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Malonic Acid, Reagent

MA150 | 141-82-2 | HOOCCH2COOH | Spectrum Chemical

Catalog Size Package Availability Manufacturer List Price Unit
MA150-100GM 100 GM Spectrum Chemical $268.00 EA
MA150-500GM 500 GM Spectrum Chemical $740.00 EA
MA150-25KGBL 25 KG Spectrum Chemical $3601.00 EA

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Malonic Acid, Reagent is a dicarboxylic acid which name originates from the Greek work, malon, meaning apple. Malonic acid contains calcium salt in high concentrations of beetroot. Normally it appears as white crystals. The Reagent grade denotes that this chemical is the highest quality commercially available and that the American Chemical Society has not officially set any specifications for this material. Spectrum Chemical manufactured Reagent grade products meet the toughest regulatory standards for quality and purity.


Propanedioic Acid;

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Test Specification
Min Max
ASSAY 99 %

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The following documents may be required for purchase. For additional information, please contact Customer Service at 800-813-1514 or Compliance@SpectrumChemical.com

California Customer Only - This item is a CALIFORNIA PRECURSOR: 21-DAY HOLD FOR ALL CALIFORNIA ORDERS. Customers must complete form QAF481 and supply an intended use letter on company letterhead.

QAF481 Designation of Authorized Purchaser: California Specified Chemicals and Certain Glassware, Apparatus, Reagents and Solvents

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Tariff No. 2917193500

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