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1000 PPM MOLYBDENUM ICP STD IN H2O, (NH4)2MoO4 in H2O, 1,000 ug/ml

PLMO9-2 | Spex CertiPrep

Catalog Size Package Availability Manufacturer List Price Unit
PLMO9-2Y-125ML 125 ML Spex CertiPrep $62.50 EA
PLMO9-2T 250 ML Spex CertiPrep $107.50 EA
PLMO9-2X 500 ML Spex CertiPrep $138.75 $47.00 EA EA(100)

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1000 PPM MOLYBDENUM ICP STD IN H2O, (NH4)2MoO4 in H2O, 1,000 ug/ml - is a single component organic chemical reference standard. Reference standards are particularly important for analytical chemistry since most analytical instrumentation is comparative; it requires a sample of known composition (reference standard) for accurate calibration. These reference standards are produced under stringent manufacturing procedures and differ from laboratory reagents in their certification and the traceability of the data provided.

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