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PTFE Plastic Beakers

PTFE Plastic Beakers

Spectrum offers laboratory grade PTFE Plastic Beakers from the industry’s leading manufacturers including Saint Gobain, Dynalon and many others. Whether you require a PTFE Beaker or a PTFE Griffin Beaker, Spectrum has the PTFE Plastic Beakers solution for you.

Top Sellers in PTFE Plastic Beakers

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  • Dynalon® Beaker Stir Bar

    The PTFE Beaker Bar, magnetic stir bar, fits the inside diameter of the beakers indicated below. The Beaker Bars create a deep vortex even at low speeds.

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  • Dynalon® PTFE Beakers

    Isostatically molded from virgin PTFE and machine finished to give a smooth surface for ease of cleaning and to eliminate contamination. Beakers with pouring spouts are virtually immune ...
  • Dynalon® PTFE Heatable Beakers

    PTFE heatable beakers features the unique combination of a pure PTFE body with a specially formulated stabilized PTFE Carbon base as a single molding allowing for heating to 270°C without ...
  • Saint Gobain® Chemware® PTFE Griffin Beakers

    Microwaveable, non-contaminating and completely inert to highly corrosive reagents such as hydrofluoric acid. Can be heated on hot plate up to 288°C (550°F) when proper care is ...
  • Wilmad PTFE Beakers

    Molded from PTFE with smooth internal finish. Base has been machined to assure flat contact surface and good heat transfer. Beaker has Griffin profile and is recommended for trace metal ...