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Electrophoresis Apparatus Accessories

Electrophoresis Apparatus Accessories

Spectrum offers laboratory grade Electrophoresis Appartus Accessories from the industry’s leading manufacturers including C.B.S Scientific, Thermo Scientific, Nalgene and many others. Whether you require a Staining Box or a DGGE system Accessory, Spectrum has the Electrophoresis Appartus Accessories solution for you.

Top Sellers in Electrophoresis Apparatus Accessories

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  • MTC Bio BluBlot® HS Autoradiography Film

    BluBlot HS is a high quality, blue sensitive film that is ideal for a wide range of electrophoretic and autoradiography applications. It can be used with calcium tungstate ...
  • MTC Bio Blue-Lite UHC Western Blotting Film

    Blu-Lite UHC high contrast, high sensitivity autoradiography film. Blu-Lite UHC film is specially formulated for an optimized balance of high sensitivity and low background. ...
  • MTC Bio Western Blot Boxes

    With boxes that are correctly matched to common blot sizes, you can fit more blots on shakers/rockers while keeping reagent and antibody usage to an absolute minimum. Additionally, all ...
  • Scienceware® Antibody Saver Tray Set

    Versatile sets of trays and lanes in 2 sizes can be mixed and matched for maximum efficiency when performing Western Blots.
    • Reduce antibody volume by using ...
  • UVP Doc-ItLS Image Analysis Software

    Doc-ItLS Image Analysis Software is designed as an easy-to-use software package for 1D analysis of gels, plates and membranes as well as colony counting. The software offers many image ...
  • UVP Mitsubishi Digital Thermal Printers

    Quickly document gels, films and membranes with archive quality thermal printer. The printer easily connects to imaging systems for low cost prints in seconds.

    • High resolution, ...
  • UVP Thermal Paper for Digital Thermal Printers

    UVP Thermal Paper for Digital Thermal Printers

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  • Wilmad Gel Staining Boxes

    Electrophoresis gels and membranes can be easily stained, destained, fixed and handled in these boxes. Select either clear PMP box for easier viewing or the economical polypropylene box.

    • ...
  • smartSlicer® Gel Cutter/Safety Razor

    At just 0.27 mm (0.011 in.) the US Patent Pending smartSlicer is as thin as a single edge industrial razor blade but much safer. The smartSlicer is able to cleanly slice gels (best on 1% ...
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