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Magnetic Beads

Magnetic Beads

Spectrum offers laboratory grade Magnetic Beads from the industry’s leading manufacturer bioWorld. Whether you require a Black Pearl Magnetic Beads or a Epoxy Nanospheres, Spectrum has the Magnetic Beads solution for you.

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  • bioWORLD® Streptalon Steptavidin magnetic beads

    bioWold's Streptalon (Streptavidin magnetic beads) Kit is designed for convenient and quick purification of biotinylated proteins and nucleic acids in immunoprecipitation, protein interaction ...
  • bioWORLD® Streptalon Streptavidin-Magnetic Bead

    Streptavidin covalently linked to MagneZoom (magnetic beads). For magnetic separation and isolation of biotinylated ligands for affinity separations. Used in high throughput ...
  • bioWORLD® WGA-MagneZoom® Kit

    bioWorld's WGA-MagneZoom Kit is designed for quick and efficient magnetic separation by binding specifically to cell particles, glycoconjugates and polysachharides containing ...
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