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We manufacture and distribute fine chemicals and laboratory
products - with quality and delivery you can count on every time.

Spectrum pharmaceutical chemical ingredients

Pharmaceutical Chemicals -
Ingredients You Can Trust

Spectrum manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical chemicals with quality you can count on and delivery you can trust. We specialize in active pharmaceutical ingredients, (such as Progesterone USP, Benzocaine, USP-EP, and Hydrocortisone, USP), excipients, controlled substances, and research grade active ingredients. When it comes to USP Grade Chemical Excipients, Spectrum is the source you can trust for highest quality products and the best service. All pharmaceutical chemical ingredients are manufactured, packaged and held under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in ISO 9001:2008 certified, FDA registered facilities.

Spectrum testing lab chemicals

Testing Lab Chemicals -
ACS Grade Reagents

For a wide range of chemical analysis support, including testing and formulation, Spectrum Chemical has all of the chemicals and supplies you could possibly need. Spectrum's Testing Lab categories include ACS chemical reagents, analytical Chemical Reference Standards, LabChem Solutions, consisting of aqueous solutions prepared to exact quality standards and certified for use in laboratories performing specified standard methods of analysis. We also feature catalogs for Chromatography and Spectroscopy. Whether you work in an environmental testing lab, waste water testing lab, quality control testing lab or general analytical testing lab, Spectrum has the product breadth to support your needs.

Spectrum food and beverage chemicals

Food Grade Chemicals -
Meeting The Highest Standards

For a wide range of food grade chemicals, Spectrum adheres to the most exacting standards relating to the food and beverage industries. From Kosher ingredients, which are all Kosher certified, to cardiovascular and heart healthy ingredients, including heart healthy supplements, FCC Products and FCC Chemicals, as well as Buffer Solutions, Spectrum has the high quality ingredients you can trust! For Food Grade lab equipment, Spectrum also carries titrators specifically targeting the food & beverage industries, pre-programmed for all relevant food industry titration methods, including salt, vitamin C, calcium and SO2 contents, as well as free fatty acids and iodine values in oil, water quality titrations and many others.

Spectrum personal care chemicals

Personal Care Chemicals -
Lab Fine Chemicals

For over 40 years, Spectrum has been the market leader in cosmetic chemicals, active cosmetic ingredients, and other chemicals for the personal care industry. Spectrum's Personal Care Chemicals include USP Products and USP Chemicals, such as Precipitated Sulphur, for anti-dandruff agents and anti-aging and healing conditioners, as well as Buffer Solutions for ideal pH balancing. With over 60 use categories to choose from, Spectrum has the perfect solution for the formulation of your personal care, cosmeceutical, toiletry or fragrance product. All personal care chemicals are manufactured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in FDA-registered facilities.