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Test Solutions, USP


Spectrum USP Test Solution Concentrates are the answer for those lab personnel that do not have the luxury of time to prepare their own USP volumetric solutions. Prepare fresh, reliable standard volumetric solutions quickly and accurately with Spectrum USP volumetric solutions. Simply dilute the desired USP test solution concentrate to the specified volume (carefully following instructions provided with the package) and the resulting solution will have an exact Normality within 0.1%. These concentrates are ideal for titrimetry and other forms of wet chemical analysis.


A-281 Acetate Buffer TS
A-284 Acetic Acid-Ammonium Acetate Buffer TS
A-287 Acetone, Buffered, TS
A-290 Acid-Ferric Chloride TS
A-293 Alcohol-Phenol TS
A-266 Ammonia-Ammonium Chloride Buffer TS
A-296 Ammoniacal Potassium Ferricyanide TS
A-274 Ammonia-Cyanide TS
A-299 Ammonium Acetate TS
A-302 Ammonium Carbonate TS
A-362 Ammonium Chloride TS
A-323 Ammonium Chloride-Ammonium Hydroxide TS
A-158 Ammonium Hydroxide, 10% (w/v) NH<->3


A-187 Ammonium Oxalate TS, 3.5 Percent (w/v) Solution, (U.S.P. Test Solution)
A-311 Ammonium Thiocyanate TS
A-317 Antimony Trichloride TS
B-282 Barium Chloride TS
B-285 Barium Nitrate TS
B-288 Biuret Reagent TS
B-294 Bromine-Sodium Acetate TS
B-297 Bromocresol Green TS
B-327 Bromocresol Purple TS
B-303 Bromophenol Blue TS
B-306 Bromothymol Blue TS
C-328 Calcium Sulfate TS
C-205 Chlorine Water, Saturated Solution, Approx. 0.4% Chlorine
C-286 Chromotropic Acid TS
C-289 Cobaltous Chloride TS
C-292 Congo Red TS
C-535 Crystal Violet TS
C-301 Cupric Acetate TS
C-304 Cupric Acetate TS, Stronger
C-307 Cupric Citrate TS, Alkaline
C-313 Cupric Sulfate TS
D-106 Dichlorofluorescein TS
D-121 Diphenylamine TS
D-138 Diphenylcarbazone TS
E-146 Eosin Y TS
E-148 Eriochrome Black TS
F-105 Fehling Solution A, USP Test Solution
F-110 Fehling Solution B
F-158 Ferric Ammonium Sulfate TS
F-166 Ferric Chloride TS
F-184 Folin-Ciocalteau Phenol TS
I-166 Iodine Monochloride TS
L-102 Lead Acetate TS
M-132 Magnesium Sulfate TS
M-150 Malachite Green TS
C-325 m-Cresol Purple TS
M-218 Methyl Orange, 0.1 Percent (w/v) Aqueous Indicator Solution, (U.S.P. Test Solution)
M-153 Methyl Red-Methylene Blue TS
M-156 Methylene Blue TS
N-142 Neutral Red TS
O-098 Oxalic Acid TS
P-097 Phenol Red TS
P-127 Phenolphthalein TS
P-177 Phenylhydrazine-Sulfuric Acid TS
P-179 Phloroglucinol TS
P-196 Phosphotungstic Acid TS
P-202 Platinic Chloride TS
N-148 p-Nitroaniline TS
P-211 Potassium Acetate TS
P-218 Potassium Carbonate TS
P-224 Potassium Chromate TS
P-226 Potassium Dichromate TS
P-231 Potassium Iodide TS
P-236 Potassium Iodoplatinate TS
P-239 Potassium Sulfate TS
P-213 Potassium-Bismuth Iodide TS
T-129 p-Toluenesulfonic Acid TS
Q100 Quinaldine Red TS
R-100 Resorcinol TS
S-134 Sodium Acetate TS
S-144 Sodium Aminoacetate TS
S-148 Sodium Carbonate TS
S-189 Sodium Iodohydroxyquinolinesulfonate TS
S-206 Sodium Phosphate Dibasic TS
S-214 Sodium Tartrate TS
S-219 Starch Iodide Paste TS
S-244 Starch TS
S-251 Sudan IV TS
S-256 Sulfanilic Acid TS
S-261 Sulfomolybdic Acid TS
T2449 Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide, 10% Solution in Water
T-141 Thymolphthalein TS