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SampleLock Syringes

SampleLock Syringes

Spectrum offers laboratory grade SampleLock Syringes from the industry’s leading manufacturer. If you require a Sample Lock Syringe, Spectrum has the SampleLock Syringes solution for you.

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  • Hamilton Syringe Adapters

    These adapters are designed to attach to the end of standard Hamilton syringes to modify the functionality of the syringe. The Septum adapter connects to the end of TLL and LT syringes ...
  • Hamilton® MTB Sampling Valve

    The MTB Sampling Valve is a lever-actuated on/off valve used for storing and transporting samples in any GASTIGHT PTFE-Luer Lock (TLL) or Luer Tip (LT) syringe. Convert any TLL or LT syringe ...
  • SampleLock Syringes

    The Hamilton SampleLock syringes allow you to collect, store, transport and analyze liquid or gaseous samples without the danger of evaporative loss or environmental contamination. Syringes ...
  • Wilmad Sample Syringe

    LabGlass's Supreme 14/10 Microscale Kit is similar to LK-15000-100 , without the components required for the collection of G.C. effluents.