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Lab Plasticware

Lab Plasticware

Collect, transport, and store lab specimens with Spectrum's wide selection of lab plasticware, including lab trays, graduated beakers, lab style bottles, and more. Our stock of heavy-duty trays are fabricated with high density polyethylene; and our graduated beakers are made from strong polypropylene and are durable, easy-open, tight-sealing, and resistant to most chemicals, including formaldehyde. From the industry's leading manufacturer, Thermo Scientific Nalgene, these products are the smart choice for your lab because they are shatterproof, safe, cost effective, lighter than glass and recyclable. Some of the plasticware items we feature are bell jars, stopcocks, graduated cylinders, reservoirs, as well as pails and buckets, tanks, trays, vials, and washer & dryers. We also have a full selection of plastic lab funnels, flasks, pipets, spatulas and rods, and tubes and tubing in hundreds of lengths and sizes.

Spectrum specializes in providing the top lab plasticware but if you do not see the product you require, just contact our specialists at 800-772-8786. Get your products to market Safer, Sooner - Trust Your Ingredients!

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