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Spectrum Scientific Documentation

Spectrum Chemical has 1000 USP Chemicals

We understand with today’s increasing regulatory requirements you don’t just purchase a chemical; you purchase a chemical plus all the supporting documentation required to meet increasing regulatory demands. Spectrum’s Scientific Documentation program is designed to satisfy that need. Use the search bar below or browse through the list of compendial chemicals to find your Scientific Documentation. We have everything you need, all in one place. (Also, check out our full list of USP Chemicals at 1000USPCHEMICALS.COM!)

Statements and certificates included in your Scientific Documentation consist of:

  • Product Specification
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturing Process Flowchart
  • Certification of Quality Management Systems
  • Product BSE/TSE Statement
  • Product Allergen Statement
  • Product Aflatoxin Statement
  • General Label Information – Sample Label
  • Product Certificate of Analysis Sample
  • General Lot Numbering System Guidance
  • Stability – Shelf Life Guidance
  • Kosher Certificate

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