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Lab Dishes

Lab Dishes

Find a wide variety of lab dishes at Spectrum Chemical, including petri dishes, evaporating dishes, crystallizing dishes, disposable aluminum dishes, and more. Our stock of crystal polystyrene petri dishes are gamma irradiated and used to culture bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. Also choose from combustion boats, staining dishes, and more.

Spectrum specializes in providing the top lab dishes but if you do not see the product you require, just contact our chemical specialist at 800-772-8786. Get your products to market Safer, Sooner - Trust Your Ingredients!

Top Sellers in Lab Dishes

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  • Corning PYREX(R) Crystallizing Dishes

    The rims on these dishes are reinforced and fire polished to reduce chipping. Will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry). Ideal for storage and crystallization.

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  • Corning PYREX(R) Evaporating Dishes

    These dishes have rugged beaded rims, flat bottoms and are of standard medium depth. Withstand temperatures up to 230 DEG C (446 DEG F).

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  • Corning(R) 96-Well CrystalEX(R) Protein Crystallization Plate

    Designed for high-throughput protein screens using the sitting-drop format. Made of an optically-clear polymer that assures precise crystal visualization. Features 96 reservoir wells (210 ...
  • Thermo Scientific Nalgene(R) Petri Dish Rack

    Lightweight and easy-to-load. Provides safe transport. Break-resistant polycarbonate posts. Comes unassembled. Catalog Nos. 147-15994 and 147-15991 have polycarbonate frames and can be ...
  • Kimble-Chase(R) KIMAX(R) Crystallizing Dishes

    Top of each dish is reinforced and fire polished to reduce chipping.

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  • Wheaton(R) 20-Slide Staining Dish

    The removable glass slide rack has an open bottom for rapid immersing and draining of stain, thus eliminating any carry-over. Rack holds 20 regular sized slides back-to-back: 3 x 1 in. ...
  • Wheaton(R) 5 Slide Staining Jar, Tall with Lid

    This jar is specifically designed with an extra-tall lid to accept five single 25 mm x 75 mm and 25 mm x 100 mm slides or ten slides back to back. Manufactured from soda-lime glass. Approximate ...
  • Wheaton(R) Coplin Staining Jar with Glass Cover

    A popular staining jar with broad base and heavy glass walls for increased stability. Holds 5 single 3 x 1 in. (75 x 25 mm) slides vertically or 10 slides back-to-back. Requires small reagent ...
  • Wheaton(R) Coplin Staining Jar, 5-/10-Slide Unit, with Screw Cap

    This unit holds ten 3 x 1 (75 mm x 25 mm) slides, which extend above the opening so you can manipulate them without using forceps. The screw cap is made of linerless white polypropylene ...
  • Wheaton(R) Slide Grip

    Safely grips five slides from one end for easy handling and transferring. Allows the user to easily immerse slides in groups of five. Slide Grip will fit into Wheaton staining jars. Constructed ...
  • Wheaton(R) Staining Dish

    This Hellendahl-type dish may be used for staining or as a TLC developing chamber. Holds eight (8) individual 3 x 1 in. (75 x 25 mm) slides. When slides are placed back-to-back, it holds ...
  • Wheaton(R) Staining Dish with Cover

    For staining 3 x 1 in. (75 x 25 mm) microscope slides. Holds 10 single slides, 19 slides arranged alternately straight across and diagonally or 20 slides back-to-back. Manufactured from ...
  • Wheaton(R) Staining Dish with Cover, 50-Slide Unit

    This slotted rack holds 50 microscope slides, sizes 3 x 1 (75 mm x 25 mm), 3 x 1-1/2 (75 mm x 38 mm), and 3 x 2 (75 mm x 51 mm). The unit measures approximately 200 mm x 105 mm x 83 mm ...
  • Wheaton(R) Staining Jar with Cover

    This jar's wide top is designed for convenience in transferring slides, making it especially suitable for staining slides that are inscribed on one end. The jar holds eight single 3 x 1 ...
  • Wheaton(R) Weighing Dishes

    • Made from aluminum
    • Ideal for milligram weighing
    • Use with liquids or solids
    • Smooth surface ensures complete transfer
    • Use of balance-type ...
  • Aluminum Moisture Dish

    Inverted slip-in cover with beaded edge for tight sealing, can be handled with crucible tongs. Inside diameter at top 2-1/4 x 3/4 deep (57mm x 19mm). Drawn aluminum construction.
  • Bel-Art Scienceware(R) Polypropylene Evaporating Dish

    Smooth polypropylene dish with easy-pour spout. Useful for titration and evaporation, the dish resists acids and alkalies and is autoclavable at 121 DEG C (250 DEG F). Can also be used ...
  • Bel-Art Scienceware(R) Staining Dish

    Versatile slide rack and vessel for radiography gel staining and staining protocols. PMPA plastic construction makes the unit virtually shatter-proof, lightweight, with exceptional solvent ...
  • Boekel(R) Stainless Steel Petri Dish Can Holders

    Open style holder may be used for sterilization and storage of petri dishes. It measures (Dia. x H) in. (cm): 4.5 x 10.5 (11.4 x 26.7), holds (18) 100 x 10 mm dishes or (10) 100 x 15 mm ...
  • CoorsTek(R) Ceramic Flat Capsule

    CoorsTek(R) Ceramic Flat Capsule, This CoorsTek porcelain capsule style crucible, with straight sides, low form and flat bottom, is glazed inside and out, except for the rim. CoorsTek chemical-porcelain ...
  • CoorsTek(R) Ceramic Round Capsule

    CoorsTek Combustion, Rounded Bottom Porcelain Capsule. Glazed inside and out except for rim.

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  • CoorsTek(R) Combustion Boat

    CoorsTek(R) Combustion Boat

    Handle diameter.: 1 to 2.5 in.

    Brady™ Gate Valve Lockout Devices
    Make locking out valves safe and easy

    Two sizes to fit valve ...
  • CoorsTek(R) Evaporating Porcelain Dishes

    Chemical-porcelain evaporating dishes with lip. 35 to 350 mL sizes are glazed inside and out except for rim. 385 to 3250 mL sizes are glazed inside and partially outside. Maximum operating ...
  • CoorsTek(R) High Alumina Circular Dishes

    99.8% pure aluminum oxide. Highly resistant to chemical attack, this alumina-ceramic ware is especially useful to chemists, metallurgists and others involved in high-temperature work ...
  • CoorsTek(R) Porcelain Boats

    Combustion boats glazed inside and out except for the outside bottom surface.

    Image(s) are representative of the product group and not necessarily the individual product.
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