeless Filter, 0.2 um Polyethersulphone 1000/pk
Rheodyne ferrule, 1/16 in.
MAGic Clamp magnetic clamp, 250 ml Erlenmeyer (max. 8)
Universal Beer Agar
Optional 0.5 ml adapters for C1008-ROT, 8/pk
PIPERIDINE (DEA List I Chemical) Sigma Aldrich
Ammonium Nitrate, Purified
Beet Root, Powder
Cyanuric Chloride
IC Standard, Oxalate, 100 ug/mL In H2O
Ketoprofen, USP
8-Hydroxyquinoline Solution
2-PHENYLPHENOL, 1000 ug/mL
ESERINE, 1000 ug/mL
L-4-Thiazolidinecarboxylic Acid
Thymidine 5-Monophosphate
N-Chloromethylphthalimide, [for HPLC Labeling]
4-tert-Butylphenylboronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
Isobutyl Crotonate
5-Cyano-1H-imidazole-4-carboxamide, Hydrate
(+)-B-Chlorodiisopinocampheylborane, (58 Percent in Hexane, ca. 1.6mol/L)
1-(Cyanomethyl)piperidinium Tetrafluoroborate
1,1-Diphenylethylene, (stabilized with HQ)
Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, (soft type) (mixture) (62 Percent, wetted with Water)
Ethyl Benzilate
Formic Acid Rubidium Salt
3-Hydroxy-2-naphthoic Acid 2-Chloroanilide
4-Nitrophenyl alpha-L-Fucopyranoside
Diethyl Phthalimidomalonate
Sudan Black B
1-Pentadecene, [Standard Material for GC]
Succinimidyl 4-[3,5-Dimethyl-4-(4-nitrobenzyloxy)phenyl]-4-oxobutyrate
Tetrabutylammonium Bifluoride
Zinc Glycinate, Monohydrate, 26 Percent, Powder
Zinc Cyanide, Technical
2-Methyl-5-nitrobenzenesulfonyl Chloride
1,6-Hexanediol Dimethacrylate
250 ml wide mouth HDPE bottle, sterile
bioWORLD(R) Zn-IMAC 2mL Columns
Ansell Crusader Flex Nitrile-Coated Hot Mill Gloves, Sz 9, Insulated Back, 14 in.
DISCONTINUED - Healthtouch Latex (L)
Julabo F250 Recirculating Cooler/Chiller, -10 to +40 degree C, 115V
Nitrogen Standard Solution, 1 ml = 0.1 mg N
Thymolphthalein, 0.05 Percent (w/v) Indicator Solution in 90 Percent Alcohol
2 kg
J.G. Finneran 9 mm R.A.M Ribbed Pink Cap, PTFE/Silicone with Slit
True North(R) 3 x 3 Rack, Upright Freezer Steel Slide Boxes, 18 x 100 place
Hydrophobic Filters, 0.45 um, Sterile, 25/box
PCR tube, 0.2 mL, dome cap, neutral
Red HDPE Scraper with 36 in. Handle
Calcium Lactate, Monohydrate, USP
Stacking platform 30 x 30 cm, with hardware
Hanna Primo Series Conductivity tester 1999uS/cm
10 uL, Model 701 RN Agilent Syringe, Small Removable Needle, 23s gauge, 1.71 in, point style AS
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, 5,000 cP
12 x 32 Clear ABC vials with 9 mm ABC screw caps, Black with Blue PTFE / White Silicone Liner
Freestanding PP Microcentrifuge Tube, 2.0 ml, Natural, Non-sterile, with cap and o-ring unattached
Practum213, 210 g by 0.001 g, External Cal, Color Touch Screen, Rugged,Cleanable, Easy Menu
10 uL ART REACH, Non-Filtered, Extended Length Tips, Hinged Rack, Sterile
BenchMixer(TM) Vortexer, 230V
5 mm Small Weight Brush, 100 mm Length
8.5 oz (250 mL) Natural HDPE Wide Mouth Oblong Bottle with 43-400 White PP SturdeeSeal PE Foam Lined Cap attached
Hanna pHep 5 Handheld pH meter
18 in. Clear Vinyl Sleeves, 8 mil., 12 Pairs Per Bag, 12 Bags Per Case
Phosphorimaging Cassette, Beige (14 x17)
250 mL (8 oz) LDPE Wide Mouth Wash Bottle with 38 mm Blue Closure
Orion ROSS Ultra Low Maintenance pH/ATC Triode Combination Electrodes,1 m cable
Gluconolactone, USP
o-Phthalaldehyde, [for HPLC Labeling]
Isosorbide Dimethyl Ether
Potassium Chloride, Granular, FCC
3-Aminophenylboronic Acid, Monohydrate (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
Nonaethylene Glycol
Tris-Buffered-Saline, 20X, Powder, Ultrapure
AloeForm X6 Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves, M
300 mg, Class F Flat Stainless Steel Test Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
30 kg Class F Stainless Steel Cylindrical Recessed Grip Test Weight with Statement of Accuracy
0.01 lb Precision Analytical Class 1 Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
0.002 lb Precision Analytical Class 2 Weight with Statement of Accuracy
Viscosity Varish Bubble Tube, ID; 10.75mm, Length: 114mm
Thermo Scientific Nalgene MF75 Sterile Filter Units, SFCA, 75 mm, 0.45 um, 1000 ml
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 250 ml Squibb Polypropylene Separatory Funnel
Heathrow Scientific Green, Floating Foam Tube Rack, Fits 50 ml Tubes
Clear 40ml Vials with 0.060 in. Thin Septa; Series 100
Bottle Tote Safety Carrier, Large, Red
15 - 425 mm, Solid Top, White Polypropylene Cap, PTFE/F217 Lined
8 mm Blue Polyethylene Snap Plug w/ Starburst
Norton 180 Wraparound Spectacles, Color: Gray
KIMAX Culture Tubes, KG-33 glass with marking spot, 20ml
C-65 Deluxe Viewing Cabinet only, 115V
Nylon Filters, Circles - 5.0 um pore size, Dia. (mm): 90
Biohazard Warning Labels; Biohazard warning labels
Graham Condenser, TS Joint: 24/40, 200 mm jacket length
Julabo F500 Recirculating Cooler/Chiller, 0 to +40 degree C, 115V
Kontes NMR Tubes, 5 mm, 80 MHz, 7 in.
H-B Instruments Easy-Read Thermometers, Temp. Range: 0 to 230 degree F
60ml (2oz) Amber Boston Round w/wht PP w/Polyvinyl line cap
1/4 X 12 in. Extension Rod, Ss
Capacity (ml): 200; FLASK
HDPE Tray, Dispensing, 22 x 26 x 4 in.
General Purpose Tirrill Burner, LP(Cylinder) gas
Stainless Steel Bath Tank 27, to +150 degree C
Hydrometer, ASTM 23H, 10 to 16 degree API, 165 mm
Coarse Porosity, Capacity (ml): 150, Body OD (mm): 45
Electrode Reference Fill Solution, NH4Cl Saturated with AgCl, 0.1M Aqueous, 125 mL
Closure Size: 58-400, Size: 8 oz/250mL; Tall Clear Wide Mouth Septa-JarSTM
Test Kits and Reagents; Reagents Iron 50 Tests
Septa, 3-Layer, 15.0 mm dia. (12/pk)
ADAPTER PTFE 6.5-8.5 14/20
500 uL, Model 750 SN Syringe, Cemented Needle, Custom gauge, length, point style
10 gauge, Kel-F Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 2, 6/PK
StirMantle Complete System
11 mm Aluminum Seals, Open Top with PTFE/Silicone Liner, Green
13-425 Dropper Tip Caps, Orange
Gas Sensing ISE Membranes for Nitrogen Oxide Electrode, 20 loose membranes
Wheaton Shake Flasks with Three Baffles, Capacity (ml): 250
Whatman Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Circles, Plain, 0.65 um, 47 mm
Spectra/Por 6; MWCO 15,000, Diameter: 7.5mm, Length ft: 33
Membrane Filter, GE PreSep Glass Prefilters, Type G40, Dia.: 37mm
Scoop and Counterweight, Stainless Steel, 12 in. x 6 in. x 2.75 in.
Class 2 Electronic Balance Weights with Traceable Certificate, 4 kg Cylindrical with Groove
Fiberglass Blower, 10 in. inlet, 1/2 HP
Black peel-n-stick Radioactive hazard symbol Size 6 in.
250 ml Safety-Coated Lab 45 Bottles, clear
DISCONTINUED - Pyrex(R) 50 ml Buret with White Enamel Markings, with Single Rotaflo(R) Stopcock
650 uL, Clear Glass, 7 x 40 mm, Flat Base, 8 mm Crimp Top Vial
Corning UltraGAPS(TM) Coated Slides with Bar Code
200 g calibration weight, OIML Class M2
Adaptor Vac 105 19/22
Corning ProCulture(R) Gas and Media Handling Fitting with Dual 1/4 in. Inlets for 6 L Angled Sidearm Flasks
Bel-Art Scienceware Frigimat Cub Dry Ice Maker
Corning(R) 850 cm2 Polystyrene Roller Bottle with Easy Grip Cap, 22 per Bag, 44 per Case
Thermo Scientific Nunc Petri Dish w/Lid Sterile PS, 140 x 20 mm
Justrite Sure-Grip EX Compac Cabinet, Self-Closing Door, 4 Gal.
Freeze Dryer, FreeZone Plus 4.5 L Cascade Console, 208/230V 60 Hz
Handheld Refractometer, Sodium Chloride SX-1 Model
Step-down Transformer for CycloGraph system
Grade CFP43 Cellulose filter paper, cut 11.0 cm dia.
Cutoff Filter, 290 nm
Elite-1 capillary columns, length: 15 m, I.D.: 0.53 mm, film thickness: 1.5 um
Thermo Scientific Revco UxF, -86C Upright Freezer, 28.8 cf (600box), 115V/60Hz
Block for 96 x 0.2 ml tubes or one PCR plate
Evidence Drying Cabinet, 4 ft., with pump, 230V
Hydralazine Hydrochloride, USP
Lemon Oil, Terpeneless
Sodium Hydroxide, 4.0 N Solution
Manganese Sulfate, Monohydrate, Reagent, ACS
Neopentyl Glycol
Potassium Periodate, Technical
Poloxamer 182
Iridium Plasma Emission Standard, 1 ml = 1 mg Ir
1,3-DIOXOLANE, 1000 ug/mL
n-Butane, 1000 ug/mL
N-Acetylglycine Ethyl Ester
D-Alanine Methyl Ester Hydrochloride
11-Bromoundecanoic Acid
[1,3-Bis(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)imidazol-2-ylidene]triphenylphosphine Nickel(II) Dichloride
Ethyl 2-Chloroacetoacetate
N,N-Dimethyl-1,4-phenylenediamine Oxalate
(Formylmethyl)triphenylphosphonium Chloride
1-Iododecane, (stabilized with Copper chip)
4-[(4-Methoxybenzylidene)amino]cinnamic Acid
Methanesulfonic Acid, [for HPLC]
Quinolinium Dichromate
Ricinoleic Acid
Tetrakis(acetonitrile)copper(I) Tetrafluoroborate
2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, OmniSolv(R)
Anotop 10 Syringe Filter Plus, 0.02 um with glass microfiber prefilter, 50/pk
bioWORLD(R) p-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid (CPA)
Serine Protease inhib cocktail I f..
Phosphate Buffer soln., 0.2M, (pH 7.2)
(S)-3-Amino-2-(tert-butoxycarbonylamino)propionic Acid
6 ft. Purifier Cell Logic+, Class II A2, 230V (NA), Temp Zone/UV/Service Fixture/Pass Through
DISCONTINUED - DispoDialyzers, 2 ml; cellulose ester, MWCO: 3,500
DISCONTINUED - Calibration Weight, ASTM Class 3, Small Knob, 100 g
DISCONTINUED - -86 Value PLUS - 24.8 cu. ft. Upright Freezer, 208-230V
Methyl Orange, 0.05 Percent (w/v) Aqueous Indicator Solution, APHA
BBL Buffered Peptone Water, 5 lb.
Cholesterol Pelargonate
3,4-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid
Watermelon Flavor, Artificial, Concentrate
Buffer Solution, Ammonium Acetate, ASTM, For Iron
250 uL Finntip Biocon Pipet Tip, 0.5 to 250 uL, 100/Box, Sterile
Julabo CF40 Cryo-Compact refrigerated/heating circulator, -40 to 150 degree C
Ceftriaxone Sodium, USP
2-Butanone, Reagent, ACS
1.5 mL Clear R.A.M.(TM) High Recovery Vial, 12 x 32 mm, 9 mm Thread
2,6-Difluorobenzyl Bromide
Vinyl Tubing, 5/16 in. ID, 1200 x 0.5 in. Wall Thickness
Nitrocellulose Gridded Filtration Membrane without Pad, White, 0.45 um pore size, 47 mm dia., Sterile
SIEVES,BRASS 12 in. DIA, 2 in. DEEP,no. 14 SS MESH
6 ft. Protector PVC Perchloric Acid Laboratory Hood, 37.7 in. deep, 2 fixtures/1 receptacle, 115V
Grade 602 h 1/2 Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated), 150 mm
Grade 589/2 White Ribbon Quantitative Filter Paper Ashless (Ash 0.01 Percent), circle, 55 mm
600 RPM Research I Peristalitic Pump, 115V
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, Crystal, FCC
Blood and Serum DNA Isolation Kit
12 Gauge Dispense Tubing 900 mm
26 gauge, Hat Needle, custom length (0.375 to 12 in), point style 2, 3, or 4, 3/PK
Small-Diameter Penetration Thermocouple Probe, Type J
Difco Columbia Blood Agar Base, 2 kg
Potassium Bicarbonate, Granular, FCC
L-Asparagine, Monohydrate
4 ft. Purifier Axiom C1 Biological Safety Cabinet, 8 in. opening, 230V
Difco Salmonella H Antiserum Single Factor 5, 3 mL
6 ft. Echo Filtered Hood 115V, 2 fixtures
Tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine Hydrochloride
Glass Volumetric Flasks, w/Tapered Glass Stoppers, 100ml
3 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 90um, no. 170 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.), ASTM E11
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 18 (1 mm) Stainless Steel Mesh, 2 in. Depth
Potassium Sulfate TS, (U.S.P. Test Solution)
Calcium Gluconate, Monohydrate, USP
Septa, High Temp, 12.7 mm dia. (12/pk)
Raffinose, Pentahydrate
Model XX-15S, 15 watts, 254 nm Sterilizing Bench Lamp
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 30 ml PPCO Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tube w/Sealing Cap
Triethylamine, 1000 ug/mL
Acrylamide Monomer, [for Electrophoresis]
LSE(TM) 49 L Shaking Incubator, 120V
Doulbe Flat Platform with Nonslip Rubber Mat, 300 x 300 mm
DL-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid, (contains Polymolecular esterification product)
N-Phenylaza-15-crown 5-Ether
1000 uL ART Barrier SolventSafe MicroPoint, Racked Specialty Pipette Tips, Sterile
Bottle Tote Safety Carrier, Small, Red
Spare Electrode for HI 98201 meter
Economy Goggles; Indirect vent
Duracell 9V Alkaline Batteries
Pipets, white color-coding band, 5 ml
55ml Test Tubes, N-51A glass without marking spot
Dual Adj Nucleic Acid Sequencing Kits, 22-52 cm
Linear Gradient Makers; 75
Spectra/Por 6 RC Dialysis Membranes, MWCO 1,000
500 ml Packing reservoir, fits 2.5 cm ID column
Tissue Grinder with PTFE Pestle, 23 mm, 15 ml
Foam Insert Set
1650-00 Triple Beam Dial-O-Gram Mechanical Balance with Fixed Pan
Critical Sterile Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves, Size: 10
Decimal display stopwatch
Corning Bell Jars, OD x Length in (mm): 15 3/8 x 30 (390 x 762)
Corning Pyrex(R) 10 ml Kolmer Graduated Centrifuge Tube with Beaded Rim
Kimble-Chase Buret, Tutwiler, Gas, 100 ml
33-400 Solid Top Black Phenolic Screw Cap, Polyethylene Cone
1 - 200 uL Microtips, 7 x 52 mm, Yellow, Rack Pack
Dynalon Graduated Pipets, PP, 1 mL
10 mL Disposable Sterile Polystyrene Serological Pipets, Suction Adapter, 302 mm long
Glass Column with PTFE stopcock, 41 x 500 mm
RSE Stirring bar remover, 8 x 350 mm
Replacement cap with PTFE protected silicon rubber seal, fits all ProBlot(TM) 35 mm diameter bottles
Centrifuge Tubes, 50 ml Molded Graduations, Co-Polymer, Tray
Saint Gobain Chemware PVDF Gas and Liquid Bags, On/Off fitting, 0.3 L, 6 x 6 in.
Replacement blades, No. 11 blade
Spectra/Por 6; MWCO 25,000, Diameter: 22mm, Length ft: 33
Bel-Art Scienceware X-Ray Cassette Security Bag, Size: 9 1/2 x 10 1/4
Jacketed Chromaflex Column, 2.5 cm, Cap Finish Size: 30
BBL Fluid Thioglycollate Medium, 5 lb.
8-425 Dropper Tip Cap, PP, Green
PRP-3 Analytical Guard Column Starter Kit (1 holder, 2 cartridges), Stainless Steel
Macro cell with lid, 10 mm path, 3500 ul
Heathrow Scientific Yellow wire
Corning Pyrex(R) VISTA(TM) 250 ml Class A Volumetric Flasks with Pyrex(R) Glass Standard Taper Stopper
Smock, Womens, Red, XXL
Evaporating flask, glass, 29.2/42, 3000 mL
Self-close Conversion Kit for 30 ,45, 60 Gal.
IKA Incubating Shaker, KS4000ic, 115v, with cooling
2 mL, 11 mm Crimp Top Vial (100/pack)
Elite-17 capillary columns, length: 60 m, I.D.: 0.25 mm, film thickness: 0.25 um
SPE Supra-Clean Amino (NH2-S) Column, 100mg/1ml
hybex Media storage bottle, 500 ml, with standard (GL45) blue cap
2-Chlorobenzoyl Chloride
Dimethyl Sulfoxide-d6, 99.9 Atom Percent D
Dowex(R), 1X2-200, Ion Exchange ResinDowex-1-chlorideStrongly Basic Anion
Gold, 0.1 mm Thick, Foil
Glipizide, USP
Hydralazine Hydrochloride
Molecular Sieve, Activated, Type 4A, Powder
1000 PPM SODIUM ICP STD IN 2-5 Percent HNO3, Na2CO3 in 2-5 Percent HNO3, 1,000 ug/ml
ICP Quality Control Standard 7
Sodium Phosphate, Tribasic, Anhydrous, FCC
Sodium Phosphate Tribasic, Anhydrous, Technical
Silica Gel, For Chromatography35-75 Micron (200-425 Mesh), 60A, Ultrapure
Teepol(R) HB7
Atropic Acid
3-Biphenylboronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
Congo Red
3-Chloro-4-fluorobenzenesulfonyl Chloride
Ethyl Red, [not Cyanin dyes]
5-Hydroxyindole-3-acetic Acid
Hexyldimethyloctylammonium Bromide
Methyl 4-Benzyloxybenzoate
1,10-Phenanthroline, Monohydrate
Pimelic Acid
Lignoceric Acid
Chloromethyl Thiocyanate
Disodium Glutarate
Pure Cellulose Grade Paper, 31 ET Chr Rolls, 15 cm x 100 m
bioWORLD(R) Chicken Serum, Sterile Filtered, 0.2 absolute, heat inactivated
FOCUS (TM) protein reductant kit
Pro-page plus silver, 10 Percent
3-Chloro-4-methoxybenzoic Acid
Test Kits and Reagents; Reagents Zinc 100 Tests
DISCONTINUED - Narrow-Mouth Bottle, PVC
DISCONTINUED - Calibration Weight, ASTM Class 3, Flat, 200 mg
Combination Open Kjeldahl Apparatus, 6-places, 115V, 60 Hz, single phase
GV100/0/02 Base for GV100
Protran BA85 Nitrocellulose Blotting Membrane, 0.45 um, 25 mm, circle
Buffer Solution, Acetate, pH 4.5, For Cyanide, APHA
Corning PYREX(R) 5L Four Neck Distilling Flask with 45/50 Center and 24/40 Side Vertical NeckStandard Taper Joints
Dynalon Translucent Pan with Lid, 3.9 qt.
Stir Bar, Oct Red, 3 X 1/2 in.
2 Dram, 17 x 60 mm Clear Vial, 15 - 425 mm Thread
Pt100 Immersion Probe with Handle, 150mm x 3mm, -200/450C and -330/840F
Thread adapters, PP, 33/38 mm, pack of 1
50 l/min, 1.5 Torr Programmable Vacuum System with Wireless Remote Control
Benzyl Phenyl Carbonate
Grade 1573 1/2 Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated), 240 mm
Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Circle, plain, 8 um, 25 mm
Dichloromethane, Spectrophotometric Grade, ACS
Replacement filter for BVC21/01
1000 mL PP Beakers, Molded Graduations
Analytical Weights, Class 1, 2 - 200 g - 1 mg
Flow-Through Cells - Semi-Micro, QS, with inlet and outlet tube, 10 x 40 mm, 450 uL
PTFE Membrane Filter, 5.0 um, 47 mm, 100/pk
PTFE Membrane Filter, 1.2 um, 47 mm, 100/pk
40 uL Fixed Volume Pipette
Ketotifen Hydrogen Fumarate, EP
Molecular Sieve, Type 5A, 1/16 in., Pellets
Centrex Centrifuge Filters 5 mL, 0.2 um Nylon
12 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 400 (38 um) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 2 in. Depth
GLP printer (when connected to Cubis, Secura and Quintix), Line paper and labels
Unisex consultation jacket, size: XL
Penetration Needle for Bituminous Material, 50-55mm
1000 mL (34 oz) HDPE Containers with Snap Cap
Corning Pyrex 25 ml Graduated Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks
Methyl Trifluoromethanesulfonate
Alky Refill for Safetec Spill Leader Kit
3,5-Diiodo-L-tyrosine, Dihydrate
Thiamine Pyrophosphate Chloride
Potassium Carbonate, Sesquihydrate, Crystal, FCC
Six-compartment insert for HDPE Bottle Carrier
Grad. Erlenmeyr, Narrow Mth w/TS Joint, 2000ml, Joint: 24/40
Phloroglucinol, Hydrate, Reagent
2-(4-Iodophenyl)-3-(4-nitrophenyl)-5-phenyltetrazolium Chloride, [for Biochemical Research]
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 20 (850 um) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 1 in. Depth
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 270 (53 um) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 2 in. Depth, ASTM E11
BBL, Phenol Red Sucrose Broth, 500 g
2 to 20 uL Finnpipette F2 Adjustable Volume Pipette
50 g Class F Stainless Steel Cylindrical Test Weight with Statement of Accuracy
Cannon-Fenske Viscometer Tubes, Size No.: 50, uncalibrated
Thermo Scientific Nalgene MF75 0.45um Sterile Filter Unit w/Nylon 1000 ml 75 mm Rec
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 180 Clear PVC Tubing, ID (in.): 1/2, OD (in.): 5/8
100 mm Polypropylene Analytical Funnels
Clear Vials, Level 1 (L1), Open Top, Capacity: 40 ml
Stationary Clean Table with bottom shelf, Size: 60 x 30 in.
Analytical Weights with Statement of Accuracy, Class 1; 50 mg
1.2 L Heavy Duty 2-speed Blender w/timer and Glass container
Evaporator Trap, 100 ml, 14/20
Size: 35 in. x 45 in.; MONOTEX LINE - 7-1/2 mil, white
Textured Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves A+ Aloe X-Large
External Thread Screw cap w/ 0-ring for T501 tube Natural
Organic Vapor and Acid Gas Cartridges for North Respirators
Pipettes, 1.2 mL capacity, 0.9 mL bulb draw, 25 drops per mL, Individually Wrapped
CoolSafe, Individual Components; Cool Box
GE Whatman High Performance Cellulose Extraction Thimbles, Double Thickness, 33 x 80 mm
Bel-Art Scienceware Poxygrid 50 ml Centrifuge Tube Racks, 24 places
Bel-Art Scienceware 78L 20 gal. Heavy Duty PE Rectangular Tanks w/cover
Mens Staff Length Lab Coats, size: 44
Womens Traditional Length Lab Coat, size: 20
Parter Medical Petri Dish, Space-Saver Style, 100x10 mm
NDX-1 Handheld Refractometer
Corning Volumetric Class A Flask, 500 ml
S.S. Beads, 0.25in, 100/Pk
Micro Tissue Grinder Kit, Complete
Quantitative Filter Paper grade 55, diameter: 9.00 cm
Bulk Pack Bottles, Wide Mouth HDPE, 1000 mL
25 mL Square Ratio Design Beakers, Printed PMP
TX-1000, Adapter for 250 mL, Corning, Conical Bottle, or 175 mL, Nalgene, Conical Bottle, set of 4
Glass Column with fritted discs, PTFE stopcock plugs and TS joints, 75 x 600 mm
Blue vinyl apron with sewn edges, size: 35 x 48, 6 mil
Glass Plate Set, Unnotched, 20 x 102 cm
Eagle Lead Free Safety Cans
Septa, 3-Layer, 5.0 mm dia. (12/pk)
Caution Hazardous Mat.. Sz: 7 x 10 in. Peel and stick vinyl
Lab Connections Bunsen Burner, 13 mm; LP or Bottled Gas
Difco Fraser Broth Base, 500 g
Microbiology Culture Media; DRY ANAEROBIC INDICA
Labware Insert Retainer Top
1.1 mL, Clear Glass, 12x32 mm, Formed Base, Target Micro-V(TM), 11 mm Crimp Top Vial
3 ft. Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosure, 115V, 60Hz
Thermo Scientific Nunc 1536 Well Plt PS High Base Cell Culture Sterile w/Lid Wht
KIMAX Centrifuge Tube, Oil, Short Cone, 8 Inch, 100 ml
EC Electrophoresis 1000V, 250W Power Supply, 110V
Silica Gel GF 1500um 20x20cm Prep scored (25 plates/box)
ICN/Woelm Alumina F Neutral, 250 um, 20 x 20 cm
UNIBOND (TM) Cyano 150A pore size, 35-75um particle size, 100g (bulk)
AQUAfast Powder Chemistries, Nitrate 2 (as N) mid range
32oz Clear Tall SS Jar, 70-400 PP Cap w/Teflon(R) Liner, Precleaned and Certified
Brownlee Cartridge Column Union
Validated C8, 5 um, 150 mm x 4.6 mm, 80 A, carbon load 12 Percent, end capped
HRes PFP Propyl, 1.9 um, 50 mm X 2.1 mm
Long Stem Outlet Tube for Phenol with MIDI-VAP 4000
MS 3.4 Microtiter plate attachment
Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Microbiological Incubator, SS Ext, Int glass door, access port, certified 140 degree C decon cycle, 120V
Ethylamine Solution, 2.0 M in Methanol (DEA List I Chemical) Sigma Aldrich
Acriflavine Hydrochloride
Aquastar(R) Coulomat A, Anode Solution, Safer Fomulation
Bismuth Subnitrate, Purified
Hecogenin Acetate
N,N-Dimethylformamide, Exceeds A.C.S. Specifications, HPLC Grade
1000 ppm Propionate for IC in H2O
Lipoic Acid, Reagent
Sodium Acetate, Trihydrate, Reagent, ACS
Potassium Sodium Tartrate, 30 Percent (w/v) Solution, For Ammonia Nitrogen
Minocycline Hydrochloride
Phenol, Liquefied, Reagent
Pullulan, NF
Pyridoxal-5-phosphate, Monohydrate
2-PICOLINE, 1000 ug/mL
2-Ethylphenyl Acetate
Bromophenol Blue Sodium Salt, [for Electrophoresis]
(S)-2-Chloro-3-methylbutyric Acid
Chloromethyl Polystyrene Resin, cross-linked with 1 Percent DVB (200-400mesh) (0.8-1.3mmol/g)
1,4-Dimethylcyclohexane, (cis- and trans- mixture)
4-Ethylphenylboronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
Ethyl 2-Furancarboxylate
Ethyl 2-Hydroxyisobutyrate
Disodium 2-Oxoglutarate
Acid Yellow 36
Sodium 2-Methyl-2-propene-1-sulfonate
2-Nitrobenzenesulfonic Acid, Hydrate
Methyl 5-Norbornene-2-carboxylate, (endo- and exo- mixture)
Diethyl Oxalate
Phenylphosphonic Acid
Polyethyleneimine, (ca. 30 Percent in Water)
Ruthenium(III) Chloride
Diethyl Sebacate
Stachyose, Hydrate
Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000-3 4.6mmI.D. X 50mm, Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000-3 4.6mmI.D. X 50mm,
1,4,7,10-Tetraazacyclododecane-1,4,7,10-tetraacetic Acid
Ubidecarenone, NF
Phenylacetic Acid, FCC, FG (DEA List I Chemical) Sigma Aldrich
Diethyl Dipropylmalonate
bioWORLD(R) DMEM, high gluc w/o L-Glut, Phenol Red or Sodium Pyruvate
BromoBlue univ loading dye (6x)
Denaturing lysis Buffer
Magnesium Sulfate, 1M, sterile
4-(4-Phenylbutoxy)benzoic Acid
4 ft. Purifier Cell Logic+, Class II A2, 230V (NA), Scope Ready/Temp Zone/UV/Service Fixture/Pass Through/Base Stand
Difco Salmonella H Antiserum 1 Complex, 3 mL
DISCONTINUED - Aloetouch Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Size: XL
Ammonium Molybdate Reagent II, Solution, For Phosphorus, APHA
Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Circle, plain, 12 um, 50 mm, 100/pk
Nalgene Natural Screw Closure, PP, 63 mm
Funnel 500 mL
Lab Alert(R) Four Channel Timer/Clock
Benzene-d6, 100 Atom Percent D
Hydrometer, 9 to 21 degree API, with SafetyBLUE Spirit Thermometer, 195 mm
4 ft. Protector PVC Perchloric Acid Laboratory Hood, 37.7 in. deep, 2 fixtures, 115V
IKAFLON(R) 10 Set (5 Pcs) round PTFE-coated Magnetic stirrer bar
Xanthan Gum, FCC
ART 200G, Genomic, 200 uL, Racked, Non-sterile
2 ml Sample Vials, Borosilicate Glass, with Rubber Lined Screw Caps
1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate, [for Molten Salt]
Orion BOD Adapter, for 081010MD, 081010
Crystallized Trypsin, USP
Difco Sabouraud Brain Heart Infusion Agar Base, 500 g
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 250 um, no. 60 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.)
Rosolic Acid
Amber Glass Vials, 2 mL, 7 x 13 mm
Eriochrome Black T, Reagent, ACS
Triphenyltetrazolium Chloride, Reagent
Tyramine Hydrochloride, Reagent
3 ft. Canopy Kit for FilterMate Portable Exhauster
Perchloric Acid, 70 Percent, Reagent, ACS
EZ Syringe Tips, 5 mL
100 mg OIML Precision Class E1 Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
Prism Mini Centrifuge, 2000 x g, 120V, 50/60 Hz
1 mg Analytical Precision Class 2 Weight with Traceable Certificate
FIAS Capillary Tubing Assembly, 1 m (length), 0.6 mm (I.D.), two fittings.
Reference Material of Nickel and Vanadium in Residual Fuel Oil Certified by The Japan Petroleum Institute, High Level (Nickel Content 22mass ppm and Vanadium Content 53mass ppm)
25 lb Precision Analytical Class 2 Weight with Traceable Certificate
0.5 lb Precision Analytical Class 2 Weight with Statement of Accuracy
Whirl-Pak Easy-To-Close Sterile Sample Bags, Write-On Bag, 720 mL (24 oz), 15 x 23 cm, 3.0 mil
Evaporator Trap, 500 ml, 24/40
150 mL Evaporating Dish with Lip, Top O.D.: 100 mm
Puradisc 25 Syringe Filter, 1.0 um, GD1, 1000/pk
DISCONTINUED - Labconco WaterPro RO Station, 115V
Basket for Branson DHA-1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit
Royal Blue Nomex IIIA Unisex Lab Coat, Size: X-Large
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Low Form Griffin Polypropylene Beakers, 4000 ml
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 25 ml Automatic Self-Zeroing Acrylic Burets 500 ml reserv
Orion ISE Calibration Standards, Iodide 0.1M Nal standard, 475 mL
Combination pH Electrodes with Ultem Body, BNC
Cans, Justrite Corrosion-Resistant Dip Tank
Double Sidearm Celstir, 1000 ml
Integral Comparison Strip, 3.8 to 5.5 range, 11 x 100 mm, pH indicators and test papers
TefSep PTFE Membrane Filters, PP Laminated, 47 mm, 1.0 um
PVDF-Plus Membranes, 0.22 um pore size, Dim. WxL: 15cm x 3m;
Kontes NMR Tubes, 5 mm, >400 MHz, 9 in.
Corning Boiling Flasks with Round Bottoms, Long Necks, 500ml,
Corning Pear-Shaped Separatory Funnel w/ PE Stopper, 60 ML
6 L Stainless Steel Shaft Assembly Kit
S/T Clamps, Acetal, Assorted
Dynalon Bottles, Narrow Mouth, PP
Erlenmeyer Flasks, Polypropylene, 50 ml
Glass barrels only, 10 x 100 cm
Poretics, Polycarbonate,3.0 Micron, 25mm, 100/Pk
pH Buffer Solutions; pH 6.86 Solution 460 mL w/ cert
Septa, High Temp, 6.35 mm dia. (12/pk)
1001DAD W/S 1.0ml SYR
GASTIGHT Diluter Syringe 1005, 5 ml, Left Side (TLL/TLLX)
19 gauge, Kel-F Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 3, 6/PK
MicroLiter Digital Syringe, 25ul, Gauge: 22s; 702N
Danger - Do Not Enter, Size: 10 x 14 in.; Aluminum sign
Danger-No Smoking On These Premises, 7 x 10 in.; Plastic
Caution - Wear Goggles.. Size: 10 x 14 in.; Rigid plastic
Glass Plate Set, Unnotched, 20 x 42 cm
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights w/Traceable Certificate, Class 4, .005 lb Dish Weight
1 x 4 Forceps Jar
3 ft. Purifier Vertical Clean Bench, 115V, 15 amps
12 in. Stainless Cover with lifting Ring
96 Hirschmann-Plate Normwell, Fixed Insert
Thermo Scientific Nunc 1536 Well Plt PS High Base Non-Treated NS w/o Lid Clr
Thermo Scientific Nunc CryoColor Code Insert Brown PS
Microscope, Trinocular, Stereo Zoom, Dual LED, .7X to 4.5X
Owl B2 Multi Load 25 Well Comb, 1.5mm
Silica Gel GHLF 250um 20x20cm channeled w/Preadsorbent Zone (25 plates/box)
KBr Disc Complete Starter Pack
500 uL GC gas tight syringe, fixed needle
Justrite 15 gallon (57L) drum with aluminum head
Stopcock, 12 positions
MacConkey Agar
Universal Pre-enrichment Broth
Plasma Standard, Pd 1000 ug/mL in 10 Percent HNO3 + TrHF
DL-alpha-Aminoadipic Acid
1000 ppm Nickel for AA in HNO3
Benzyl Salicylate
Base Mineral Oil
Caraway Oil
Cupriethylenediamine, 1.0 M, Solution
Canola Oil
Creme de Menthe Flavor, Natural, Concentrate
1,2-Dichloroethane, Anhydrous
2-Furoic Acid
Hydroxylamine Sulfate, Crystal, Reagent
Buffer Solution, Ammonium
Sodium Thiosulfate, 0.05 N Solution
Sodium Hydroxide, 1 Percent (w/v) Solution
Methyl Phenyl Acetate
2-NITROPHENOL, 1000 ug/mL
2-NITRO-M-XYLENE, 1000 ug/mL
Sodium Borate Decahydrate, Technical
Talc, FCC
5(4)-Amino-4(5)-(aminocarbonyl)imidazole Hydrochloride
2,2-Dihydroxyazobenzene, [Spectrophotometric and fluorimetric reagent for Al, Mg and other metals]
Phenylarsonic Acid
Cholesterol Butyl Carbonate
3-Chloropropionaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal
Hexamethylphosphoric Triamide
Isophorone Diisocyanate, (mixture of isomers)
Isovanillyl Alcohol
Ethyl (S)-(+)-3-Piperidinecarboxylate
Propylene Carbonate
bioWORLD(R) Luria-Bertani (LB) Agar Plates, w/ AMP-100 AND X-gal
A.C.E. Phosphate Buf, 50 mM,pH 7
Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250
d-ATP, disodium salt, Trihydrate
RC58 Membrane Circle, 0.45 um, 50 mm, 100/pk
CO-2 GENERATORS, Bulk Pkg. (500 sp)
Lights Solution, For ORP, APHA
Thymolphthalein, 0.1 Percent Solution in Ethanol
200 uL, LR, 10 Racks, Filter, Pre-Sterilized, 96 tips/rack
Whatman UNIFILTER 24-Well Microplate, 10 ml, with Whatman Grade GF/C filter media
4-(Aminomethyl)benzoic Acid
PP Weighing Bottles with Lid, 50mL
Protector FRP CA Glove Box, 115 V
Dynalon M-Stand for Bio-bin Floor Model Waste Disposal Container, 30 L
Sodium Hydroxide, Pellets, NF
Heathrow Scientific 4-Place Workstation Dispensing Bin
2.0 mL Polypropylene Conical Vials
10 ppm Titanium for ICP-MS in HNO3/HF
8 mm x 0.060 Red PTFE/Silicone w/Slit Septa
smartSpatula(R) 310mm Green Standard, pk150
Kjeldahl Distillation Apparatus, 6-places, 230V, 50/60Hz, single phase
RV 8 Rotary Evaporator with Dry Ice Condenser
3 ft. Purifier Class I Safety Enclosure, 115V, 60Hz
Dibucaine, USP
Cesium Chloride, Technical
Traceable(R), 300-Memory Stopwatch
50 mL Centrifuge Tube with Hazardous Material Labels (OSHA), Plug Seal, Polypropylene, Sterile
50 mL Dropping Bottle, Amber Glass, 45 x 95 mm
Replaceable Power Cord Cubis, 120 volt (USA)
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 8 (2.36 mm) Stainless Steel Mesh, 2 in. Depth
Weighing Table made from synthetic stone (shipping rate not included)
Ptfe Adapter, Tapered, Ns 29.2 mm
Replacement Filter for Discover Pipettes
Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride, USP
Tributyl Tin Chloride
Instrument Tray, Perfprated, Size: 15-1/8 x 10-5/8 x 3/4 in.,
Analytical Weights, Class 1 w/NVLAP Cert, 5 g
MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipettor, 1000 uL Single Channel, Fixed Volume
Pre-drilled Flask Clamp Platform
KONTES Pear-Shaped Heavy Wall Flask 5ML 19/22 BW
Melamine Monomer
Pulsar S5 Blue Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, M
1 oz Precision Analytical Class 4 Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
25 lb Precision Analytical Class 1 Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 6 x 12 array Unwire PP Test Tube Rack, 13 mm, Blue
Containers, Straight-Side, Polystyrene, 240 ml
Histosette II Tissue cassettes Base and Lid separated, Peach
TLC Sprayer Head, 250 ml
CS5000 Balance, Ohaus Compact Toploading Scales, 5000 g, 2.0 g Readability
1mm x 8 well comb for MGU-202T
Hanna Reagent Kits for Hanna ISE Meters; Chlorine, free
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Boxes hold 64 1.5 ml Microcentrifuge tubes
Pipets, yellow package color code
Stainless steel pipet box
Saint Gobain Folding Skirts Stoppers, Versilic Silicone, Top Dia: 15.5 mm
Flex-Column, 1.5 x 5 cm
Tilting Dispenser, 29/42, 60 ml Head Capacity
BBL DCLS Agar, 500 g
Super Polx Polyester Wipes, Size: 9 x 9 in., 150 SHTS/PK
Analytical Weights, Class 4 w/NVLAP Cert, 500 g
Cameo Nylon Syringe Filters, 0.45 Micron, 17 mm
Wheaton Clear Valumetric(TM) Bottles With Black Phenolic Caps Lined with 14B White Rubber 30 mL
Duracell Silver Oxide Batteries, 1.5V, 0.31 in. dia. x 0.212 in. H
Corning Pyrex(R) 19.5 x 145 mm Disposable Flat Bottom Screw Cap Culture Tubes, Without Caps
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Vented Unitary Wash Bottles, Distilled Water, Natural, 250ml
PTFE Evaporating Dishes, Low Form, 180ml, Diameter (mm): 121
Spring clamp for 10 ml Erlenmeyer flask
E-Z LOAD Stacked bases for labelling machines. Pink. 40x50
Mortar with Lip, Glazed Outside Except Bottom, Capacity: 1,100 ml
Calibration Solution, Pouches, 15,000 uS
Corning(R) 96 Well Clear Polystyrene Sulfhydryl-BIND (TM) Stripwell (TM) Microplate, Individually Wrapped, without Lid, Nonsterile
Closure Size: 58-400, Size: 4 oz/125mL; JAR SHORT CLEAR WM
26 gauge, Metal Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 3, 6/PK
Caution - Hazardous/Toxic.. Size: 10 x 14 in.; Aluminum
Caution Face Shield.., Size: 7 x 10 in.; Peel and stick vinyl
Erlenmeyer Flask, Narrow Mouth, 500 ml, Red
Large Display Timer, White
Quick Trap Vacuum Protection Systems, Capacity (L): 5;
Whatman 25 mm GD/X Syringe Filters, Glass Microfiber, 0.7 um
MAGNA LIFT Nylon Membranes, Circles, 0.45 um, Dia. (mm): 85
Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Circle, plain, 0.8 um, 25 mm
TB Decolorizer TM, 250 mL 4 SP
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights w/Traceable Certificate, Class 1, .5 lb, Cylindrical with Groove
Latex Paramedic Gloves, Powder Free, Size MD
Conform Latex Gloves, Powder-Free, Sz L
Nose Tip
White Bouffant Cap, 19 in., Polypropylene
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, 1-1/2 in. (37.5 mm) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 1 in. Depth
5000 uL ART Barrier Standard Tips, Bulk, Non-Sterile
Thermo Scientific Nunc Flask Nunclon 30ml working vol Straight Neck Filter Cap PS Sterile
Thermo Scientific Nunc 384 Well Plt PP Non-Treated NS w/o Lid Blue, 120 ul Well
Distinct Honeycomb, Textured Powder Free, Latex Exam Gloves, XL
Valor 3000 V31XW6 Compact Bench Scale, 13.2 lb. x 0.005 lb., 6.2 x 5.7 in. platform, NTEP Certified
Low Form, Double Scale, Graduated, USA Grade Beakers, 400 ml
4 ml 15 x 45 mm, Clear, Black Cap, Bonded PTFE/Silicone Septum, NS Certified Convenience Kit
Worklon 100 Percent White Cotton Lab Coat, Size 50
HPTLC-HL, 150 um, 20 x 10 cm (high form) with Preadsorbent Zone
Spectrum Grade B Glass Microfiber Filter, 11.0 cm diameter
Andwin Scientific Water Bath Treatment, 4 oz bottle
Quartz Injector for Optima 3000 XL/DV, 0.8mm i.d.
Cutoff Filter, 310 nm
2 ml External Thread, Free Standing CryoElite Vial, Green Cap with Patch, Sterile
Bismuth (Bi) Lumina Hollow Cathode Lamp, Diameter: 50mm (2in.)
SPE Supra-Poly Extreme Capacity 1500 m2/g (XC) Column, 100mg/3ml
SPE Supra-Clean Florisil (FL-S) Column, 500mg/3ml
Worksurface, Eco Foil, Protector Premier, 8 ft., 30 in., cupsink: left side
2 mL, Amber Glass, Black Phenolic Cap, PTFE/Silicone, 8-425 SO Assembled Vial Kit
Aquastar(R) Coulomat C, Safer Formulation
Cobalt Oxide, Black, Powder, Reagent
Cholesteryl Acetoacetate
Calcium Ascorbate, Dihydrate, FCC
Certified Reference Material; Trace metals in Corn Meal-level A
Rhodium ICP/ICPMS Standard, 10 ppm in 2 Percent HCl
Glyoxylic Acid, 50 Percent Aqueous Solution
Hypromellose, Substitution Type 2910, 4000 mPa.s, USP
IC Standard, Chlorate, 1000 ug/mL in H2O
Ferric Chloride, 10 Percent (w/v) Solution
Xylenol Orange, 0.2 Percent Alcoholic Solution
PYRENE, 1000 ug/mL
Silica Gel, Reversed Phase, Octadecyl (C18), 40-63 Micron, Ultrapure
Tyrphostin AG 34
Methyl Acetylacrylate
7-Aminoheptanoic Acid
Ethyl 4-Amino-1-piperidinecarboxylate
DBD-PZ, [=4-(N,N-Dimethylaminosulfonyl)-7-piperazino-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole] [for HPLC Labeling]
Bis(benzonitrile)palladium(II) Dichloride
2-Chloro-4-nitrobenzoic Acid
Ethyl 2-(Chloromethyl)acrylate, (stabilized with HQ)
3,4-Dimethylbenzyl Chloride, (contains isomer)
Decahydronaphthalene, (cis- and trans- mixture) [Testing Methods for Sulfur in Crude Oil and Petroleum Products]
3,4-Dimethoxybenzyl Cyanide
2-Butanone, [for Spectrophotometry]
GlcNAc beta(1-3)GalNAc-alpha-Thr
Gal beta(1-4)[Neu5Ac alpha(2-6)]GlcNAc-beta-pNP
1H,1H,2H,2H-Heptadecafluorodecyl Iodide
Potassium Isobutyrate
Methyl (2S,3S)-2-Isocyanato-3-methylvalerate
Methyl L-(-)-Lactate
2-Naphthaleneboronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
Diethyl (Phthalimidomethyl)phosphonate
Zinc Fluoride, Anhydrous
Ultrasonic M Cleaning Bath, Model M2800, 0.75 gal., with mechanical timer, 115V
bioWORLD(R) Calmodulin Separopore (R) (Agarose) 4B
Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride, 10 Percent (w/w), Aqueous Solution, For Copper, APHA
DISCONTINUED - Manual, Sure-Grip handle
DISCONTINUED - DispoDialyzers, 500 ul; RC, MWCO: 25,000, 6cm lomg
DISCONTINUED - Biotech CE Dialysis Membranes, 24 mm Flat Width, MWCO:3500
Phosphate Buffer Solution, pH 6.2-6.5, For Chlorine, APHA
Potassium Hydroxide, 50 Percent (w/v) Solution, For Anaerobic Sludge, APHA
Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filter, amber housing, std cap, 0.45 um, depth PP
Red Kap Mens Three Pocket Lab Coat- Light Blue, size 44
Spectrum Grade TSS cut to 5.5 cm diameter
Thermo Scientific 2 L HDPE Wide Mouth Packer, unprocessed, bulk, no cap
Corning(R) 1-10 uL Lambda (TM) Plus 8-Channel Pipettor
4 mL, 15 x 45 mm, Clear Glass, 13-425 Screw Thread Finish, Storage Vial
Corning PYREX(R) 10 ml Disposable Glass Conical Centrifuge Tubes, without Screw Cap
Zinc Monomethionine, Powder
Heathrow Scientific 1-Place Workstation Dispensing Bin
PP Funnel, Top Dia. (mm): 150, Stem Dia. (mm): 15, Length (mm): 220
Boric Acid, Powder, Reagent, ACS
Specific Gravity Hydrometer, 3.000 to 4.000, 305 mm
PCR 12-Strip Domed Caps, Green
bioWORLD(R) viewIP (TM) Calmodulin Blue Separopore (R) (Agarose) 4B-CL
bioWORLD(R) IDA Chelating Separopore (R) (Agarose)
bioWORLD(R) Triple Sugar Iron (TSI) Agar
Calibration Weights; Weights, cast iron grip metric, 500 kg
DL-Pantothenyl Alcohol
2 mL Sample Vial in Lab File, Clear, Foil Lined 8-425 cap attached
Support Jack, 10 x 10 cm, Powder Coated Aluminum, each
Table/Shelf Clamp for Dispensette wall mounting unit
AloeWorx S7 Powder-Free Synthetic Gloves with Aloe Vera, XL
Megaman Flock-Lined Nitrile Gloves, L
Cubis Preconfigured Precision Toploader w/ High Res. Color Touch Screen (8200g x 0.1g), Assisted Leveling
Triangles, Square Nickel-Chrome Wire, 2 in.
Kantleke 36 L Hose ID 1/4, Tip ID 3/8
Taurine, USP
Guanidine Thiocyanate
Clear Glass Vials, 2 ml, 7 x 13 mm
60ml (2 oz) Clr French Square w/Wht PP poly-vinyl line cap
PIPES-Buffer, 1M, (pH 6.8)
4 ft. Flat Solid Epoxy Work Surface
Capacity (ml): 500; FLASK
Linear Pipette Stand for MicroPette Pipettors
Piccolo pH Meter with 240-69685 (HI 1280) electrode
Potassium Hydroxide, Pellets, Reagent, ACS
Difco Salmonella H Antiserum i, 3 mL
Difco KF Streptococus Broth, 500 g
AloeForm Powder-Free Latex Gloves, XS
200 g Class F Stainless Steel Cylindrical Test Weight with Statement of Accuracy
Corning Pyrex(R) 25 ml Class A Volumetric Flasks with Pyrex(R) Glass Standard Taper Stopper
Trichloroacetic Acid, 5 Percent (w/v) Aqueous Solution
Bel-Art Scienceware Mortar, Replacement Stainless Steel Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Mortar
PTFE Beakers w/Pouring Spout, 5 mL
125 ml (4 oz) Clear Wide Mouth Short (A) Jars, L-1
Histosette II Tissue Cassettes, Separated Lid Blue
Coveralls, Attached Hood, Boots and Elastic Wrists, Sz: Large
Spectra/Mesh Nylon, Size (mm): 300 x 300, Mesh Opening: 53um
Bel-Art Scienceware Maxi Ice Pan, Blue
Dual Adj Nucleic Acid Sequencing unit W x H: 20 x 52 cm
Corning(R) 25 cm2 Rectangular Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask with Vent Cap
Ansell Sol-Vex Nitrile Gloves, Sz 11, Unlined, 13 in, 15 mil
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Duplex Laboratory Notebook; Notebook
Culture Tubes, with Rubber-Lined Screw Cap, 50ml, 25 x 150mm
Handheld Radiometer-Digital Ultraviolet Intensity Meter
Whatman Qualitative Filter Papers, Grade 1: 11 um, 47 mm
Difco Veal Infusion Broth, 500 g
Difco Koser Citrate Medium, 500 g
Cameo Nylon Syringe Filters, 5.0 Micron, 17 mm
2XL Unisex Lab Coat with Knit Wrists, White
22s gauge, Large Hub RN Needle, 2 in, point style 2, 6/PK
Heavy duty hosecock
Whatman Nuclepore Track-Etched Membranes, 0.2 um, 25 mm, Polycarbonate
Corning Cylinder 100 mL
Corning Filtering Flasks, Micro with Tubulation, 25 ml
Corning 36000 ml Proculture(R) Glass Spinner Flask with 140 mm Flat Center Cap and 2 Angled Sidearms
Bel-Art Scienceware Safety Goggles, Nylon
Double Plexiglas Splash Shield, Island Bench Mounted, 381 x 610 mm Plexiglas(R) Shield
Bel-Art Scienceware DIPPER,HDPE,2PIECE 12 ft. HANDLE,16OZ
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Closed-Dome Bio Tank, PP
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Heavy Duty Carboy, PP, 10 L
Dynalon Tanks w/Dipping Basket, 11 gal.
Two-Shelf Cart, 2 Solid Shelves, 18 x 36 in.
High Five Latex Gloves, Low Powder Smooth, Small
Hydrometer, Specific Gravity 1.500 to 1.550, ASTM 135H, 260 mm
40X Achro UV Pass (DIN), 1.00 N.A.
Glass Column with fritted discs and PTFE stopcock, 11 x 300 mm
Size: 6.5 (Wom S); VINYL IMPREGNSize: 10 (Men XL); VINYL IMPREGNATED - Slip-on style, BrownATED - Slip-on style, Brown
Lindberg/BlueM Refrigerated Circulating Water Bath, 120V, 60Hz, 21.2A
Wire Probe; 1m Cable
ADAPTR PTFE 8.5-10.5 24/25
10 gauge, Metal Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 3, 6/PK
GasTight Digital Syringes, 25ul, Gauge: 22s; 1702RN
4 x 2 oz. (4 x 60mL) Bottles of Cleaning Solution B for Bacteria Removal, Beaker and Pipet
Metallic lid for embedding cassettes
Gel casting trays, Two-place, 26 x 40 cm
Filter Assembly, 21x26cm, for Benchtop Transilluminator; 341-85528
Electrophoresis and Blotting, Grade 222, 7 x 8 cm, 100
Bel-Art Scienceware RiteFlow Panel/Bench-Mtd Flow Tubes, Scale (mm): 65, Size: 5
Quality Control Antigen; Bordetella Pertussis Antigen, 5 mL
Super Polx Polyester Wipes, Size (in.): 9 x 9; 150 SHTS/PK
12 x 32 Clear ABC vial with patch and 9 mm ABC screw cap, Black, Red PTFE/White Silicone with Slit
Buret Clamp Round Jaw
LD-100 System Polyester Tricot facemask, White
Disposable earplugs with cord
12 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 325 (45 um) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 2 in. Depth
Thermo Scientific Screw-Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes, Conical, With Unattached Screw-Cap and O-Ring, 1.5 ml, Amber, non-sterile
Thermo Scientific Nunc EasY Flask Non-Treated 275ml/30ml working vol Angled Neck Sterile, 75 cm2
Vacuum Controller with Glassware Mounted on a Baseplate For N810.3 and N820.3
40 ML VOA Clear Vial,PP White Open Top Cap, 24-410, with Teflon(R) /Silicone Septa 0.125in. (1 piece), Precleaned and Certified. Labels incl.
Avicel Cellulose F/DEAE Cellulose F 7.5:1 250um 20x40cm (25 plates/box)
North Powdered Latex Finger Cots, size medium
LSE(TM) Vortex Mixer with Standard Tube Head, 120V, US Plug
Vial,Sample,Amb,Kimble Chase,W/Attached Black Phenolic Closure W/PTFE-Faced/White Rubber Liner,3/8 Dram,12x35,8-425 GPI Thread Finish
Elite-5ms capillary columns, length: 60 m, I.D.: 0.32 mm, film thickness: 0.25 um
Magnesium (Mg) Atomax Hollow Cathode 1.5 Lamp
SPE Supra-Clean Weak Cation Exchange (WCX) Column, 200mg/3ml
A11.6 Double Beater
Plasma Standard, V 10.00 mg/mL in 10 Percent HNO3 + Tr HF
Abietic acid, Technical
Aluminum Sulfate, USP
Bismuth Nitrate, Pentahydrate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
Chromium Trioxide, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
Cyclohexane, Practical
1000 ppm Lithium for ICP in HNO3
17beta-Estradiol 3-Methyl Ether
L-Histidine, FCC
Lanatoside C
Methyl p-Toluenesulfonate
1000 PPM VANADIUM ICP STD IN 2-5 Percent HCL, NH4VO3 in 2 Percent HCl, 1,000 ug/ml
10000 PPM SCANDIUM ICP STD IN 2-5 Percent HNO3, Sc2O3 in 2-5 Percent HMO3, 10,000 ug/ml
Rhenium Plasma Emission Standard, 1 ml = 1 mg Re
Tris(2,3-dibromopropyl)phosphate, 1000 ug/mL
Sulfuric Acid, 20 Percent (v/v) Solution
Stearic Acid, Prilled
Potassium Dichromate, SVS Concentrate, To Prepare 0.1 N Solution
Dimethyl Sulfoxide, SpectroSolv (TM)
Tetraethyleneglycol Monomethyl Ether
Tetrahydrofolic Acid
1-Aminohydantoin Hydrochloride
4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoic Acid
tert-Butyl Carbamate
Bis(2-ethylhexyl) 3,3-Thiodipropionate
N-[2-(tert-Butoxycarbonylamino)ethyl]glycine Ethyl Ester
Capsanthin, (=Paprika Extract) (Vegetable oil solution)
Diphenyl Sulfoxide
N-(2,4-Dinitrophenyl)-6-aminohexanoic Acid
Diphenyl (N-Methoxy-N-methylcarbamoylmethyl)phosphonate
Phenyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate
2-Heptenoic Acid
(S)-(+)-2-Hydroxy-4-phthalimidobutyric Acid
(S)-(-)-Indoline-2-carboxylic Acid
Diethyl Phenyl Orthoformate
N-(2-Pyridylmethyl)glycine Ethyl Ester
trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene, (1mg/ml in Methanol) [for Water Analysis]
Kaseisorb LC ODS-PH Super 10.0mmI.D. X 150mm, Kaseisorb LC ODS-PH Super 10.0mmI.D. X 150mm,
Methyl 4-(Chloroformyl)benzoate
Acid Dissolution Reagent 1
Zinc, 20 Mesh, GR, ACS
Mens Shop Coats, Color: Postman Blue, Size: 54
Tris-HCl Buffer, 1M, (pH 6.8)
Sulfuric Acid, 0.25 N Solution, APHA
DISCONTINUED - Handheld meter with 9robe
DISCONTINUED - Corning Rectangle Cover Glass No. 1, 22 x 50 mm
Progesterone, Wettable, Powder, USP
Class 1 Electronic Balance Weights with Traceable Certificate, 150 g cyl
Pressure Filtration Device MD 142/5/3, stainless steel, 2200 mL, 545 x 200 mm
Thermo Scientific 60 ml Short Amber Glass Jar, certified
Mass Spec Vial Kit with 2.0 ml Clear Glass R.A.M Vial and 9 mm R.A.M Bonded PTFE/Silicone Septa Open Top Cap with Slit
Dynalon 6 gallon Tank with Cover
DISCONTINUED - Lactose, Monohydrate, GR ACS
Measuring Scoop, PP, 100 mL
Aluminum Weighing Dish, 4 in. x 5/16 in.
Grade 1574 1/2 Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated), 125 mm
Filter Funnel, 3-piece, 70 mm, 400 ml reservoir
bioWORLD(R) DMEM, high gluc, w/ Pyridoxine HCL, w/o L-Glut (powder)
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois, Class 3; 1/8 oz cyl
BRAND ULR ultramicro tips, Tip-Box, 5 x 96 tips
RPSF, 500 um, 20 x 20 cm
1/4-28 Threads .118 (3.0 mm) / Male Luer Lock
Difco m Enterococcus Agar, m Azide Agar, 500 g
Low Retention; SoftFit-L 200L, 200uL, Non sterile, 96 tips/tray, 10 trays/pack, use with Rainin LTS LiteTouch Pipette
1.5 mL Samco Graduated Transfer Pipets, Graduated to 0.3 mL, 0.8 mL Bulb (Pediatric), 11.6 cm, Polyethylene,, Polyethylene, 20/pk, Sterile
8 ft. Echo Filtered Hood 115V, 2 fixtures
Adapter, 5/7 mL round for 50 mL rotor, pk/6
Buffer Solution, pH 9.00, Reference Standard
Oryzanol, Crystalline Powder
20 mL Clear Vial, 24-414 mm Open Top White PP Closure, 0.100 PTFE/Silicone Septa
Bel-Art Scienceware Egg-Shaped Spinbar Stir Bars, 9.5 x 4.7 mm
10-Pin Labware Insert
5 kg OIML Precision Class E1 Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
500 ozt Class F Stainless Steel Cylindrical Test Weight with Statement of Accuracy
Corning Pyrex Baffled Flasks, Erlenmeyer, 250 ml, Stopper No. 6
Corning Pyrex 1000 ml Lifetime Red Class A Vol. Flasks w/snap-cap
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 180 Clear PVC Tubing, ID (in.): 3/8, OD (in.): 9/16
Spectra/Por 2; MWCO 12,000-14,000, Diameter (mm): 100
2 mL, Snap Ring/Crimp Top Vials; Amber, white marking spot
Bel-Art Scienceware Tall Hydrometer Rack, 178 mm
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Polypropylene Volumetric Flask, 500 ML
1.5 mm x 20-well Combs for 14 cm Wide Horizontal Gel Units
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 24 x 18 x 12 in. (610 x 457 x 305 mm) Benchtop Beta Shield
Stoppers, Black Rubber, Two Holes, Size No. 2, Approx pcs/lb: 62
Squibb Pear-Shaped Funnel, 6000 mL
Bel-Art Scienceware Clear acrylic, 7 x 7 x 10
White PP Cap w/PTFE Faced Foamed PE Liner, Size: 58-400
Glass sinker for 849-25543
MaxQ 7000 Benchtop Water Bath Shaker (Digital)
100 - 1000 uL Micropipette, Calibra Digital
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Custom Right-to-Know Labels
Dynalon Kartell White Wet/Dry Test Tube Racks
Simport Micrew Colored Caps, Red, Lip Seal, With Loop
Size: 35 in. x 45 in.; PREMIUM LINE - HEAVY DUTY - 20 mil, white
Five-Worker Carry-Air Filter Panel without CO Monitor
Poretics, Polycarbonate,Black,0.6 Micron, 47mm
PRP-X300 Analytical Guard Column Starter Kit (1 holder, 2 cartridges), PEEK
50 uL, Model 705 NCH Syringe, Cemented Needle, 22s gauge, 2 in, point style 2
17 gauge, Metal Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 3, 6/PK
MicroLiter Digital Syringe, Volume (ul): 5, Gauge: 26s; 75N
For the eyes.; Pharmex style pharmacy instruction labels
Bilingual Graphic Sign: Notice - No Trespassing / Aviso - No Pasar
Viton II Glove, Size: 10
Bel-Art Scienceware Spring-Actuated Bag Holder and Carton Cover
65 l/min, 68 Torr, 15 psig
250cc Amber Glass Wide Mouth Packer Protocol A1/Labeled 45-400 White Teflon(R) Lined Cap Precleaned and Certified
FlaskScrubber Vantage Series Washer, 208/230 v, w/ window
Scraper Mandrel (part of 476-11890)
RV 10.2012 Evaporation flask (NS 24/40 2.000 ml)
Corning 1-1000 uL Pipet Tips, Graduated, Hinged Racks, Natural, Sterile, Polypropylene
50 ft OV-1 (Methyl silicone) Scot column, max temp: 250 degree C
Aluminum Capsules, 30 uL, Pkg.1000
Rechargeable Desiccant Kit for PerkinElmer Spectrum One FTIR
20 mm Gray Butyl/PTFE Septa kit, with caps and star spring, 1000/pk. Assembled
20 mm Gray Butyl Septa kit, with caps and star spring, 100/pk. Assembled
AX-300, Aquapore, 7 um, 300 A, weak anion, 220 mm, 4.6 mm I.D., requires holder 470-44372
Palladium (Pd) Lumina Hollow Cathode Lamp with Intensitron Cable, Diameter: 50mm (2in.)
Unisex White FLT Consult Coat/PDA Pkts, SM
Elite-5 capillary columns, length: 40 m, I.D.: 0.18 mm, film thickness: 0.40 um
Plasma Standard, Ir 1000 ug/mL in 2 Percent HCl
Desiccant Bag, 3 Gram
Cab-O-Sil(R) M-5, Scintillation Grade
Dichlorodimethylsilane, Reagent
Dimethylglyoxime Sodium Salt, Reagent
Sodium Chloride, 25 Percent (w/v) Solution
Mixed Calibration Standard 5A
100 ppm Thallium for ICP-MS in HNO3
PARATHION, 1000 ug/mL
BENZIDINE, 1000 ug/mL
Silver Hexafluorophosphate
Succinic Acid, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
Twister Universal Work Station, Blue
5-Benzoylpentanoic Acid
3-Chlorobenzal Bromide
4,5-Dichlorophthalic Acid
Esculin, Sesquihydrate
5-Formylsalicylic Acid
Homatropine Hydrobromide
1-Iodopropane, (stabilized with Copper chip)
2-Isobutyl-4,5-dimethyl-3-thiazoline, (mixture of isomers)
Methyl 5-Methoxy-3-oxovalerate
cis-2-Methoxycinnamic Acid
(+)-alpha-Methoxy-alpha-(trifluoromethyl)phenylacetic Anhydride
Nonanoyl Chloride
S-(4-Nitrophenyl)cysteinylglycine Hydrochloride
2,4-Pyridinedicarboxylic Acid, Hydrate
Ethyl 1-Piperazinecarboxylate
bioWORLD(R) Anti-Bovine Albumin (BSA) Separopore (R) (Agarose)
HEPES, Buffered saline (2X)
Silver Nitrate, 0.141 N Solution
Bromocresol Green-Methyl Red Indicator, Aqueous Solution, For Alkalinity, APHA
DISCONTINUED - Diluting Fluid for CSF, For Cerebral Spinal Fluid
Low Temperature BOD Incubator, 19.5 cu. ft., 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
20 mm Stopper, Red Rubber
MicroPlus-21 (Cellulose Nitrate) STL Membrane Circle, white, 47 mm, 0.45 um, 3.1 mm black grid, sterile, for Membrane-Butler, 400/pk
Orion VERSA STAR Benchtop Meter with VSTAR-ISE pH/mV/ISE/Temperature Module
Potassium Iodide, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
True North(R) 36 Cell Divider for 15 ml Tubes
Dynalon PTFE Octagonal Stir Bars, 3/8 x 1 in., White
Spectrum Cellulose Extraction Thimbles, 28 x 120 mm (ID x H), 1.5 mm wall thickness
Large Weighted Safety Shield, 30 in.
Analytical Weights with Statement of Accuracy, Class 3; 5 g
500 mL (16 oz) Wide-Mouth Opaque Amber HDPE Packaging Bottle with 53-415 Closure
1M KCl + AgCl Electrolyte Fill Solution, 4 x 30 mL, FDA Compliant Bottles
PTFE Membrane Filter, 1.2 um, 13 mm, 100/pk
BBL MacConkey Agar without Crystal Violet
Vivacell 100 PES Membrane, 10,000 MWCO, 10 per Pack
Piperazine Dihydrochloride
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 8.00 mm, 5/6 in. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.), ASTM E11
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 25 um, no. 500 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.), ASTM E11
Itraconazole, Micronized, USP
Amantadine Hydrochloride, USP
Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogen Sulfate, [Reagent for Ion-Pair Chromatography]
Molybdenum Plasma Emission Standard, 1 ml = 1 mg Mo
Savant SPD121P SpeedVac Kit, 230V/50 Hz
p-Acetamidobenzoic Acid
Wrights Stain, Regular Solution
Owl Opossum Complete System
High Performance Transilluminator, TFM-20V, 25W 302nm, Variable Intensity
4-Vinylbenzylamine, (stabilized with MEHQ)
500 g Class F Stainless Steel Cube Test Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
Corning Pyrex Hollow Ground TS Joint 27 Stoppers, Short Length
Corning Pyrex(R) 105 degree Angled Tube Adapter with Two-Way 24/40 Standard Taper Joints
Corning Pyrex(R) 70 ml Rimless Culture Tubes, 25 x 200 mm
Phenolic Caps w/14B Rubber Liner, GPI Thread Finish: 38-430
13-425, Solid Top, Black, Phenolic Screw Cap, PTFE/14B Rubber Liner
Brass Borer, No. of Borers: 9
Ansell Sol-Vex Nitrile Gloves, Sz 11, Unlined, 18 in, 22 mil
Infrared Transmitter HI 140
100 uL, Model 710 RN Syringe, Small Removable Needle, 22s gauge, 2 in, point style 2
Hearing Protection, SparkPlugs Foam Earplugs, Corded, NRR 33dB
MRX Chemical Splash Goggles; Standard Lens, Blue Frame
Time Tape, 500 in. roll on a 1 in. core, Width 1/2 in. Yellow
Bel-Art Scienceware Octagon Stir Bars, L x Dia. in. (mm): 5/8 x 3/8 (16 x 9.5)
Bel-Art Scienceware Flea Micro Spinbar , L x Dia. (mm): 10 x 3
Grade 42 Quantitative Filter Paper Ashless (Ash 0.007 Percent), circle, 9.0 cm
Grade GF/B Glass Microfiber Filter Binder Free, circle, 9.0 cm
GD/X 13 mm Syringe Filter, PP, 0.45 um
Brass Frame Sieve, SS Mesh, 8 in. Dia., 1 in. Depth, 1 1/2 in.
Bel-Art Scienceware Sterile cloning discs, 6.4 mm
Kontes NMR Tubes, 5 mm, 80 MHz, 9 in.
Electronic Balance Weights with NVLAP, Class 1, 100 g, Straight Cylindrical
2 Dram, 17 x 60 mm Vial, 15 - 425 mm Thread, Black, Polypropylene Solid Top Cap, PTFE/F217 Lined
Lambda Bio+ with SD Memory Card
1 Clip Plate for 4 100 ml Volumetric Flasks
30ml (1oz) Amber Boston Round w/wht PP PTFE lined cap
10 mL PYREX Pipet, Disposable Glass, Serological, Shorty, Individually Wrapped, Sterile, Plugged, To Deliver
Corning Flask Tooled Neck 500 mL
Corning Research Reaction Vial, 5.0 ml, 14/10 W/Cap
Standard Wall Glass Tubing, OD (mm): 95, Wall (mm): 2.4, 4 ft length
Dynalon Pipet Tips, Yellow, 2-200 ul -Economy
Cryovial Cap Inserts Color Pink
Simport Micrew Colored Caps, Natural, O-ring Seal, With Loop
Simport Color Coding Capinsert for Micrewtube, Color Coding Capinsert, Color: Grey; Color Coding Capinsert Grey
15 ml Tissue Grinder
ORP Electrode, Gold-disk, F/35801-50, -52
Poretics, Polycarbonate,0.4 Micron, 47mm, 100/Pk
High Form Crucible, 100 ml, 58 mm diameter
1710AD 100ul BBL
Chisco Eyewear Retainer Jamaican Sport Band, Color: Natural
Solution Kits, Surfactant (X+, X-)
DGGE System Accessories, Gel Wrap Gaskets; 1.0 mm x 22 cm3
Black peel-n-stick 1 symbol Size 6 in.
Heavy Wall Round-Bottom Flasks, 50ml, TS Joint: 29/42
Difco Neisseria Meningitidis Antiserum Poly 2, Groups X, Y, Z, 1 mL
Ergonomic Chair with Armrests
Mens Shop Coat, Color: Navy, Size: 46
Connecting cable for external control
11mm PP Snap Cap, PTFE/Silicone/PTFE
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 125 um, no. 120 Brass Wire Mesh, Half Height (1 in.)
Corning(R) 500 ml Disposable Spinner Flask with 100 mm Top Cap and 2 Angled Sidearms, Sterile
EZ-Pierce Films, Sterile
Corning PYREX(R) VISTA(TM) 10 ml Single Metric Volumetric and Graduated Cylinders, TC, Plastic Hexagonal Base, Blue Graduations
Taurine, Reagent
Owl 24 Tooth Comb, 1.0/1.5 mm thick Double Sided
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 25.00 mm, 1 in. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.), ASTM E11
Refrigerator, -2/+10C x 0.1C
10ul Micro Filter Tip, Racked, Pre-Sterilized
Silica Gel GHL 250um 20x20cm channeled (25 plates/box)
Trap packing disk, pkg 20
Elite-5ht capillary columns, length: 30 m, I.D.: 0.25 mm, film thickness: 0.10 um
SPE Kit for Extraction of acidic, basic and neutral compounds from Aqueous or Organic Matrix
Dichloran Glycerol (DG-18) Agar Base
Bel-Art Scienceware MT2 Icebucket with Lid, 4 L, Blue
Blood Agar Base No. 2
Plasma Standard, Er 1000 ug/mL in 2 Percent HCl
Red High-Accuracy Buffer Solution, Precision Calibration Standard, pH 4.000 +/- 0.002 @ 25 DEG C, Color-Coded Red
1000 ppm Selenium+6 for ICP in H2O/HNO3
Calcium Carbonate
N,N-Diisopropylethylamine, High Purity
L-Glutamic Acid Monosodium Salt
Methyl Orange, 0.1 Percent (w/v) Aqueous Indicator Solution, USP Test Solution
Universal pH Indicator Solution
Mentha Arvensis Oil, Redistilled
Methyl Acrylate
Mometasone Furoate, USP
100 ppm Manganese for ICP-MS in HNO3
Nitric Acid, Fuming, 90 Percent, Reagent, ACS
Beta-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, Reduced Dipotassium Salt
Erbium Single Element Standard ICP-AES, Er2O3 in 2-5 Percent HNO3, 1,000 ug/ml
Formalin 10 Percent, Neutral Buffered
Tolylene-2,4-diisocyanate, Technical
Tyrphostin AG 527
Alizarin Astrol
1-Aza-12-crown 4-Ether
Methyl Benzoate
4-n-Octyloxyphenyl 4-Butylbenzoate, [Liquid Crystal]
N-Benzyliminodiacetic Acid
Heptyl Chloroformate
3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)-2-methyl-L-alanine, Sesquihydrate
Sodium 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoate
2-Methoxypyridine-3-boronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
Methyl Bromodifluoroacetate
4-Nitrobenzo-18-crown 6-Ether
5-Norbornen-2-yl Acetate, (endo- and exo- mixture)
Pilocarpine Hydrochloride
Pentamethoxy Red
cis-1,3-Pentadiene, (stabilized with TBC)
Pentylmagnesium Bromide, (18 Percent in Tetrahydrofuran, ca. 1mol/L)
Perylene, (purified by sublimation)
Piperacillin Sodium Salt
Ethyl Tetrahydrofuran-2-acetate
3a,4,7,7a-Tetrahydroindene, (stabilized with BHT)
bioWORLD(R) DMEM, high gluc w/ L-Glut and 25mM HEPES, w/o Phenol red
Carrier ampholytes, pH 2-11
E. coli lysis Buffer, ii, pH 7.4
Streptomycin sulfate
Corning(R) 2 ml Green Cap Internal Threaded Polypropylene Cryogenic Vial, Self-Standing with Round Bottom
Methyl 2-Amino-3-methylbenzoate
Lindberg/Blue M General-Purpose Circulatin Water Baths, 120V, 50/60Hz, 21A
Grade 934-AH RTU Glass Microfiber Filter, 47 mm
Silica gel 60 F254 TLC Gel Glass Plates, 0.25 mm; 10 x 20 cm
DISCONTINUED - Straight-Sided Wide-Mouth Jars PC, Blue
Sodium Carbonate, 2.0 N Solution
DISCONTINUED - TimeMed Tape and Label Dispenser, Metal, Multiple Roll,3 in. Core
Potassium Hydroxide, 10.0 N Solution
Grade GF 10 Glass Microfiber Filter with Binder, circle, 47 mm
Bel-Art Scienceware Write-On Label Tape- Blue, 1/2 in. W x 40 yds. L, 3 in. Core
Sodium Hydroxide, 6.4 Percent (w/v) Solution, ASTM
22 mL, Clear, Closed Top, Storage Vial Convenience Kit
Vertical High Speed 15 mL Tube Holder for Vortex-Genie 2 Series
Sure-Grip EX Compac, Chem-Cor Lined Hazardous Material Safety Cabinet, Royal Blue, 12 gal. capacity
CIROS ICP-OES Tuning Solution in HCl/HNO3
Difco Potato Dextrose Agar, 500 g
bioWORLD(R) Nitsch Medium
FTA DMPK-A Cards, 100/pk
Target DP Conv. Kit, Pre-Slit Ivory PTFE/Red Rubber, Clear glass I-D
Red Polypropylene Open Top 9 mm Screw Thread Closure 1000/CS
300 uL ART Non-Filtered, Standard Tips, Hinged Rack, Sterile
Locator 8 Cryogenic Rack and Box System, with level monitor
PTFE/Silicone Sealing Ring for 45 mm Cap, 26 mm I.D.
Analytical Weights with Traceable Certificate, Class 1, 20 g
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride, USP
Electronic Balance Weights, Class 1, 60 g Straight Cylinder
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights w/Traceable Certificate, Class 3, 50 lb, Recessed Grip Handle
BRAND BIO-CERT 5-200uL filter tips, Tip-Refill, 10 x 96 tips
Aluminum Heat Dispersion Plates, For 20 cm wide adjustable sequencers, Dimensions W x L (cm): 20 x 16.6; Aluminum heat dispersion plate
Traceable(R) Digital Stainless Steel Calipers, 6 inches
Adventurer AX4201 Precision Balance, 4200 g x 0.1 g, Automatic Calibration
Rubber Stoppers, 2-Hole, No. 8
Methacrylic Acid
Bel-Art Scienceware Thermometers, Universal Implement Stand, Autoclavable
Eyesaline Easy Access Emergency Double eyewash
125 mL (4 oz) Clear Glass Boston Round with PE Cone Lined Black Phenolic Cap
AlphaMop Blue Polypropylene Rectangular Bucket, 6 gal.
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 635 (20 um) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 1 in. Depth
Trichloroethylene, Stabilized, SpectroSolv (TM)
Size: 1 X 1/100; PIPET
Test Kits and Reagents; Combination Test Kit for Aquaculture
10 uL, Model 1701 SN Syringe, Cemented Needle, Custom gauge, length, point style
Regular Weight Non-Toxic Towels for Seed Testing, Gr 8001, 9.5 x 12 in
Transferpette S, 8-channel pipettor , 20-200 ul
Methyl 2-Aminoisonicotinate
Trioleyl Phosphite, (so called)
L-Tyrosine Methyl Ester Hydrochloride
OmniSwab Sterile Collection Swab
50 g - 1 g Economical Stainless Steel Class 7 Weight Set with Traceable Certificate
KG-33 Solid Glass Boiling Beads, Approx. Dia 6 +/-0.6 mm
Zinc Acetate, 2 N Solution, For Sulfide, APHA
Electronic Balance Weights, Class 1, 4 kg Cylindrical with groove
Corning(R) Spatula with V-Scoop/Spoon, Sterile
24 x 1.5/2.0 ml angle rotor
TrippNT MobileChem Ultra Lab Cart; 3-Pocket Drawers
One, two, or three 60 - 250 ml separatory funnels
Cryovial Cap Inserts Color: Yellow
Dispenses with Wide Range Papers,Range: 1 -11; (Two rolls per carton)
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 600 ml Low Form Griffin PMP Beakers
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Unwire Half-Rack, 25 mm Tube Size; 4 x 4 Array, Blue
Lab Connections Vernier Caliper; Vernier caliper
Parter Medical 60 x 15mm Sterile Std Polystyrene Petri Dishes Semi-stack
Float-A-Lyzer, 300 ul; biotech CE, MWCO: 50,000, 7cm long
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Desiccator cabinet, 3 Shelves, 5 grooves
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Staining Boxes, 5 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm
Connector, 13-425 to 20-400
BBL, Urea Agar Base, 500 g
60 mL (2 oz) Amber Glass Boston Round with PE Cone Lined Black Phenolic Cap
Corning CrystalEX(TM) 96 Well Round Bottom Protein Crystallization Microplate, Advanced Polymer, 10 per Bag, Not Treated, Nonsterile
250 ml Class A Serialized/Certified Cylinder, To Contain, with Glass Stopper
Heavy-Duty, Low Form 600 ml Beaker
Capacity (ml): 50; FLASK
Bel-Art Scienceware BURET,PE,AUTOMATIC,25ML
0.1 mL Mortar for Micro Tissue Grinder, Potter-Elvehjem
Kontes Inlet Adapter with Hose Connection and Bevel-Seal, TS Joint: 24/40, Accommodation Range (mm): 5.5-6.5; ADAPTER W HC 5.5-6.5 24/40
Unlined Latex Gloves, Sz 11
1mm x 3 equal well Teflon(R) -coated aluminum comb for MGU-202T
Orange Rubber Boot
Danger - High Voltage, Size: 10 x 14 in.; Rigid plastic sign
1 in. Dial Thermometer, 0 to 220 degree F, 5 in. Stem, Plastic Face
Barricade Tapes, Color: Yellow; Fire Line - Do Not Cross
Difco Quality Control Antigen; Shigella Group C, 1 mL
Tips, Biohit, 5 ml, 50 tips per rack
Polyethylene plastic boot covers, white, univ.
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Closure, Low Profile, White; PPCO, Sterile
LD-100 Cleanroom, High Top, Hypalon Sole Boots, Light Blue, LG
Evaporating flask, glass, 24/40, 500mL
Dynalon Azlon Polypropylene Squat Form Graduated Cylinder, 1000 ML
Silica Gel GHLF 250um 20x20cm scored w/Preadsorbent Zone (25 plates/box)
HPTLC-RP8F, 150 um, 10 x 10 cm
Silica Gel GHL 250um 20x20cm scored (2.5x20cm) (25 plates/box)
Silica Gel HF w/ 1 Percent Potassium Oxalate 250um 10x20cm (25 plates/box)
Difco, Purple Broth Base, 500 g
Owl Replacement Gasket Set of 2
Flash Cartridge, Isco Compatible, Alumina Neutral, 32-63 um, 60A, 160g/cartridge, 12 cartridges
RV 10.2009 Evaporation flask (NS 24/40 250 ml)
D51XW300HX2 Defender 5000 Stainless Steel Bench Scale, Rectangle, 300 kg x 20 g
SPICE (TM) Cartridge Capping Device
Kimax 33 Expansion Vials with Black Phenolic Caps and PTFE-faced White Rubber Liners, 1/2 dram
Reduction Tube for CHN Analysis, Quartz
Cartridge, high capacity O2 replacement.
Polyscience Heat Exchanger Air Filter 305-013
Zero dilution inner liner, to be used with zero dilution outer liner (470-48836).
Elite-5 capillary columns, length: 25 m, I.D.: 0.20 mm, film thickness: 0.33 um
479400-4000, MIDI-VAP 4000 Cyanide Complete System
DISCONTINUED - pH ColorpHast(R) Strips, pH 2.0-9.0
1000 ppm Cesium for AA in HNO3
Nickel Atomic Absorption Standard
Calcium Chloride, Dihydrate, Reagent, ACS
Conductivity Calibration Standard, 1 uS, Solution
Cd (Cadmium) 1000 ug/g in mineral oil
Dimethyl Malonate
Iron Metal, 0.25 mm Diameter, Wire, Reagent
Lead Nitrate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
Platinum Chloride, 10 Percent (w/v) Aqueous Solution
Potassium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydrous, FCC
Selenium Tetrachloride
Soy Sprouts, Powder
Tributyl Citrate
5-Aminolevulinic Acid Hydrochloride
3-Methylpentyl Acetate
3,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)benzoyl Chloride
(S)-2-Chloro-4-methylvaleric Acid
Chloroacetic Acid
1,3-Dioxolane, (stabilized with Triethylamine)
Dibenzo-21-crown 7-Ether
4-Formylbenzo-18-crown 6-Ether
2-Fluoro-4-nitrobenzoic Acid
3-Methyl-2-heptene, (cis- and trans- mixture)
Magnesium 4-Nitrobenzyl Malonate, Hydrate
4-Methoxyphenyl 4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoate
4-Methoxyphenyl Trifluoromethanesulfonate
Calcium D-Pantothenate
Diisopropyl Phthalate
Tetrahexylammonium Hydroxide, (10 Percent in Methanol)
Isopropyl Alcohol, UniSolv(R)
bioWORLD(R) Murashige AND Miller Medium
Proteomics protein ctrl - Animal Ce
4 ft. Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2, 10 in. Sash, 230V, with base stand, UV light and fixture pass through
DISCONTINUED - Hydranal Liposolver CM Sigma Aldrich
DISCONTINUED - DispoDialyzers, 5 ml sample volume; MWCO (Daltons): 100
DISCONTINUED - Value -40 degree C Upright Freezer 13.4 cu. ft 208V
DISCONTINUED - Corning Slides, Frosted One Side, One End, 3 x 1 in.
Grade 470 Paper for Healthcare Applications, sheet, 460 x 570 mm, 100/pk.
500 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Universal Clamp
Safety System 3 without GL 45 Bottle Adapter
Spectrum Non-sterile Nylon Syringe Filters, Porosity 0.22 um, Diameter 13 mm, PP prefilter
Whatman Polycap SPF 36, 1.0 um, with SB inlet and outlet
Field Power Kit for CApture Portable Fuming System 230V
Dried Aluminum Hydroxide Gel, Powder, USP
1000 ppm Praseodymium for ICP in HNO3
Vinyl Tubing, 7/8 in. ID, 600 x 1.125 in. Wall Thickness
Hydrion Spectral Plastic pH Strip, 0.0-14.0, 100 strips per vial, 1 vial per pack
Thermo Scientific Nalgene(TM) Square Clear PETG Media Bottles with Closure, 500 mL
Advantech Manufacturing 425 um Sieve for Sonic Sifter
RT2 Basic Hot Plate/Stirrer, 5.5 in. top plate dia., 120V, US plug
Grade 602 h Qualitative Filter Paper Standard Grade, circle, 240 mm
Microplate Block Module, holds one (1) 96-well 0.2 ml strips or 0.2 ml tubes
IKAFLON(R) 103 (1 Pcs) beaker PTFE-coated Magnetic stirrer bar
Mini UniPrep Syringeless Filter, 0.2um PVDF
Analytical Weights, Class 4 w/NVLAP Certificate, 20 kg
1250 uL ART REACH Non-Filtered, Extended Length, Low Retention Tips, Hinged Rack, Non-sterile
[1,1-Bis(di-tert-butylphosphino)ferrocene]palladium(II) Dichloride
Hose/Tubing Clamps, 0.597 to 0.665 in. 15.16 to 16.89 mm)
MicroLiter 802RN Syringe, 2 in. length, 22s gauge
20 uL, Finntip Filtered Pipette Tips, 0.2 to 20 uL, 10 x 96/Rack, Sterile
Cubis Precision Toploader w/ High Res. Color Touch Screen (14200g x 0.01g), Assisted Leveling
Pipet 30 mL, Black Color Coded Band
Test Tube Block Module, capacity 24 x 1.5 ml Dolphin Nose tubes
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, 0.265 in. (6.7 mm) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 1 in. Depth
12 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, no. 12 (1.7 mm) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 1-5/8 in. Depth
Hermle Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Bundle H, includes Z216-MK Centrifuge and 30 x 1.5/2.0 mL Fixed Angle Rotor
AQUASTAR(R) Sodium Tartrate, Dihydrate 15.66 Percent
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 90 um, no. 170 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.)
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 50 ml Low Form Griffin PMP Beakers
5 ft. Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2, 8 in. Sash, 230V, with base stand, UV light and fixture pass through
IKAFLON(R) 50 Set (5 Pcs) power SmSo PTFE-coated Magnetic stirring bar
Hood without motor or blower
Nylon Filters, Circles - 0.45 um pore size, Dia. (mm): 13
Powder Filling Funnel, 60 mm
External Thread Screw cap w/ lip seal for T501 tubes Orange
PHYTANE, 1000 ug/mL
20 L Water Bath, Analog, 120V
RT 15 Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer, 15-Position, 230V
AlphaMop Green Polypropylene Rectangular Bucket, 6 gal.
AloeTuff Flock-Lined Nitrile Gloves with Aloe Vera, M
1 lb Class F Test Weight with Traceable Certificate
25 lb Precision Analytical Class 4 Weight with Traceable Certificate
0.1 lb Precision Analytical Class 3 Weight with Traceable Certificate
0.03 lb Precision Analytical Class 2 Weight with Traceable Certificate
Corning Pyrex(R) Griffin Low Form 3000 mL Beaker
Corning Pyrex Baffled Shaker Flasks, 250 ml, Neck OD (mm): 38
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Erlenmeyer Flasks w/Screw Closures, Polymethylpentene,1000ml
PTFE Beakers w/Pouring Spout, 100 mL
Whirl-Pak Easy-To-Close Sterile Sample Bags, Plain Bag, 60 mL (2 oz), 7.5 x 12.5 cm, 2.25 mil
Qorpak Amber Boston Rounds , With 14B Rubber-Lined Caps, 60ml
Bel-Art Scienceware Thick rectangular insert w/large holes Blue
Corning(R) 96 Well Flat Clear Bottom White Polystyrene TC-Treated Microplates, 20 per Bag, with Lid, Sterile
Latex Powder-Free Exam Gloves, Size: X-Large; 9 in.
Ontario Knife Company Steel Spatula, 17/16 x 10 in.
Stoppers, Black Rubber, Solid, Size No. 10, Approx pcs/lb: 8
Stoppers, Pure Gum, Size No. 12, Approx pcs/lb: 7
Bel-Art Scienceware Tongs, FEP Brown Teflon(R) Coated Stainless Steel, Length: 9 in.
50 mL Reusable Class B Mohr Style Color-Coded TD Pipets, No Color Coding Band
Pipets, orange package color code
Grade GF/C Glass Microfiber Filter Binder Free, circle, 12.5 cm
Qualitative Filter Paper, Grade 6, 3 um, 15.0 cm
Hearth tray
Corning Pyrex(R) 1 L General Purpose Distilling Apparatus with Standard Taper Stopper, 19/38 Standard Taper Joint
Heavy Wall Glass Tubing, OD (mm): 50.8, Wall (mm): 4.775 , 4 ft length
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Rectangular Carboy with Spigot, HDPE
250 mL Dispenser Bottle with Adjustable Volume, Cup Size: 5 to 25 mL
White Cap with Lip Seal for T550-10AT and -ATPR Tubes
Glass Support Base, Fritted, Filter Dia.: 47 mm, Pore Size: 160 - 250 um
Green Neoprene/Latex Blend Gloves, Sz 7
Allegro Lens Cleaners; Refill Box Tissues, 300 cnt.
Corning(R) 96 Well Clear Flat Bottom Polystyrene Carbo-BIND (TM) Microplate, Individually Wrapped, without Lid, Nonsterile
PRP-X200 Analytical Guard Column Replacement Cartridges, PEEK
EM Science Histology Alcohols and Solvents, Size: 1 gal.; Alcohol, 100 Percent
CR700-20 Needle (22s/2 in./3)
2.5 uL, Model 62 RN Syringe, Small Removable Needle, 22s gauge, 2 in, point style 3
5 uL, Model 7105 KHCH Syringe, Knurled Hub Needle, 24 gauge, 2.75 in, point style 3
Caution - No smoking., size: 10 x 7 in.; rigid plastic sign
Bel-Art Scienceware Tech Pen, Orange Ink
Labeling, Multipurpose White Labels, Size: 1 x 2 in.
Polydisc HD, 10.0 um
Saint Gobain Chemware PTFE Griffin Beakers, 100 mL
3/4 in. Stirring Unit
12 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, 500 um, no. 35 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 3-1/4 in Depth
Freestanding PP Microcentrifuge Tube, 1.5 ml, Amber, Non-sterile, with cap and o-ring unattached
Disruptor Beads, 0.5 mm, 375 g, 8 fl. oz, for use with yeast and fungi
Red Spirit Laboratory Thermometer Partial Immersion -35/50C x 1.0C
Grade 934-AH Glass Microfiber Filters, 2.1 cm diameter
TX-750, Rotor Adapter for 100 mL, Round Bottom, Open-Top Tube, 2 x 100 mL capacity
RV 10.2029 Distilling spider with 6 distilling sleeves (NS 24/40)
Model A511 Pitched Blade Propeller, 1 in.
Thorium (Th) Atomax Hollow Cathode 1.5 Lamp
Mix D for Method 624
Velocity-1 capillary columns, length: 30 m, I.D.: 0.25 mm, film thickness: 1.00 um.
Elite-VMS capillary columns, length: 40 m, I.D.: 0.18 mm, film thickness: 1.00 um.
Magnesium (Mg) Lumina Hollow Cathode Lamp, Diameter: 50mm (2in.)
SPE Supra-Clean C18 Column, 100mg/3ml
Letheen Broth w/Tween, Modified
MIDI-VAP 4000 Cyanide Glassware, 5 Sets
Pure Cellulose Grade Paper, 1 Chr Sheet, 25 x 25 cm
Aloin, Powder
Benzoin Tincture, Plain
2-Diethylaminoethanethiol Hydrochloride
D and C Red No. 22
Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt, Powder
Guanidine Thiocyanate, BiotechGrade
Lithium Chromate, Reagent
Isopropyl Alcohol, OmniSolv(R)
Strontium Tungstate, -200 Mesh
Sodium Tetracyanoplatinate (II), Hydrate
Ethyl Acetate, for Spectrophotometry
Aminomethyl Polystyrene Resin, cross-linked with 1 Percent DVB (200-400mesh) (2.4-3.0mmol/g)
Benzylhydrazine Monohydrochloride
Barium 2-Cyanoethylphosphate, Hydrate [Phosphorylating Agent]
4,4-Diaminodiphenylamine Sulfate, Hydrate
Dichloro(p-cymene)ruthenium(II) Dimer
4-(4-Fluorobenzoyl)butyric Acid
Lithium Tetrafluoroborate
3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl Methacrylate, (stabilized with BHT)
Methyl 4-Acetylbenzoate
Vitamin E Acetate, USP
Whatman Reeve Angel Filter Papers, Grade 802, Dia. 320 mm
Amido black
Citric acid, ammonium salt,dibasic
Sodium Hydroxide, 6 N Aqueous Solution, APHA
DISCONTINUED - Biotech RC Membranes, 16 mm width, MWCO (Daltons) : 8,000
Silver Nitrate, 0.045 N (0.045 M) Solution
Membrane-Butler, manual butler for dispensing filtration membranes
Bel-Art Scienceware BOTTLE,PE,WITH/15MM CLOSURE,6ML,12/PKG,
Nylon Membrane, 4 mm, 0.20 um, Target Syringe Filter
Isopropyl Cyclohexanecarboxylate
1000 mL (32 oz) Square Wide Mouth HDPE Bottle with 63 mm Closure
Droplet(TM) Blood Collection Tray Kit B, with 16 mm tube rack
Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent FL and Fluoroskan Ascent Adapter for Petri Dish, 6 x 40 mm dia.
6 ft. Protector PVC Acid Digestion Laboratory Hood, 37.7 in. deep, 230V
DyNAcycler DCL Thermal Cycler 30 x 0.5 mL, 120V/230V
Dibenzothiophene 5,5-Dioxide
bioWORLD(R) Ni-alginate Macrobeads (BAB)
Difco Columbia Blood Agar Base EH, 500 g
Size: 2 mm, PTFE Stopcock Plug
Traceable(R) Digital Humidity Meter
Mobile Clean Table with bottom shelf, Size: 60 x 30 in.
1:10 mL Dilution Air Displacement Pipette
E-Z Convenience Packs, Amber w/Write on Patch, 12 x 32 mm, with 11 mm snap cap, Blue with 0.002 PTFE/0.038 Silicone Liner
20 mL Vial, Clear, 28 x 60 mm, with 24-400 PP Cap with PTFE/Silicone Liner, In Lab File
BRANDplates ImmunoGrade strip plate strips, w/frame, pk 100
8 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, 5/8 in. (16 mm) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 1 in. Depth
2 mL Dispensette III, Bottletop Dispenser, Fixed, w/out SafetyPrime Valve
Spectrum SCB-403DS Toploading Balance, 400 g Capacity x 0.001 g Readability, 3-Door Draft Shield, with Calibration Weight
Qorpak 4oz (120ml) White Wide Mouth PP Jars with Linerless caps
Cromolyn Sodium, USP
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights with NVLAP Certificate, Class 3, 1/2 oz cyl
1-Pentanesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt, Monohydrate, HPLC Grade
Glass Column with PTFE stopcock plugs and TS joints, 25 x 300 mm
22 GA X 1000mm TUBING,M6X1 HUB
1000 ppm Methoxypropylamine for IC in HCl
Petri Dishes Shelf
Moldex 8000 Replacement Cartridges; Organic vapors
O,O-Di-2-pyridyl Thiocarbonate
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 1.6 ml LDPE Disposable Dropper, Tube Length (mm): 68
16oz (480ml) Clear Standard Wide Mouth with 63-400 Green Thermoset F217 and PTFE Lined Cap attached
Base, Alcohol Gel
Spectra/Mesh Nylon, Size (mm): 55, Mesh Opening (um): 100
Corning Pyrex(R) 25 ml Economy Grade Replacement Body ONLY
Corning(R) 1700 cm2 Expanded Surface Polystyrene Roller Bottle with Easy Grip Vent Cap, 20 per Bag, 20 per Case
DISCONTINUED - EM Science TLC Glass Plates, Si 60 F254 5 x 20cm
11 mm Long Life Yellow Septa, 3 mm Thick
Small Womens Light Blue Button Front Lab Coat
Willson 6000 Series Half-Mask Respirator, Size: LG
Stoppers, Green Neoprene, Solid, Size No. 11-1/2, Approx pcs/lb: 5
Hanna Reagent Kits for Hanna ISE Meters; Fluoride
1 mL Measuring Pipets, red color code
T Connectors, Accepts Tubing ID 3/16 in. (4.7 mm)
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 500 ml Blue Color Coded LDPE Wash Bottles
0.2 ml tubes
Syringes for HP7673, Fixed Needle, Cone Tip, Volume (ul): 5
H-B Instruments Enviro-Safe Thermometers, Range: 20 to 435 degree F, Division: 2
Glassware Cart, 2-basket
MagnaProbe Nylon Transfer Membrane 20cm x 3m
2000 mL Stainless Steel Griffin Style Beaker with Graduation Mark
AQUAfast Powder Chemistries, Nitrate (as N) low range
Corning PYREX(R) 20 mm Diameter 90 degree Coarse Porosity Fritted Disc Gas Dispersion Tubes
Kimax Volumetric, Class B with Glass Stopper 10 ml
Heavy Wall Glass Tubing, OD (mm): 38.05, Wall (mm): 3.97, 4 ft length
25 mL Erlenmeyer Flask Dedicated Platform, 30 x 18 in.
Bel-Art Scienceware Weighted Beaker/Flask Holders, 100 ml
Beaker, HDPE Heavy Wall, 250 mL
Connector Only, FKM
5 ml Tissue Grinder
Neoprene; Standard weight; fully coated; 18 inch
Poretics, Polycarbonate,0.1 Micron, 90mm, 30/Pk
Corning(R) 1-200uL Pipet Tip Loading System Starter Kit with Tip Loader and 1 Magazine with 960 Tips, Yellow, Nonsterile, 960 Tips/Case
Datalogger w/eyehook -30.0 to 10C/-22 to 50F
Carbonate Form Semiprep/Preparative Replacement Cartridges (2/pk), Stainless Steel
Danger - Eye protection required.. 10 x 7 in.; Rigid plastic
Danger - Flammable.., Size: 10 x 14 in.; Rigid plastic sign
First Aid, Instant Cold Pack
Spectra/Mesh Polyester Filters, 25 mm Diameter, Thickness (um): 55, Mesh Opening (um): 10; Filters, 10 um mesh opening; 2 Percent open area
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 3.175 mm, 1/8 in. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Half Height (1 in.)
2 mL Clear Glass, Black PP, PTFE/Silicone Septum, Target 10-425 Assembled Kit
250 mL (8 oz) Amber Glass Boston Round, Bottle Only
2 mL, Clear Glass I-D(TM), Clear Cap, PTFE/Silicone, Pre-slit, Target Snap-It Convenience Kit
AC adapter (120V and 240V)
Easy-On Hood, Navy, LG
Transferpette, electronic, single channel 20-200 ul
Vertical Drum Storage Cabinet, Sure-Grip EX Handle, Self-Closing, 55 Gal.
Owl Microgel System, 2 IN. x 3 IN.
Thermo Scientific Nunc CryoBank Bulk Sterile, 1.0 mL
Thermal sealing tape for 96 well plates
Excel Texan reagent reservoirs for multi-well pipettors, non-sterile
Plastic Cuvette Cell Holder for 13-Cell Changer System
1.5 mm inner diameter, for organics.
PGX-H2 100 mL / minute of hydrogen.
Rubidium (Rb) Electrodeless Discharge Lamp
Multi-Element Ag-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni Lumina Hollow Cathode Lamp with Intensitron Adapter, Diameter: 50mm (2in.)
MicroMist nebulizer, 0.1mL/min uptake
Standard Tin Capsule Kit, Pkg.96
Holder for Mini-Press
1/16 in. General-Purpose Tygon Tubing for FH100 and FH100X Pumps, 50 ft.
Cobalt(R) Ultra, Nitrile Examination Gloves, XL
MR-VP Broth
StripSpin12 Mini Centrifuge, 230V
Corning(R) 500 ml Reusable Plastic Wide Mouth Wash Bottle, Low Density Polyethylene with GL-63 PP Screw Cap
Chromium Atomic Absorption Standard
Alkaline Phosphatase
Caffeine, Anhydrous, FCC
Calcium Gluconate, Anhydrous, FCC
N-CBZ-glycine p-Nitrophenyl Ester
Arsenic ICP/ICPMS Standard, 1000 ppm in 2 Percent HNO3
1-Chlorobutane, For HPLC, Spectrophotometry and Gas Chromatography, OmniSolv(R)
Fumaric Acid, FCC
4-(Hydroxymercury)benzoic Acid Sodium Salt
Brilliant Green, 1 Percent (w/v) Aqueous Indicator Solution
Magnesium Metal, 0.006 in. x 0.125 in., Ribbon, Reagent
Sodium Chloride, Powder, USP
Sodium Cholate, Reagent
Silica Gel, Grade 58, 3-12 Mesh
Sn (Tin) 1000 ug/g in mineral oil
2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidinyloxy, Free Radical
Ethyl Abietate
L-Alanine tert-Butyl Ester Hydrochloride
DBD-CO-Hz, [=4-(N,N-Dimethylaminosulfonyl)-7-(N-hydrazinocarbonylmethyl-N-methyl)amino-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole] [for HPLC Labeling]
5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl Phosphate p-Toluidine Salt, [for Biochemical Research]
2-Bromo-3,3,3-trifluoro-1-propene, (stabilized with Copper chip)
Betamethasone 21-Acetate
Ethyl Chloroacetate
Chlorophenol Red Sodium Salt
N,N-Diphenylethylenediamine Dihydrochloride
2,5-Difluorophenylboronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine-N,N,N-triacetic Acid
3beta-Hydroxy-DELTA5-cholenic Acid
2-Hydroxyethyl Methyl Sulfone
Ethyl 4-Iodobenzoate
L-tert-Leucine Methylamide
5-Isopropyl-2-methylindophenol Sodium Salt, [Redox Indicator]
Methyl 2-Methyl-3-nitrobenzoate
Neu5Ac alpha(2-3)Gal beta(1-4)Glc-beta-pNP
Pyruvic Acid
Ethyl 2-Pyridylacetate
Hexadecyl Palmitate
Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000 4.6mmI.D. X 50mm, Kaseisorb LC ODS 2000 4.6mmI.D. X 50mm,
TCI Chiral CH-S (3micro m) 4.6mmI.D. X 250mm, TCI Chiral CH-S (3micro m) 4.6mmI.D. X 250mm,
2,3,5-Triiodobenzoic Acid
2,4,6-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid
3-(Trifluoromethyl)benzenesulfonyl Chloride
Tetrafluorophthalic Anhydride
Tetrakis(acetonitrile)copper(I) Hexafluorophosphate
Venlafaxine Hydrochloride
Express coomassie stain, R-250
4-Chloro-2-methylbenzoic Acid
trans-3,4-Difluorocinnamic Acid
4-Methylvaleryl Chloride
DISCONTINUED - Spectra/Por Biotech CE Irradiated Membranes, MWCO 10KD,24mm/20ml
N-(1-Naphthyl)ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride, 0.1 Percent Solution, For Nitrogen (Nitrite), APHA
DISCONTINUED - Corrosive Storage Cabinet, Self-Closing, Steel, 45 Gallon
6 ft. Purifier Cell Logic+, Class II A2, 230V (NA), Scope Ready/UV/Service Fixture/Pass Through
1000 mL Non-Graduated Clear Glass Media Bottles, 33-430 Autoclavable Rubber Lined Phenolic Cap
Traceable(R), Humidity/Temperature Meter
Methyl 3-Hydroxybenzoate
Thermo Scientific Fluoro filter 360 nm Excitation only HBW 14 nm
2 x 2 in. LDPE 2 mil Clear Zip Bag with White Write-On Block, Case of 1,000
Thermo Scientific White open-top closure without septum, 24-414
Thermo Scientific Narrow Mouth Amber Bottle, with septum, 250 ml, certified
Calcium standard, 10000 ppm / 2 Percent HNO3, 100mL
Spectrum Non-sterile PVDF Syringe Filters, Porosity 0.45 um, Diameter 25 mm, PP prefilter
Corning Pyrex(R) 13.25 L Aspirator Bottle with Bottom Sidearm
Corning PYREX(R) 25 x 150 mm Thiele Melting Point Tubes
True North(R) 11 x 1 Rack, Chest Freezer, Steel, 2 in.
Cobalt Sulfate, Crystal, Reagent
Interference Check Standard B in HNO3
Potassium Sulfate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
Initial Chk Ver Std in 4 Percent HNO3 + Tr HF
Ethyl 2-Amino-4-phenylthiazole-5-carboxylate
Sample Vials, Amber, w/ Rubber-Lined Caps, 1.8 ml (3/8 dram)
Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate, Trihydrate, Technical
Analytical Weights with Traceable Certificate, Class 1, 20 kg
Analytical Weights with Traceable Certificate, Class 3, 30 kg
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights with NVLAP Certificate, Class 3, 4 lb cyl
1000; SoftFit L tip design; Crystal clear ; Non sterile; Universal fit; w/Reference marks; Volume: 100 to 1000uL; Racked
Sulfuric Acid, 1.0 N, Solution, cGMP Grade
Class 3 Electronic Balance Weights with Traceable Certificate, 10 g cyl
32 x 0.2 mL tube rotor for mySPIN 12 (singles or 4 x 8 strip)
Adventurer AX224/E Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg, External Calibration
15.0 mL Sedi-Pet Narrow Stem Transfer Pipets, Large Bulb, 15.5 cm, Sterile, Polyethylene, 20/pk
8 ft. Echo Filtered Hood 115V, 2 fixtures
12 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, 11.2 mm, 7/16 in. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 3-1/4 in Depth
Stainless Steel Petri Dish Can Holder, Open Style
Magnesium Gluconate, Dihydrate, FCC
Sample Splitter, Enclosed, 24 Chutes, 3/8 in. Width
Silica Gel, Grade 923 100-200 Mesh, GR ACS
Wizard(TM) Syringe Filters 0.10 um filter, 25 mm, sterile
myGel Mini Electrophoresis System
Grade 41 Quantitative Filter Paper Ashless (Ash 0.007 Percent), circle, 15.0 cm
Methanol, [for HPLC Solvent]
Pyrocatechol, Reagent
Instrument Tray, Perforated, Size: 19-1/8 x 12-5/8 x 3/4 in.,
Explorer EX124/AD Analytical Balance, 120 g x 0.1 mg, Automatic Door
Minerals Standard in H2O
4-(Hydroxymethyl)phenoxymethyl Polystyrene Resin, cross-linked with 1 Percent DVB (200-400mesh) (1.0-2.0mmol/g)
Smith and Wesson BodyGuard spectacles, gold mirror lens
Dynalon 250 ml Polypropylene Printed Tapered Low Form Beakers
Corning Pyrex(R) Single Metric Scale, 250 ml Graduated Cylinder, TC, with Funnel Top
Corning Frit Disc Extraction Thimble X-Coarse (170-220um), Dia. 45mm
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 870 PFA Tubing, ID (in.): 1/4, OD (in.): 3/8
Large Capacity Floor Bin Beta Box, with Acrylic Carpet Skids
Cover for 7.81 L Stainless Steel Storage Container/Beaker
Shaker, Boekel Orbitron Rotator II Platform Mixer Accessory,
Sodium Hydrosulfite, Reagent
Tuf Sponge Floor Mat, Black, 27 x 36 in.
Emergency - Eye wash station. Size 10 x 7 Rigid plastic sign
Supreno Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves, XS
25.4 x 30.2 mm (1 x 1.25 in.) Biopsy Foam Pads For cassettes
Wide Mouth Container,High-Density Polyethylene,Natural,250ml
Thermo Scientific Nalgene LDPE Wide Mouth Carboy with Handle, 10L
Stoppers, Green Neoprene, Solid, Size No. 000, Approx pcs/lb: 160
Flask/Bulkhead Adapters , White
DiST 2 Tester
Sugar Refractometer, Range: 0 - 80 Percent
GE Whatman High Performance Cellulose Extraction Thimbles, Single Thickness , 43 x 123 mm
Bel-Art Scienceware Stopper/Tubing Sizer; Stopper/tubing sizer
BBL Columbia Agar, 5 lb
Dish Tongs; Dish Tongs
Red Polypropylene, Red PTFE/White Silicone, Target Snap-It 11 mm Snap Cap Closure
Ryan Herco Coupling Inserts with Shut-off Valves, 1/2
Corning PYREX(R) 25 mL Class A Volumetric Flask with Screw Cap
Corning Flask 250 mL
Corning Bleed Tube
Bel-Art Scienceware DIPPER,HDPE,1PIECE 6 ft. HANDLE,16OZ
MicroMincer Liners, 10 Pk
SIEVES,BRASS 12 in. DIA, 2 in. DEEP,1/4 in. SS MESH
pH 7.00 Buffer, pack of 10 x 15 ml pouches
15-415 Dropper Tip Caps, Pink
110 X 240 MM VESSE
1 - 10 mL Calibra Digital Macro Pipetter
Binderless Glass Fiber Filter Papers, Grade 161, 3.5 cm
3 cc Syringe/Needle-Luer Lock, Gx L (in.): 23 x 1; 3 cc
Glass Column with PTFE stopcock, 50 x 300 mm
Extra Coarse Pore Extraction Thimble, 275ml, Body OD: 57mm
FLASK FT 24/40 6000ML
Glass Column with PTFE stopcock plugs and TS joints, 50 x 300 mm
High Risk, Extra Long Purple Nitrile Gloves, Sz: MD; 12 in.
Eyeglass cord, 24 in. long - black
Poretics, Polyester,3.0 Micron, 13mm, 100/Pk
Glass Barrel RN 1805 50 uL
Hamilton 1700 Series, Volume (ul): 250; 1725TLL
14 gauge, Kel-F Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 3, 6/PK
23 gauge, Metal Hub Needle, 2 in, point style 2, 6/PK
Best N-DEX Soft Nitrile Gloves, 4 mil, Low Powder, Class 1 Medical, LG
Clean Zone Mat, Charcoal gray, Dimensions (W x L): 2 x 3 ft
Caution Ear Protection Required.. 7 x 10 in. P/S vinyl
4-place angle rotor
Gel-Handler, 5 mil, 10 sheets per pkg
Vials KG-33 Borosilicate Glass Without Closure, 60ml
3 in. Brush Head w/30 in. Handle, Red
1.8 mL ABC vials, Clear, in tray
Stainless Steel Clamp, Single V, 1/2 in. Cradle, 12 in. length
Corning Pyrex(R) VISTA(TM) Single Metric Scale, 50 ml Class A Graduated Cylinder, TD
Utility/EMS Shears, 5 1/2 in. Color: Topaz Blue
8 in. Stainless Pan Half Height
Thermo Scientific 48-Well PCR TW Plate .2ml
Nylon Membrane, 30 mm, 0.45 um, Target Syringe Filter
O-ring for beaker flask, 100/5mm, EPDM, 75ShA
Corning(R) 60 x 15 mm Petri Dish with Cover
Cellulose Nitrate (CN) Membrane Filter, 0.8 um, 47 mm, 100/pk
11 mm Crimper Jaw without CRIMPenstein
D51P10QR1 Defender 5000 Standard Bench Scale, Square, 10 kg x 1 g
Grade 934-AH Glass Microfiber Filters, 5.5 cm diameter
Silica Gel GF 500um 20x20cm w/Preadsorbent Zone (25 plates/box)
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 250 ml (8oz) HDPE, Wide Mouth, Round Bottle
GC start up kit 1/8 in. lines copper tubing and fitting with one dual stage regulator.
Quartz Injector Tube Type Ii
Worksurface, Eco Foil, Protector Premier, 8 ft., 30 in., cupsink: right side
Explorer EX6202 Precision Balance, 6200 g x 0.01 g, Automatic Calibration
Desiccant Bag, 8 Ounce
Dimidium Bromidedisulfite Blue
Cyanuric Acid
10 umhos/cm Conductivity at 25 DEG C in H2O
N,N-Dimethylacetamide, Reagent
1-Decanesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
Magnesium Gluconate, Dihydrate, Purified
Formalin Neutral 10 Percent, Carbonate Buffered
Trichloroacetic Acid, Crystal, Reagent, ACS
Benzyltrimethylammonium Hydroxide, (40 Percent in Methanol)
(1R,3S)-3-(tert-Butoxycarbonylamino)cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid
3-Chloro-2-nitrobenzoic Acid
1,3,5-Cyclohexanetricarbonitrile, (cis- and trans- mixture)
3,5-Dimethoxybenzoic Acid
3,4-Difluorophenylacetic Acid
Ethynyl p-Tolyl Sulfone
4-Methoxybenzoyl Chloride
1-Methyl L-Aspartate
Methylmaleic Hydrazide
N-2-Nitrophenylsulfenyl-L-isoleucine Dicyclohexylammonium Salt
Propyl Methanesulfonate
Methyl Terephthalaldehydate
Nickel(II) p-Toluenesulfonate, Hexahydrate
Tetraamylammonium Iodide
3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenylacetic Acid
bioWORLD(R) Nitsch Vitamin Mix
Agarose gel loading dye w/ sucrose
BBS/Fish gelatin
TM(Tris-HCl,Magnesium Sulfate)Buff
Reagent Reservoir, 100 mL Capacity
bioWORLD(R) Columbia Broth
Sodium Nitrate, 5.0 M Ionic Strength Adjustor, For Bromide and Chloride Ion Selective Electrodes
DISCONTINUED - Mens Lint Free Lab Coat, Acid Resistant, White, Size: 42
DISCONTINUED - Waterproof pHTestr2, Range: -1.0 to 15.0 pH, Res: 0.1
DISCONTINUED - ISE, Connector Type: US Standard; Redox/ORP
DISCONTINUED - Unisex Lab Coat, Size: 44, Color: white
Whatman Nuclepore Track-Etched Membranes, 0.1 um, 47 mm, Polycarbonate
Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filter, amber housing, std cap, 0.45 um, GMF
Target DP, Green 9 mm Screw Thread Cap, with Pre-Slit Ivory PTFE/Red Rubber Septum
250 ml Full Length Soxhlet Tube and Condenser
True North(R) Cryogenic Vial 2.0 mL, natural colored lids
Heathrow Scientific Multi-Channel Solution Basin, 55 mL, Sterile, PS, White, pk/50
Multidrop(R) Combi, 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
HS 20-Place Cardboard Slide Tray Blue trim, pk72
lab disc Magnetic Stirrer, Pattern Design, 15 to 1500 rpm
Standard Opening Screw Thread Vials, 2.0 mL Amber Vial, 12x32mm, w/White Graduated Spot, 8-425mm Thread
20 uL ART Non-Filtered, Ultra-Micro, Eppendorf Style Tips, Reload System, Non-sterile
Best Natural Rubber Latex HD Gloves, Size: 10
Mini UniPrep Syringeless Filter, 0.45um PTFE
Methyl 2-Chlorobenzoate
11 mm Pink Snap Cap, PTFE/Butyl Rubber Lined
Traceable(R) Big-Digit Refrigerator Thermometer
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights w/Traceable Certificate, Class 2, 2 lb, Cylindrical with Groove
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights w/Traceable Certificate, Class 1, .2 lb, Cylindrical with Groove
Class 3 Electronic Balance Weights with Traceable Certificate, 10 kg grip
Multichannel; ART Non-Filtered, 1000uL; Eppendorf style; Clear; Bulk, 1000 tips; Non-sterile
Thermo Scientific Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes, Safelock Caps and Side, 2.0 ml
Cedarwood Oil
Difco, Modified Oxford Agar, 2 kg
Iodine Monochloride TS, (U.S.P. Test Solution)
Denatonium Benzoate
49 cu ft Refrigerator, stainless steel, glass door, chart recorder, 120V
Cleaners, SaniWash Antimicrobial Handwash; Sz: 8 oz Bottle
Metronidazole Benzoate, Powder, BP
10000 PPM LANTHANUM ICP STD IN 2-5 Percent HNO3, La2O3 in 2-5 Percent HNO3, 10,000 ug/ml
Benzyl Chloride, (stabilized with epsilon-Caprolactam)
CARBOFURAN, 1000 ug/mL
Finnpipette Novus Electronic Single-Channel Pipette, 5 to 50 uL
Dowex(R), 2X8-Cl
TCI Dual ODS-AX10 4.6mmI.D. X 250mm, TCI Dual ODS-AX10 4.6mmI.D. X 250mm,
Corning Pyrex(R) Single Metric Scale, 2000 ml Graduated Cylinder, TC, with Funnel Top
Corning Pyrex 100 mL Kjeldahl Flasks, Round Bottoms, Long Necks
Puritan ESK , with Polyester Tipped Swab,Pre-filled with Butterfields Solution, 4 mL, Bulk Packaged
10 mL Sampler/Ladle, PTFE
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing, 3/8 in. ID, 5/8 in. OD
PRP-1 10 um 100 A 4.1 x 150 mm
12 drying tubes, 1-tier, 25 mm holes
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Unwire Half-Rack, 13 mm Tube Size, 6 x 6 Array, White
Autoclavable Polypropylene Closures, 18 mm, Red
Culture Tubes, with Rubber-Lined Screw Cap, 25ml, 20 x 125mm
240V, 1 L
Oily Waste Can, 21 Gallon
Nickel Crucible, 20 ml
Difco Cystine Tryptic Agar, 500 g
Corning Flask Tooled Neck 1000 mL
Sieve cover, brass, 3 in. diameter, wire handle
SIEVES,BRASS 12 in. DIA,1-5/8 in. DEEP, SS no. 500
Dyn-A-Med Plastic Pop Up Slide Tray Only, for Slide-Vu
Blood Dilution Vials, 25ml, 56mm H.x 35mm Dia., Bulk
Glass Column with PTFE stopcock, 11 x 300 mm
Size: 35 in. x 50 in.; Yellow Endurosaf apron
Allegro Rist-Rap With Thumb, Black
Thermo Scientific White open-top closure with 0.045 in. bonded septum, 53-400
Oakton Water Proof DO 300 meters, Replacements Probes and Accessories; Electrolyte powder
16 gauge, Hat Needle, custom length (0.375 to 12 in), point style 2, 3, or 4, 3/PK
NeoPro Powder-Free Chloroprene Exam Gloves, Size: X-Large
Autoclavable Polypropylene Closures, 38 mm, Natural
Osmonics PreSep Glass Prefilters, Type G15, Dia. (mm): 90
Difco Brilliant Green Bile 2 Percent, 2 kg
Class 3 Electronic Balance Weights with Traceable Certificate, 100 g cyl
Mens Shop Coat, Color: Navy, Size: 56
Osmonics PreSep Glass Prefilters, Type G25, Dia. (mm): 90
2 mL, Clear Glass, PTFE/Silicone, Target LoVial Convenience Kit
Size 4 capsule filling kit
SoftFit L; For Rainin LTS LiteTouch Pipettes; Thin walls; Sterile; Volume: 200uL; Tray, 10 x 96
Thermo Scientific Centrifuge Tubes, 1.5 ml, Non-Sterile, Snap Cap, Natural
Centrifuge Tubes, 0.6 ml, Non-Sterile, Snap Cap, Orange
SealPlate MiniStrips,Sterile
Thermo Scientific Nunc 96 Well Plt PS Non-Treated NS w/Lid Clr Flt Btm, 400 ul Well
Thermo Scientific Nunc 96 Well Plt PP DeepWell Rnd Btm Sterile w/o Lid Nat, 2 mL Well
USB Cable and Adapter for RS232 interface
White Light Box (flat panel - small) 9.5 x 13.25 x 4.25 in.
Nalgene Sterile Disposable Flask with Baffled Bottom, Vented Closure, 250 ml
DispenseMate Plus Bottletop Dispenser, 5 to 50 mL
HPTLC-HL, 150 um, 10 x 20 cm
HPTLC-HL, 150 um, 10 x 10 cm
Milk Jugs 64 oz
Corning 1 - 20 uL Low Binding Barrier Pipet Tips, Graduated, Hinged Racks, Natural, Sterile, Polypropylene
In-line solvent filter system
Elite-17 capillary columns, length: 10 m, I.D.: 0.05 mm, film thickness: 0.05 um
Elite-5ms capillary columns, length: 30 m, I.D.: 0.25 mm, film thickness: 0.10 um
Elite-1301 capillary columns, length: 60 m, I.D.: 0.25 mm, film thickness: 1.00 um
Thermo Scientific Revco DxF, -40 degree C Upright Freezer, 17.3 cf (320box), 208-230V/60Hz
Orion VERSA STAR pH/ISE Benchtop Meter Kit with Two Modules
AQUAfast pH Thymol Blue, pH 8.0-9.6
SPE Supra-Clean C18 Column, 200mg/3ml
LB Broth, Millers
6 mL (1.5 dram), Clear, Shorty Sample Vial with PTFE/rubber lined cap
Perforated stainless steel shelf for IMH400-S, IGS400, including 2 shelf supports
Krystalon (TM) Mounting Medium, HARLECO(R)
Brilliant Green
N,N-Dimethyl-p-phenylenediamine Oxalate
DL-Dithiothreitol, Electrophoresis Grade
Evans Blue
Hide-Remazol Brilliant Blue R
Nickel Metal, 200 Mesh, Powder
Nickel on Silica-Alumina, Catalyst
10000 PPM TITANIUM ICP STD IN H2O, (NH4)2TiF6 in H2O/tr HF, 10,000 ug/ml
Triethylene glycol dimethacrylate, 1000 ug/mL
TETRADECENE-1, 1000 ug/mL
Isopropyl Alcohol, Spectrophotometric Grade, ACS
Tergitol(R) TMN-6, Surfactant
CPC, Monohydrate (=Cetylpyridinium Chloride Monohydrate) [Ion association reagent for extraction photometric analysis and sensitizer in photometric determination of metals]
Tripropyl Borate
2-Bromoisobutyryl Bromide
Benzylsulfonyl Fluoride, [for Biochemical Research]
tert-Butyl Chloroacetate
(2-Butoxyethoxy)acetic Acid
N4-Ethyl-N4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-methyl-1,4-phenylenediamine Sulfate
Glycinamide Hydrochloride
2,4-Hexadiene, (mixture of isomers)
5-Methylresorcinol Monohydrate
1-Naphthohydroxamic Acid
4-Pyridineethanethiol Hydrochloride
TCI Pack ODS Tough 4.6mmI.D. X 250mm, TCI Pack ODS Tough 4.6mmI.D. X 250mm,
Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide 10 Percent in Methanol
2,3,5-Tri-O-acetyl-2-amino-6-chloropurine Riboside
Zinc Resinate
25 l/min, 77 Torr, 36 psig Aluminum and Viton Diaphragm Pump
96 Well PCR Plate, Non-Skirted, Flexi-Plate
Ultrasonic M Cleaning Bath, Model M1800-E, 0.5 gal., with mechanical timer, 230/240V
CPX Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath, Model CPX1800-E, 0.5 gal., with digital timer, 230/240V
Sodium Hydroxide, 0.05 N Aqueous Solution
4 mL Vial in Vial File, Clear, 13-425 Solid Top Cap, PTFE/Rubber Liner
Cresyl Violet Acetate
Autoclavable Polypropylene Closures, 13 mm, Green
Qorpak 250 ml Amber Wide Mouth Packer Cleaned and Certified
Julabo F34-EH Refrigerated/Heating Circulator, -30 to 150 degree C
Schellbach Burets, Straight Bore PTFE Stopcock, with Dust Cap, 25 ml
Agarose, High EEO
Wheaton 90 mm Vacuum Filter Assy, Ss Supt
Spectrum Cellulose Extraction Thimbles, 30 x 60 mm (ID x H), 1.5 mm wall thickness
10 ppm 207Lead for ICP-MS in HNO3
Alcohol Hydrometer, 75 to 95 percent, Internal Revenue Size K, 310 mm
pH and EC Transmitter 0-4V output
Dry Block Heater 4
Grade 1573 1/2 Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated), 125 mm
Ethylene Glycol Monovinyl Ether, (stabilized with KOH)
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights w/Traceable Certificate, Class 2, 3 lb, Cylindrical with Groove
Clean-Wipes(TM), Dry
Difco Lactobacilli MRS Broth, 10 kg
15 mL Dispersive SPE Kit, 900mg MgSO4, 300mg PSA, 150mg C18
Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Right-to-Know Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling, 500 mL, Green Cap
Acid Reagent for Residual Chlorine Electrode, 475 mL
96 well plates, inertGrade, White F-bottom, 40 w/40 lids
96 well plates, inertGrade, White U-bottom, 40 w/40 lids
Weighing Pan, for electrostatically charged samples
3 ft. Purifier Vertical Clean Bench with UV light, Protection Panel and Airflow Monitor, 115V, 15 amps
Column Adapter, Painted, T31P T51P T71P
First Aid, Burn Ointment, 1/2 oz
MaxQ 3000 Large Open Air Orbital Shaker, Digital, 120V
1000 mL (32 oz) LDPE Wide Mouth Wash Bottle with 53 mm Yellow Closure
Bel-Art Scienceware Safety Labeled Wash Bottles, 70 Percent Ethanol, 500 ml
Mobile Clean Table, 60 x 30 in., 3-Sided Frame
SAS Diamondback Spectacles, Black Frame, Clear Lens
6 ft. Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2, 8 in. Sash, 230V
Large Clavies Biohazard Bag Holder, for 24 x 36 in. bags
Tray 32 flasks (50ml)
8 ft. Protector Stainless Steel Perchloric Acid Laboratory Hood, 31.7 in. deep, 2 fixtures, 230V
Cryo-Lok Natural Vials with Blue Caps, 2.5 mL, Non-Sterile
3,5-Bis[3,5-bis(3,5-dimethoxybenzyloxy)benzyloxy]benzyl Bromide
Methyl 4-Chlorobenzoate
Danger - Do Not Operate., Size: 10 x 14 in.; Rigid plastic
2 oz Precision Analytical Class 4 Weight with Traceable Certificate
Corning(R) GL32 Red Open Top High Temperature (180 degree C) PBT Screw Cap
Corning Pyrex Distilling, Three Necks Vertical Type, TS Joint 5 L
Puritan Applicator Stick, Wood, Size:18 x 1/8 in.
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 500 ml Polycarbonate Graduated Erlenmeyer Flask Stopper No 7
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Polypropylene Autoclaving Basket, 239 x 230 x 233 mm
Histosette II Tissue cassettes Base and Lid separated, Gray
Aloetouch Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves, Size: Med
Aluminum Drying Pans, 4.4 g Capacity
Clear Glass Short Wide Mouth Jars, Series 200, 2000 ml
11mm Red Seal, PTFE/Red Rubber
MAGNA Nylon Membranes, Sheets, 0.22 um, 20 x 20 cm
Bel-Art Scienceware Molded Fume Hoods; Fume hood with baffle
11 mm Purple General Purpose GC Septa with Guide Hole, 3 mm Thick
2 mL, Clear Glass I-D(TM), 12 x 32 mm, Flat Base, Target DP Screw Thread Vial
CTX-2 coolant refractometer degree F, ATC
Orion AQUAfast Powder Chemistries, Ammonia (high range)
Orion AQUAfast Powder Chemistries, Sulfide (soluble)
Kimble-Chase Linear High-Density Polyethylene Stoppers, Size 27
6.35 mm glass beads
Tissue Tearor, 240V 1.4cm
10 ml Pestle Only
14-29 mm Tube Inserts (2)
Brix Thermohydrometer, 69 - 81 deg.
Disposable Apron, 1 1/4 mil, Smooth Finish
Aneroid Barometers, Range: 930 to 1070 mbar
Allegro Respirator Cleaner; Spray Cleaner (32 oz.)
Allegro Spectacle Kit, Full Mask
Corning Thermowell(R) 96 Well Polycarbonate PCR Microplate with DNA-BIND(R) Surface, Model M, Nonsterile
10 uL, Model 701 N Syringe, Cemented Needle, 22s gauge, 2 in, point style 3
PRP-X110 7 um 4.1 x 150 mm
Caution: Antineoplastic.., pharmacy instruction labels
Electrophoresis and Blotting, Grade 222, 7 x 10 cm, 100
0.1 mL Limited Volume Vial, Crimp Top, Glass/Plastic, Clear
Cold Finger Condenser, Components, TS Joint: 14/20, 165mm
BBL Columbia CNA Agar, 500 g
Quality Control Antigen; Listeria O Antigen Type 1 (Slide), 5 mL
Power Supply, 100-240V, EU, US, UK Plug
Corning PYREX(R) 16 ml Standard Weighing Bottle with Short Length External 29/12 Standard Taper Joint
Bottle, Glass, Clear, French Square, 1oz, w/o cap
H-B Instruments FRIO-Temp Digital thermometer with timer
Thermo Scientific 96-Well PCR Ple-Semi-Skted NS
Owl Opossum Tray for A2 System
Vivacell 100 Santoprene Replacement Seals, 10 per Pack
Nunc EasyFill Cell Factories with Nunclon Surface, 1 Tray
D51P10QR5 Defender 5000 Low Profile Bench Scale, Square, 10 kg x 1 g
Corning(R) 250 ml Class B Reusable Plastic Volumetric Flask, Polypropylene with 10/19 Tapered PP Stopper
Vial,Sample,Clr,Kimax,W/Attached Black Phenolic Closure W/PTFE-Faced/White Rubber Liner,3 Dram,19x65, 15-425 GPI Thread Finish
Benzenesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
Elite-5 capillary columns, length: 60 m, I.D.: 0.32 mm, film thickness: 0.10 um
Replacement Air Filter for RF Generator Inlet, not for ICP Model 3X00
RPSF, 500 um, 10 x 20 cm
Aluminum (Al) Atomax Hollow Cathode 1.5 Lamp
Elite-35 capillary columns, length: 30 m, I.D.: 0.45 mm, film thickness: 0.42 um
7 mm baffle, drain included, (no auxillary gas port). Will connect to ESI injector directly, an adapter is needed for other injectors.
Worksurface, Eco Foil, XStream, 6 ft., 36 in., cupsink: right rear
Silica, Active, 100-200 um; 60A Pore Dia.
Plasma Standard, Cu 1000 ug/mL in 2 Percent HNO3
2-Acrylamido-2-methyl Propanesulfonic Acid
Biuret Reagent Solution, Gornall, Bardawill and David
Cadmium Bromide, Anhydrous, Reagent
Ferrosoferric Oxide, Black, Powder
Fullers Earth, Powder
Hexyl Isobutyrate
Buffer Solution, pH 13.0, Reference Standard
Fluoride Standard Solution, 1 ppm with TISAB
Phenol Red, Water Soluble
Mannitol, BiotechGrade
Hexamethylenetetramine, Reagent, ACS
Methyl Indole-3-acetate
p-Nitrophenol, Reagent
Pimelic Acid
Phytonadione, USP
ICP Instrument Check Standard, Solution V
2,3,4,5,6-Pentachloroanisole, 1000 ug/mL
Stannic Chloride, Lump, Purified
Silver Nitrate, SVS Concentrate, To Prepare 0.0282 N Solution
TITRISTAR(R) Sodium Hydroxide, Solution 5.000N
cis-3,3,5-Trimethylcyclohexyl Acetate
N-tert-Butylmethacrylamide, (stabilized with MEHQ)
Methyl 3,5-Bis(tert-butyldiphenylsilyloxy)benzoate, (ca. 20 Percent in Toluene, ca. 0.28mol/L)
Coumarin 314
4-Chloro-1-naphthol, [for Biochemical Research]
Ethyl Difluoroacetate
(S)-1,2-Diaminopropane Dihydrochloride
Farnesyl Acetate, (mixture of isomers)
5-Formyl-2-furanboronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
(S)-(-)-alpha-Methylbenzyl Isocyanate
2-(4-Isobutylphenyl)propionic Acid
DL-alpha-Lipoic Acid
Methyl 3-Chloro-2,2,3,3-tetrafluoropropionate
Pontacyl Carmine 2B
D-(+)-Raffinose, Pentahydrate
Tween 85, (=Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Trioleate) [for Biochemical Research]
Zinc Di-n-butyldithiocarbamate
L-Lysine acetate
D(+) Galactose
9-Anthraceneboronic Acid
1,4-Benzodioxane-6-carboxylic Acid
DISCONTINUED - Float-A-Lyzer, 300 ul; biotech CE, MWCO: 500, 7cm long
Hydrochloric Acid, 0.01 N, Aqueous Solution
DISCONTINUED - Chlorophenol Red, 0.04 Percent (w/v) Indicator Solution
Pure Cellulose Grade Paper, 1 Chr Sheet, 58 x 58 cm
Methylene Blue, 1 Percent (w/v) Aqueous Solution
Ultra grade 19 vacuum pump oil, 1 L
Reinforced Stainless Steel Shelf and Floor to Accommodate Two Shakers, Model 3950/395, Factory Installed
BBL LBS (Lactobacillus Selection) Agar, 500 g
Combination Open Kjeldahl Apparatus, 6-places, 230V, 50 Hz, single phase
Riboflavin, USP
9mm R.A.M.(TM) Ribbed Cap, Black, PTFE/Silicone/PTFE Lined
Microscope, Inverted, Trinocular, Brightfield, Infinity, 400X
10 mL, Model 1010 TLL Waters U6K Syringe, Waters Priming Syringe
Aluminum Heat Dispersion Plates, For 20 cm wide adjustable sequencers,Dimensions W x L (cm): 20 x 3
Super Erecta Wire Shelf, Stainless Steel, W x L in. (mm): 24 x 60 (610 x 1524)
Decanoic Acid
Cubis Analytical w/ Black and White LCD, Manual Doors w/ large draft shield, Auto Level (120g x 0.1mg)
96 Well Plates,transparent,pureGrade Sterile,V-Btm,Pack 50
384-Well PCR Plate, Full Skirt, White, PP, 0.03 mL wells, 50 total/10 bags of 5
5 ft. Echo Filtered Hood 115V, 2 fixtures
8 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 75 um, no. 200 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Half Height (1 in.)
12 in. Stainless Steel Sieve, 4.24 in. (106 mm) Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 1-5/8 in. Depth
Drierite(R) Adsorbent, Indicating, 8 Mesh
Block D, 24 x 15 mL
Support Stand, powder-coated black stamped steel base, 6 x 11 in., 1/2 x 36 in.
60 mL Cylinder Round Bottle, White HDPE, 20-410 cap
3 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 2.80 mm, no. 7 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.), ASTM E11
Apron, Hycar, Heavyweight, 18 oz
Instant Hand Sanitizer, Fresh Scent, 8 oz. Squeeze Bottle
250 mL RAY-SORB WM Heavy-Duty Flask w/PTFE Stopper
26 x 45 in. Blue, 30-layer Adhesive Mat
Qorpak Black Phenolic Thermoset Cap, Pulp/Vinyl Liner, Size: 58-400
1000 ppm Holmium for ICP in HNO3
O-TOLIDINE, 1000 ug/mL
1,1-[1,4-Phenylenebis(methylene)]bis(4,4-bipyridinium) Bis(hexafluorophosphate)
5 mg, Class F Flat Aluminum Test Weight with NVLAP Accredited Certificate
0.003 lb Precision Analytical Class 1 Weight with Traceable Certificate
Corning Pyrex(R) Griffin Low Form 10 mL Beaker
Corning Pyrex 4000 ml Graduated Erlenmeyer Flasks, WM w/Screw Cap
Distilling Apparatus, Flask Only, Capacity (ml): 500,
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Powder Funnels, Top ID (mm): 65, Stem OD (mm): 16
Thermo Scientific Nalgene 180 Clear PVC Tubing, ID (in.): 5/16 , OD (in.): 1/2
Connector tube, T-shaped
Kerosene, GR
Corning(R) PCR Polyethylene 96 Well Microplate Sealing Tape, Nonsterile
Corning(R) 25mm Diameter Syringe Filters, 0.2um Pore RC Membrane, Sterile
Bel-Art Scienceware Slide Holder Strip; Slide holder strip
25 mL Graduated Filtering Flask with Side Tubulation
20.3 cu. ft. Value Refrigerator, 115V
6 ft. Flat Solid Epoxy Work Surface
Parter Medical 150 x 15 mm Sterile Std Polystyrene Petri Dishes non-stack
High Throughput Submarine Horizontal Gel Systems; 26 x 26
Sound Level Meter, Range: 40 - 80 dB, 80 - 120 dB
45 mm Red Polypropylene Cap with Sealing Ring
Grade 934-AH Glass Microfiber Filter Binder Free, circle, 4.7 cm
Standard Burner, Artificial gas, 7/16 in. (11mm) Mixing Tube OD, 3.8 CFH, 2,280 BTU Output, 5-3/8 in. (137mm) Overall Height
Tough-Tags, Dimensions (in.): 1.50 x 0.75, Color: White
Bel-Art Scienceware Sterilizing Tray Cover, 48 x 27 x 13 cm
Pipets, white color-coding band
Beaker Tongs For 50-1500ml capacity
Difco Antibiotic Medium 5, 500 g
2.0 ml Maxymum Recovery Microtubes
Sanitization cartridge
Expansion Kit, 10-13 mm dia. tubes
Libra S5 diode array visible spectrophotometer
Heathrow Scientific Refrigerator Racks Tube Size (ml) 1.5
Corning Pyrex(R) 16 x 125 mm Disposable Flat Bottom Screw Cap Culture Tubes, Without Caps
400 ml Beaker
Dyn-A-Med 934AH Glass Fiber Filters, 21 mm
DISCONTINUED - Wheaton Sterile PET Square Media Bottles, 1000 ml
0.3 mL glass insert with bottom spring
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Economy Polypropylene Cylinder, 100 ml
Heathrow Scientific Microscope Slide Box 100 Place, Color: Red
Filter Paper, Qualitative, 613, 6 in. X 6 in., 1,000
Dynalon Buchner Funnel, PP, 42.5 mm
Baume Heavy Hydrometer, 0 to 90 degrees, 305 mm
Unlined Latex Gloves, Sz 10
Neox - Neoprene Coated Gloves; 12 inch
Iodide I- Epoxy Body, Double Junction Electrode
Large desiccator
Corning Costar(R) 20 to 200uL 12-Pette Multichannel Pipettor
Danger - Hard hat area., Size: 10 x 7 in; Rigid plastic sign
Simport Microsette Six-Compartment Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes with Lids, Color: Blue; Embedding cassettes
Stedmans Medical Dictionary, Book Card for Franklin Medical Book System; Book Card
Bel-Art Scienceware Tech Pen Ink refill (pen not included); Gold
Gel casting trays, Two-place, 26 x 14 cm
Saint Gobain Chemware PTFE Griffin Beakers, 250 mL
HDPE bed supports, volume: 20 um, I.D.: 2.5 cm,
Difco Gelatin, 500 g
High Five Nitrile, Powder-Free Textured Gloves, 12 in., SM
Remote Blower for Xpert Balance Enclosure, Protector XVS Ventilation Station, or Protector Work Station
Transferpette,single channel 20-200 ul with AC adaptor
Transferpette, 8 channel, 5-100 ul with AC charger
Corning Thermowell(R) GOLD 96 Well Clear Polypropylene PCR Microplate, Elevated Skirt, Nonsterile
Evaporating flask, glass, flange, 50mm, 1000mL
Thermo Scientific Nunc 96 Well Plt PS Immuno MaxiSorp NS w/o Lid Clr Flt Btm, 400 ul Well
Owl Replacement gasket
Owl Wall Comb. 1.5 mm thick
Avicel F 250um 10x20cm (25 plates/box)
Corning(R) CellBIND(R) Surface HYPERFlask(R) M Cell Culture Vessel, Treated, Sterile, Bar Coded, 1 per Bag, 4 per Case
HPTLC-HLF, 150 um, 20 x 20 cm
High Five Onyx Black Powder-Free Nitrile Glove, LG
Thermo Scientific Nalgene Amber HDPE Wide-Mouth Bottle, 250 ml
Corning(R) DeckWorks (TM) 1000 uL (max working volume 1250 uL), Barrier Pipet Tips, Graduated, Hinged Racks, Natural, Sterile, Polypropylene
Corning 1 - 200uL Pipet Tips, Graduated, Hinged Racks, Yellow, Nonsterile, Polypropylene
Aluminum Oxide N coated on Plastic Sheets 200um 20x20cm (25 sheets)
GSV fitting, cap, 1/8 in
8 mm PE Press-On Cross-slit Cap with PTFE/Pre-slit White Silicone Septa
Polyethylene Press On Caps for 11 mm o.d. Vials, Pkg 1000
100 mm NIR Rectangular Cell with Lid, Quartz SUPRASIL 300, Light Path: 100 mm
1 mL GC gas tight syringe, fixed needle
5-50 uL Socorex Acura Manual 826 XS Adjustable Volume Pipette
MAGic Clamp Tube Rack, 32 x 15 ml tubes (max. 2)
Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-7000a (alpha)
Dedicated Platform, holds 4 standard micro plates
HYDRANAL(R)-Composite 2 (DEA List I Chemical) Sigma Aldrich
1000 ppm Strontium for AA in HNO3
1000 ppm Sulfur for AA in H2O
Niobium Atomic Absorption Standard
Buffer Solution Variety Pack, Color Coded, pH 4.00, 7.00 and 10.00
Cobalt Carbonate Basic, Powder
Cyclohexane, Anhydrous
Devils Claw, Powder
Eriochrome(R) Black T, 0.5 Percent (w/w) in NaCl, Powder Mixture, For Water Hardness, APHA
Methyl Valerate
Nile Blue Chloride
New Methylene Blue N
Palladium Metal, 0.1 mm Thick, Foil
Phosphoric Acid, NF
Thorium Plasma Emission Standard, 1 ml = 1 mg Th
SIMETRYN, 1000 ug/mL
Tantalum Hydride, -325 Mesh
Bismarck Brown
4,4-Diantipyrylmethane, Monohydrate [for Ti Analysis]
3,5-Dimethoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic Acid
Dimethyl D-Glutamate Hydrochloride
2-Hydroxy-1-(2-hydroxy-4-sulfo-1-naphthylazo)-3-naphthoic Acid, (1:100 diluted with K2SO4)
2-Hexadecenoic Acid
1-(Heptafluorobutyryl)imidazole, [Acylating Agent]
(S)-(+)-1-(1-Naphthyl)ethyl Isocyanate
Mucochloric Acid
Dimethyl Methoxymethylenemalonate
Methyl 6-Quinolinecarboxylate
5-Norbornene-2,3-dicarboxylic Anhydride
Palladium Catalyst Set, Palladium(II) Acetate / Allylpalladium(II) Chloride Dimer / Bis(benzonitrile)palladium(II) Dichloride / Bis(dibenzylideneacetone)palladium(0) / [1,1-Bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene]palladium(II) Dichloride Dichlorome
Pentacosane, [Standard Material for GC]
TCI Dual ODS-AX20 4.6mmI.D. X 100mm, TCI Dual ODS-AX20 4.6mmI.D. X 100mm,
3,4,5-Trimethoxycinnamic Acid
Tube Connector, (Hose Connector) [for Gas cylinder],
bioWORLD(R) Tryptone
A.C.E. MES Buffer, 50 mM, (pH 6.0)
Selective Strep Agar, Modified no. 2
6 ft. Purifier Cell Logic+ B2 Biosafety Cabinet. 230V (NA). Scope Ready/Temp Zone/UV/Service Fixture/Pass Through/Base Stand
DISCONTINUED - Werx-Rite Vinyl Coated Gloves, Size: 8 (Wom M); Slip-on
Sodium Chloride Standard, 0.100 N Solution
5 ft. Purifier Cell Logic+, Class II A2, 115V, Scope Ready/UV/Service Fixture/Pass Through/Base Stand
Difco Tissue Culture Media, Pepsin 1:10,000, 500 g
Grade 595 Qualitative Filter Paper Standard Grade, circle, 125 mm
Dynalon Popup Closure, Baritainer(R) , HDPE, DIN50
Tuna Type Flavor OS, Natural
1 to 10 uL 16-Channel Finnpipette F1 Pipette
TB Brilliant Green K, 250 mL 4 SP
Thermo Scientific 250 ml HDPE wide mouth, oblong container, certified
Thermo Scientific Wellwash, 110-240V, 50/60Hz
OneRack(TM) Half-Size Delrin Test Tube Racks, 20 mm, 20 Place, Blue, pk/8
1.5 mL Glass Round Bottom Vials
8 - 425 mm, Red, Polypropylene, Large Open Hole Cap for Shimadzu with Flange
Reinforced Clostridial Medium
Thermo Scientific Nalgene(TM) Square Clear PETG Media Bottles with Closure, 125 mL
20 uL ART Non-Filtered, Ultra-Micro, Eppendorf Style Tips, Hinged Rack, Sterile
Target DP, Yellow 9 mm Screw Thread Cap, with Red PTFE/White Silicone Septum
Replacement Delivery Tubes for Kjeldahl Units, 6 per pack
Methyl Hydroxypivalate
bioWORLD(R) De Greef AND Jacobs Vitamin Solution (Ampule)
Latex Tubing, 5/16 in. ID x 1/2 in. OD, 3/32 in. Wall Thickness, 50 ft.
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights with NVLAP Certificate, Class 4, .5 lb cyl
Clear Gel Tray, use for gel transfer and cutting
Electronic Balance Avoirdupois Weights w/Traceable Certificate, Class 2, 25 lb, Recessed Grip Handle
Traceable(R), Refrigerator/Freezer, Thermometer, with 5 mL Bottle Probe
Rack for MicroCooler II(TM)
Seven-Speed Blender, 1 L, Stainless Steel Container
12.5 mL, BioFree Combi-Syringe Dispenser Tips, Nonsterile, pk/100
Chlorhexidine Diacetate
Potassium Phosphate Tribasic, Anhydrous, Reagent
Samco 5.8 mL Extended Fine Tip Transfer Pipets, Standard Bulb, 15.7 cm, Sterile, Polyethylene, 20/pk
Mefloquine Hydrochloride
Chrome Azurol S
Cimarec+ Ceramic Stirrer, 4.25 x 4.25 in., 100-120V
Grade 113 Qualitative Filter Paper Wet-Strengthened, circle, 32.0 cm
ME25, white/black grid 5 mm, sterile, 0.45 um pore size, 50 mm
Nickel Crucible Cover 20 ml
Corning Pyrex Hollow Ground TS Joint 16 Stoppers, Short Length
Tile-Top AM Floor Mat, 24 x 36 in., Charcoal
194 mm Ceramic Pestle, for use with 400 mL (14 oz) Mortar Cat. No. 980-44188
Chloramphenicol, USP
Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
Monomethyl 5-Norbornene-2,3-dicarboxylate
2-(5-Norbornene-2,3-dicarboximido)-1,1,3,3-tetramethyluronium Tetrafluoroborate, [Coupling Reagent for Peptide]
12 in. Brass Frame Sieve, 75.00 mm, 3 in. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Full Height (2 in.), ASTM E11
4-(Trimethylsilyl)phenylboronic Acid, (contains varying amounts of Anhydride)
200 uL ART Non-Filtered, Standard Tips, Hinged Rack, Sterile
Filtration, Ahlstrom Qualitative Grade Filter Paper,
Qorpak Clear Boston Round Bottles, With Teflon(R) PTFE Lined Cap,16 oz
DISCONTINUED - Aloetouch Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Size: MD
13 - 425 mm, Solid Top, White, Polypropylene Cap, PTFE/F217 Lined
Corning(R) 250 ml Container ONLY
Backhaus Towel Clamp; 5.5 in.
Hose/Tubing Clamps, 0.475 to 0.536 in. (12.07 to 13.61 mm)
Extra Large Womens White Counter Coat
Moldex 8000 Respirators, Size: MD, Organic vapors
Gloves, Vinyl, DermaCare Powdered, Sz: MED, 9 in.
0.1ml Amplate 96 Well Natural Thin-Wall PCR Plates w/o skirt