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Cleanroom Floor Mats

Cleanroom Floor Mats

Even before you have entered a cleanroom environment, you already need to be thinking about dust and dirt control. That is why Spectrum not only offers a great selection of cleanroom mats but also a range of pre-cleanroom mats to ensure that your cleanroom is maintained with the least possible amout of effort.

Top Sellers in Cleanroom Floor Mats

  • Q-Leap(R) Adhesive Mats

    Manufactured in a cleanroom environment from film extrusion to adhesive coating to cutting and packaging. Each layer is 100% coated with a consistent application of adhesive and is ...
  • Wearwell(R) Clean Zone Mat

    Clean Zone conceals dirt and absorbs moisture. Resists crushing and compressing so it will not show traffic patterns. Its dense, super absorptive fibers make dirt and water disappear instantly. ...
  • Wearwell(R) Cleanroom Mats

    A convenient and economical way of trapping impurities in areas requiring dust and dirt control. Adhesive surface attracts and contains dust and dirt, protecting your environment against ...
  • Wearwell(R) Multi-Guard Mats

    Keep dirt outside. Heavy-duty mat has exceptional dirt trapping qualities. Thousands of scraping fingers powerfully remove dirt from sight. Mat holds pounds of dirt, yet is easily cleaned ...
  • Wearwell(R) Tuf Sponge Mats

    Relief for tired, aching feet in areas where people stand at work. Provides a comfortable cushion to reduce foot, leg and back fatigue. High-grade, closed-cell vinyl sponge. Reduces floor ...