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Ethylene Glycol, Reagent

E1051 | 107-21-1 | C2H6O2

Catalog Size Package Availability Manuf # List Price Unit
E1051-500MLPL 500 ML PLASTIC SPE $55.80 $268.00 EA CS(6)
E1051-1LTPL 1 LT PLASTIC SPE $96.00 $455.00 EA CS(6)
E1051-4LTGL 4 LT GLASS SPE $195.00 $650.00 EA CS(4)
E1051-4LTPL 4 LT PLASTIC SPE $178.00 $615.00 EA CS(4)
E1051-20LTPL 20 LT PLASTIC SPE $980.00 EA
E1051-55GLBL 55 GL SPE $2188.75 EA

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E1051 | 107-21-1 | C2H6O2

ETHYLENE GLYCOL, REAGENT is a colorless, odorless, sweet tasting organic compound that has a syrupy texture and is a liquid. It has many lab applications including use as an antifreeze, use as a desiccant, protecting group for carbonyls during chemical synthesis and as a preservative for biological specimens. Its reagent grade means this is the highest quality commercially available for this chemical and that the American Chemical Society has not officially set any specifications for this material.


Ethane-1,2-diol ; Ethylene Alcohol ; Glycol

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Test Specification
Min Max
ASSAY 99.0%
COLOR (Pt-Co) 10
ACIDITY (as CH3COOH) 0.005%

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Storage Information
HYGROSCOPIC: Keep tightly closed.
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Tariff No. 2905310000

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