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Lab Detergents & Cleaners

Lab Safety Detergents

Perform critical & precision cleaning with Spectrum's selection of lab safety detergents. Used to remove contaminants such as grease, blood, agar and protein digestates, our stock of detergents include tablets for use in syphon pipet washers; detergent powder excellent for glassware; non-foaming detergent which is good at preventing leaks, and more.

Spectrum specializes in providing the top lab safety detergents but if you do not see the product you require, just contact our chemical specialist at 800-772-8786. Get your products to market Safer, Sooner - Trust Your Ingredients!

Top Sellers in Lab Detergents & Cleaners

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  • ChromacleanTM

    ChromacleanTM A specially formulated, concentrated sulfuric acid-dichromate mixture for cleaning glassware. Chromaclean(TM)

  • Chromerge(R)

    Chromerge(R) Used for making chromic-sulfuric acid solution for cleaning all types of labware. Carefully add 25 g to 2.5 L sulfuric acid and mix well. Possible carcinogen. Chromerge(R).

  • Micro(R)

    Micro(R) Liquid laboratory cleaner made for critical cleaning. Will not burn skin or etch glassware. To prepare cleaning solution use 2 1/2 ounces of Micro-90 for ...

  • Electrode Cleaner

    Electrode Cleaner Solution of proteolytic enzymes and 0.1N HCI. Recommended for removing protein and mineral deposits from glass pH electrodes. Soak for 15 minutes and rinse in deionized ...

  • Alcojet(R), Mechanical Washing Detergent, Powder

    Alcojet(R), Mechanical Washing Detergent, Powder Concentrated powder detergent removes soil, grit, organic contaminants, inorganic residues, particulates, chemicals and solvents. For ...

  • Alconox Detergent 8(R), Liquid

    Alconox Detergent 8(R), Liquid is a precision cleaner of laboratory equipment and glassware. It is often used in laboratories in manual and ultrasonic cleaning. The detergent is good ...

  • Alconox(R), Detergent, Powder

    Alconox(R), Detergent, Powder - A powdered detergent that is excellent as a precision cleaner of laboratory equipment and glassware. In laboratories, it is used in both manual and ultrasonic ...

  • Alcotabs(R), Detergent, Tablets

    Alcotabs(R), Detergent, Tablets Critical cleaning effervescent detergent tablets for use in syphon pipet washers. Slow release bubble action and free rinsing produce reliable results ...

  • Citrajet

    Citrajet is a low-foaming acid cleaner which is ideal for use as an acid wash or rinse. Ungraded products supplied by Alconox are indicative of a grade suitable for general industrial ...

  • Citranox(R)

    Citranox(R) Liquid acid cleaner and detergent for high performance removal of metal oxides, scale, salts and inorganic residues in manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Ideal for trace metal ...

  • Detonox(R)

    Ultimate Precision Cleaner
    • Concentrated to save you money
    • Exceptional cosmetic and pharmaceutical polymer, cream and lotion removal
    • ...

  • Keylajet Low-foaming chelating alkaline detergent

    Keylajet Low-foaming chelating alkaline detergent - For hard to clean soils, grit, grime, slime, grease, buffing compounds, oils, particulates, deposits, chemical and solvents, mold ...

  • Liquinox(R)

    Liquinox(R) is a critical cleaning anionic liquid detergent for manual and ultrasonic cleaning. It is used to clean: healthcare instruments, laboratory ware, vacuum equipment, tissue

  • Solujet

    Solujet Nonionic, low foaming phosphate free liquid cleaner for use in labware washers, manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Corrosion inhibited formula recommended for glassware, metals, ...

  • Terg-A-Zyme(R), Powder

    Terg-A-Zyme(R), Powder Powdered enzyme detergent removes proteinaceous soils, tissue, blood and body fluids from glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, rubber and ...

  • Thermo Scientific Nalgene® Liquid Detergent

    Thoroughly clean all plastic labware, especially polycarbonate, with Thermo Scientific Nalgene L900 Liquid Detergent. This environmentally friendly formula ...
  • Palmero E-VAC System Kit

    E-VAC System Kit

    • Convenient all-in-one Vacuum Shock and Vacuum Clean Evacuation System Maintenance Kit
    • Kit includes one 6-tablet/jar of Vacuum Shock and one 45-tablet/jar ...
  • Palmero Shock and CLean Operatory Kit

    Shock & Clean Operatory Kit

    • 2-step system keeps vacuum lines functioning at peak efficiency
    • Cleans and maintains your evacuation system
    • No fuss easy ...
  • Palmero Ultra Super Sonic

    Ultra Super Sonic

    • Technologically advanced ultrasonic and instrument pre-cleaning tablet
    • Engineered to achieve maximum instrument cleaning and proper removal of ...
  • Palmero Vacuum Clean

    Dental Product Shopper Evaluation & Rating

    • Second stage in Palmero 2-Step Evacuation System Maintenance Kit
    • 1 tablet weekly
    • Continuously cleans evacuation ...
  • Palmero Vacuum Shock

    Vacuum Shock

    • First stage in Palmero 2-Step Evacuation System Maintenance Kit
    • 1 tablet monthly
    • Removes accumulations and keeps vacuum lines clean to ...
  • Pharma-Choice® Pharma-Surface Guard®

    • Two-step process is designed to clean spills without causing oxidation on stainless steel surfaces
    • Cleans and inactivates most chemotherapy drugs and other hazardous ...
  • SP Bel-Art® Aquet® Liquid Detergent for Glassware and Plastics

    Safe for glassware, plastics and surfaces, this phosphate-free, nonionic surfactant will not etch or mar precision glassware. It rinses quickly and dries without wiping.

    • ...
  • SP Bel-Art® Clear Soak Tablets

    SP Bel-Art Clear Soak Tablets

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  • Surface Safe® 2 Step Applicator Kit

    Surface Safe 2 Step Applicator Kit cleans and inactivates many chemotherapy drugs. Each box contains 15 double packets for convenience. Each double packet treats approximately 2 square ...
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