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Petri Dishes

Microbiology Petri Dishes

Spectrum offers Petri Dishes from the industry's leading manufacturers, including the leading brands, Simport and Kord-Valmark. Choose Spectrum Sterile Petri Dishes when you need high quality and a variety of shapes and sizes for laboratory procedures. Petri dishes are often used to make agar plates for microbiology studies. The dish is partially filled with warm liquid containing agar and a mixture of specific ingredients that may include nutrients, blood, salts, carbohydrates, dyes, indicators, amino acids and antibiotics. After the agar cools and solidifies, the dish is ready to receive a microbe-laden sample in a process known as inoculation or plating. Besides Simport Sterile Petri Dishes, Spectrum also carries Parter Medical Sterile Polystyrene Petri Dishes made from virgin polystyrene with complete optical clarity, as well as Kord-Valmark Sterile Polystyrene Petri Dishes for general microbiological laboratory use.

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