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Alconox(R), Detergent, Powder

AL175 | Alconox

Catalog Size Package Availability Manufacturer List Price Unit
AL175 4 LB Alconox $52.20 $322.00 EA CS(9)

AL175 25 LB Alconox $219.00 EA
AL175 50 LB Alconox $410.00 EA
AL175 100 LB Alconox $721.00 EA
AL175 300 LB Alconox $1896.00 EA

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Alconox(R), Detergent, Powder - A powdered detergent that is excellent as a precision cleaner of laboratory equipment and glassware. In laboratories, it is used in both manual and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The detergent is good for cleaning glass, metal, plastic labware, ceramic, tissue culture, porcelain, clean rooms, animal cages, bioreactors, tubing, benches, safety equipment, radioactive equipment/contaminants and stop cock grease. Alconox lab detergent leaves no residues on laboratory equipment after cleaning and is often used as a replacement cleaner for corrosive acids and other hazardous solvents that are typically used for cleaning. It is USDA authorized.

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