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Laboratory Timers

Temperature Humidity Laboratory Timers

Accommodate a wide range of temperature and humidity applications with Spectrum Chemical's wide selection of temperature humidity timers. These devices feature visual and audible alarms which indicate when temperature, humidity or dew point rises above and falls below user-defined set points.

Spectrum specializes in providing the top temperature humidity timers but if you do not see the product you require, just contact our chemical specialist at 800-772-8786. Get your products to market safer & sooner - Trust Your Ingredients!

Top Sellers in Laboratory Timers

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  • Traceable® Atomic Clock

    Traceable Clock is accurate to 1/9,000 of a second at all times. Receives a signal directly from the world's most accurate timekeeper, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. ...
  • Traceable® Bench Timer

    Times from 0.001 second to 999 hours. Precise timing and an eight-digit, 1/2 in. high, bright-intensity LED display make it the choice for all industrial and biomedical ...
  • Traceable® Big Digit Stopwatch/Chronograph

    Complete Digital stopwatch/Chronograph reads time up to 24 hours at 0.0035% accuracy. Resolution is 0.01 second under 30 minutes and automatically expands to 1 second resolution when ...
  • Traceable® Clip-It® Timer

    • Clip it to anything
    • Alarm sounds for 60 seconds
    • Functions as a stopwatch as well

    The handiest timer ever designed clips to your lab coat, belt, notebook, ...
  • Traceable® Clock/Thermometer/Calendar

    Extra-large LCD digits are 21/8 inches high to provide perfect visibility up to 35 feet away. Time can be shown in AM/PM or 24-hour time. Temperature displays degrees ...
  • Traceable® Clock/Thermometer/Humidity

    Ultra-modern clock is high-tech in appearance. Shows crisp readable dials with a low profile case. It's the prestige clock to place on any wall. At twenty feet, read time, temperature, ...
  • Traceable® Countdown Controller

    Countdown controller turns any piece of equipment on or off at the end of a set time period. Program controller in an instant with easy-to-use countdown time mode.

    Performs reproducible ...
  • Traceable® Countdown Stopwatch

    Display continually shows running time remaining to zero. When zero is reached, timer sounds an alarm for 5 seconds. Set it to count down at any time from 99 hours to 1 second. When zero ...
  • Traceable® Digital Benchtop Timer

    Switchable between cumulative and interval-split, the unit also allows an infinite number of time-outs. Oversize keys make it easy to use. Digital display is 3/4 in. ...
  • Traceable® Digital Radio Atomic Wall Clock

    Radio signal from NIST in Colorado automatically adjusts clock to precise time, daylight savings, leap year, and leap seconds (earth rotation wobble corrections). Display shows AM/PM or ...
  • Traceable® Digital Stopwatch

    • Tongue and groove craftsmanship
    • 0.4 in. high LCD digits
    • Water-resistant
    • Ten-hour timing

    Precise, Traceable timing for enzyme tests, viscosity ...
  • Traceable® Digital Timer Plus

    • Alarm sounds for 60 seconds
    • Six-button operation
    • Designed to clip to anything; lab coat, belt, notebook, clipboard, or anywhere.

    Six-digit LCD shows ...
  • Traceable® Dual-Display Digital Stopwatch

    • Features: 30 memories, alarm
    • Stopwatch functions: single action, time out, cumulative split, interval split, continuous roll-over timing
    • Dual display shows ...
  • Traceable® Extra Large Countdown Timer

    • 11/2 inch digit height for easy viewing from 60 feet
    • Reliable, 3-key operation makes countdown settings in 1 second increments easy to program
    • ...
  • Traceable® Flashing LED Alert Big-Digit Alarm Timer

    Large Digit Timer with Memory Capabilities
    Massive, 1-inch-high display permits viewing from across the lab. Its microcomputer chip permits setting 3 countdown times into memory. Program ...
  • Traceable® Flashing LED Alert Big-Digit Dual Channel Alarm Timer

    Multi-tasking Lab Partner
    Allows simultaneous programming of two different activities from 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to 1 second. Resolution is 1 second; accuracy is 0.01%. ...
  • Traceable® Four Channel Alarm Timer

    The microcomputer chip in this timer permits setting 4 separate channels simultaneously in any combination of countdown or count-up (stopwatch). Set any countdown time from 99 hours, 59 ...
  • Traceable® GIANT-DIGIT® Countdown Timer

    View giant size digits on your bench timer from across the lab. Visible from shelves, in hoods, or perched on instruments. Eliminates squinting to observe alarm time remaining.

    • ...
  • Traceable® GIANT-DIGITS Radio Atomic Clock

    • View time temperature and humidity from anywhere
    • Giant-Digits 41/2 inches viewable from 200 feet
    • Radio signal from ...
  • Traceable® GIANT-DIGITS Radio Atomic Clock with Remote Sensor

    • Giant-Digits 43/4 inches viewable from 200 feet
    • Desk stand and wall mount supplied
    • Simultaneously displays both F/C ...
  • Traceable® Humidity Controller

    Humidity outlet switch turns any piece of equipment on or off. Program higher-ON/lower-OFF or lower-ON/higher-OFF switching at any set point from 30 to 90% RH in 1% RH increments. ...
  • Traceable® Instant-Recall Memory Timer

    • Features: count down, time in/out, memory
    • Intuitive, 3-key programming make this all-time-favorite perfect for delivering countdown results
    • Valuable time-out ...
  • Traceable® Jumbo Timer

    • 1-inch-high LCD digits
    • Displays 2 timing modes
    • Functions as a stopwatch and a clock

    Allows simultaneous programming of two different activities from ...
  • Traceable® Jumbo-Digit Stopwatch

    Times to 24 hours. Timing resolution is 1/100 of a second for the first 30 minutes, continues timing to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds with a 1-second resolution. Accuracy is 0.001% ...
  • Traceable® Key Chain Timer

    • Alarm sounds for 60 seconds
    • 1/3-inch-high digits
    • 3-button operation

    Counts down, alarms, and functions as a stopwatch. One of the handiest timers ...
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