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USP NF Products (Recently Searched)


USP NF products are some of the most popular items sold by Spectrum. Spectrum has served the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nutrition, Personal Care, Cosmetic, Medical Device and Biotechnology industries for over 40 years. Spectrum USP NF products are manufactured, packaged and stored under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) per 21CFR part 211 in FDA registered and inspected facilities. Further, to insure reproducibility, Spectrum facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. These manufacturing guarantees, coupled with stringent analytical testing, form Spectrum’s Integrated QualitySM (IQ) program. What results is the largest offering of USP NF products available from one source.

Listed below are some of the more popular USP NF products manufactured and sold by Spectrum Chemical and requested by our customers.

Allantoin USP Aluminum Acetate USP
Alprazolam (Civ) USP Octisalate USP
Potassium Guaiacolsulfonate USP Ethylcellulose NF
Amantadine Hydrochloride USP Ammonium Phosphate NF
Bethanechol Chloride USP Alpha Lipoic Acid USP
Fluorescein Sodium USP Amikacin Sulfate USP
Amantadine Hydrochloride USP Polyethylene Glycol 600 NF
Potassium Bitartrate USP Metoprolol Tartrate USP
Phenytoin Sodium USP Terpin Hydrate USP
Nortriptyline Hydrochloride USP Yohimbine Hydrochloride USP
Piperazine Citrate USP Phenoxybenzamine Hydrochloride USP
Digitoxin USP Levamisole Hydrochloride USP
Nortriptyline Hydrochloride USP Pralidoxime Chloride USP
Ethambutol Hydrochloride USP Pyrantel Pamoate USP
Chloroquine Phosphate USP Monobenzone USP
Tropicamide USP Aluminum Monostearate NF
Estrone USP Providone USP
Hydroquinone USP Aminocaproic Acid USP
Thimerosal USP Amitriptyline Hydrochloride USP
Amiloride Hydrochloride USP Methenamine USP
Glycine USP Sodium Borate NF
Potassium Carbonate USP Ammonium Alum USP
Ammoniated Mercury USP Gluconolactone USP
Isopropyl Alcohol USP Magnesium Sulfate USP
Aluminum Sulfate USP Ammonium Molybdate USP
Ammonium Chloride USP Anhydrous DibasicCalcium USP
Anhydrous Dextrose USP Atropine Sulfate USP
Apomorphine Hydrochloride USP Calcium Hydroxide USP
Vitamin A Palmitate USP Azathioprine USP
Atropine USP Belladonna Extract USP
Beclomethasone Dipropionate USP Benztropine Mesylate USP
Belladonna Tincture USP Betamethasone Acetate USP
Beta-Apo-8-Carotenal USP Bethanechol Chloride USP
Betamethasone SodiumPhosphate USP Bismuth Subgallate USP
Bismuth Subcarbonate USP Bismuth Subsalicylate USP
Bismuth Subnitrate USP Brompheniramine Maleate USP
Bp Ep USP Butorphanol Tartrate(Civ) USP
BUSPirone Hydrochloride USP Calcium Ascorbate USP
Calcium Acetate USP Calcium Gluconate USP
Calcium Gluceptate USP Calcium Saccharate USP
Calcium Lactate USP Carisoprodol USP
Carbidopa USP Cefoperazone Sodium USP
Casanthranol USP Chloral Hydrate(Civ) USP
Ceftriaxone Sodium USP Chloramphenicol Palmitate USP
Chlorambucil USP Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride USP
Chloroquine Phosphate USP Chromic Chloride USP
Cholestyramine Resin USP Cisplatin USP
Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride USP Clindamycin Hydrochloride USP
Citalopram Hydrobromide USP Clomipramine Hydrochloride USP
Clomiphene Citrate USP Clorsulon USP
Clonidine Hydrochloride USP Cocaine Hydrochloride(Cii) USP
Cobaltous Chloride USP Colistimethate Sodium USP
Codeine Phosphate(Cii) USP Copper Gluconate USP
Copper (II)Sulfate USP Crystallized Trypsin USP
Cortisone Acetate USP Cyclandelate USP
Cupric Sulfate USP D-Vitamin ESuccinate USP
Cysteine Hydrochloride USP Dexamethasone Acetate USP
Dehydrocholic Acid USP Diazoxide USP
Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate USP Dibucaine USP
Dibucaine Hydrochloride USP Dienestrol USP
Dicyclomine Hydrochloride USP Diethylstilbestrol USP
Diethylcarbamazine Citrate USP Digitoxin USP
Diflunisal USP Dihydroxyaluminum Aminoacetate USP
Dihydroergotamine Mesylate USP Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride USP
Dimenhydrinate USP Doxepin Hydrochloride USP
Disulfiram USP Doxylamine Succinate USP
Doxorubicin Hydrochloride USP Dyclonine Hydrochloride USP
Dried FerrousSulfate USP Edetate CalciumDisodium USP
Dyphylline USP Ep Bp Online USP
Emprove ZincChloride USP Ephedrine Hydrochloride USP
Ep Bp USP Epinephrine Bitartrate USP
Ephedrine Sulfate USP Ergotamine Tartrate USP
Ergonovine Maleate USP Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate USP
Erythromycin Estolate USP Estradiol Valerate USP
Estradiol Cypionate USP Ethambutol Hydrochloride USP
Estrone USP Ethosuximide USP
Ether USP Ethyl Chloride USP
Ethyl Alcohol USP Fenbendazole USP
Fehling SolutionA USP Ferric Chloride USP
Ferric AmmoniumSulfate USP Ferrous AmmoniumSulfate USP
Ferric ChlorideTs USP Flunisolide USP
Fludrocortisone Acetate USP Fluocinolone Acetonide USP
Flunixin Meglumine USP Fluoxetine Hydrochloride USP
Fluorescein Sodium USP Glipizide USP
Gemfibrozil USP Glyburide USP
Glycopyrrolate USP Green Soap USP
Green SoapTincture USP Guanabenz Acetate USP
Haloperidol USP Histamine Phosphate USP
Homosalate USP Hydralazine Hydrochloride USP
Hydrocortisone Hemisuccinate USP Hydroxocobalamin USP
Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate USP Hydroxyurea USP
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride USP Hydroxyzine Pamoate USP
Hyoscyamine Hydrobromide USP Hyoscyamine Sulfate USP
Hypromellose 2208 USP Hypromellose 2910 USP
Hypromellose USP Ichthammol USP
Imipramine Hydrochloride USP Indomethacin USP
Iodine Solution USP Iodoform USP
Isoproterenol Sulfate USP Isoniazid USP
Ivermectin USP Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride USP
Kanamycin Sulfate USP Juniper Tar USP
Ketoconazole USP Ketamine Hydrochloride(Ciii) USP
L-Isoleucine USP L-Histidine USP
Levorphanol Tartrate(Cii) USP Levamisole Hydrochloride USP
Lincomycin Hydrochloride USP Lime USP
Loperamide Hydrochloride USP Liquefied Phenol USP
Lysine Acetate USP Lorazepam (Civ) USP
Magnesium Gluconate USP Magnesium Carbonate USP
Magnesium Salicylate USP Magnesium Oxide USP
Mebendazole USP Manganese Sulfate USP
Megestrol Acetate USP Meclofenamate Sodium USP
Mepivacaine Hydrochloride USP Meperidine Hydrochloride(Cii) USP
Mercaptopurine USP Meradimate USP
Methacholine Chloride USP Metaproterenol Sulfate USP
Methocarbamol USP Methimazole USP
Methylcellulose USP Methoxsalen USP
Methyltestosterone (Ciii) USP Methylphenidate Hydrochloride(Cii) USP
Miconazole USP Metoclopramide Hydrochloride USP
Nalidixic Acid USP Morphine Sulfate(Cii) USP
Naproxen USP Naloxone Hydrochloride USP
Niacin Powder USP Neostigmine Bromide USP
Nitrofurazone USP Nicotine Polacrilex USP
Octinoxate USP Nortriptyline Hydrochloride USP
Oxybutynin Chloride USP Octisalate USP
Pamabrom USP Oxycodone Hydrochloride(Cii) USP
Papaverine Hydrochloride USP Pancreatin Powder USP
Perphenazine USP Peppermint Spirit USP
Phenobarbital (Civ) USP Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride USP
Phenol USP Phenobarbital Sodium(Civ) USP
Phentolamine Mesylate USP Phenoxybenzamine Hydrochloride USP
Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride USP Phenylalanine USP
Piperazine Citrate USP Pilocarpine Nitrate USP
Potassium Bitartrate USP Podophyllum Resin USP
Potassium Nitrate USP Potassium Guaiacolsulfonate USP
Potassium SodiumTartrate USP Potassium Permanganate USP
Praziquantel USP Povidone-Iodine USP
Prednisolone SodiumPhosphate USP Prednisolone Acetate USP
Primaquine Phosphate USP Prilocaine Hydrochloride USP
Procaine Hydrochloride USP Procainamide Hydrochloride USP
Propantheline Bromide USP Prochlorperazine Maleate USP
Propylthiouracil USP Proparacaine Hydrochloride USP
Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride USP Protamine Sulfate USP
Pyrantel Pamoate USP Psyllium Husk USP
Pyrilamine Maleate USP Pyridostigmine Bromide USP
Quinidine Sulfate USP Pyrimethamine USP
Ranitidine Hydrochloride USP Quinine Sulfate USP
Ribavirin USP Resorcinal USP
Rifampin USP Riboflavin USP
Safflower Oil USP Saccharin Calcium USP
Scopolamine Hydrobromide USP Salicylic Acid Powder USP
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate USP Selenium Sulfide USP
Sodium Monofluorophosphate USP Sodium LactateSolution USP
Sodium Salicylate USP Sodium PhosphateMonobasic USP
Lactose Monohydrate NF Sodium Sulfate USP
Arginine Hydrochloride USP Vanillin NF
Colchicine USP Cod Liver Oil USP
Methenamine USP Hydroquinone USP
Streptomycin Sulfate USP Sodium Lactate Solution USP
Sulfadiazine Sodium USP Strong IodineTincture USP
Sulfamethazine USP Sulfabenzamide USP
Sulfapyridine USP Sulfadiazine USP
Sulfinpyrazone USP Sulfamethoxazole USP
Sulfurated Potash USP Sulfathiazole USP
Tannic Acid USP Sulfisoxazole USP
Terpin USP Sulindac USP
Testosterone Cypionate(Ciii) USP Taurine USP
Testosterone Propionate(Ciii) USP Testosterone (Ciii) USP
Thiamine Mononitrate USP Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride USP
Timolol Maleate USP Thioridazine Hydrochloride USP
Tolazoline Hydrochloride USP Tobramycin Sulfate USP
Tolu Balsam USP Tolnaftate USP
Triacetin USP Topical Starch USP
Triamcinolone Hexacetonide USP Triamcinolone Diacetate USP
Triclosan USP Trichlormethiazide USP
Trimethobenzamide Hydrochloride USP Trifluoperazine Hydrochloride USP
Tropicamide USP Tripelennamine Hydrochloride USP
Undecylenic Acid USP Tryptophan USP
Valproic Acid USP Urea USP
Vidarabine USP Verapamil Hydrochloride USP
Witch Hazel USP Xylazine Hydrochloride USP
Xylometazoline Hydrochloride USP Yohimbine Hydrochloride USP
Zinc Undecylenate USP Poloxamer 407 NF
Collodion USP Natural Glycerin USP
Acetone NF Cocoa Butter NF
Dibasic Sodium Phosphate USP Ferrous Gluconate USP
Ascorbic Acid USP Naproxen Sodium USP
Sodium Chloride Powder USP Magnesium Carbonate USP
Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride USP Croscarmellose Sodium NF
Methadone Hydrochloride CII USP  

USP NF Spectrum Chemicals