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Steroid Glycosides


Steroid Glycosides

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  • Digitonin, Crystal, Reagent

    DI120 | 11024-24-1 | C56H92O29 | Spectrum Chemical

    Digitonin, Crystal, Reagent, also known as digitin, can be used as a detergent. The Reagent grade denotes that this chemical is the highest quality commercially available and that the ...

  • Digitonin

    TCI-D0540 | 11024-24-1 | C56H92O29 | TCI America


  • Digitoxin, USP

    DI122 | 71-63-6 | C41H64O13 | Spectrum Chemical

    Digitoxin, USP is a cardiac glycoside used to treat heart failure and certain types of irregular heartbeat. All Spectrum Chemical USP grade products are manufactured, packaged and stored ...

  • Digitoxin

    TCI-D0542 | 71-63-6 | C41H64O13 | TCI America


  • Digoxin

    TCI-D1828 | 20830-75-5 | C41H64O14 | TCI America

    Digoxin is a cardiac glycoside that is like digitoxin which comes from the foxglove plant. This is the research grade of a drug used to treat various heart conditions, like heart failure. ...

  • Tomatine

    T3913 | 17406-45-0 | C50H83NO21 | Spectrum Chemical

    Tomatine, also known as Tomatin or Lycopersicin, is a glycoalkaloid with fungicidal and antimicrobial properties and is used as a reagent in analytical chemistry. Ungraded products supplied ...