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Water, Deionized

LC26750 | 7732-18-5 | H2O | LabChem

Catalog Size Package Availability Manufacturer List Price Unit
LC26750-52 1 LT LabChem $24.45 EA
LC26750-55003 4 LT PLASTIC LabChem $28.00 EA
LC26750-9L009 10 LT CUBITAINER LabChem $50.85 EA
LC26750-56009 20 LT CUBITAINER LabChem $66.95 EA
LC26750-200 200 LT LabChem $308.50 EA

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Water, Deionized is water that has had most of any dissolved mineral ions removed (cations and anions) but not uncharged organic molecules. Deionized water uses include general laboratory procedures, chemical processing, window washing diluent and fluid for lead-acid batteries.


Deionized Water;

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Test Specification
Min Max
Chlorides 5 ppb
Conductivity @ 25C 1 <1uS/cm
Filtered through 0.2u filter
Meets ASTM D1193 Type II specifications
Meets ASTM Type II specifications
Resistivity @ 25C 1 Mohm.cm
Sodium 5 ppb
Total Organic Carbon 50 ppb
Total Silica 3 ppb

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