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Saturated Higher Fatty Acids

Saturated Higher Fatty Acids

Find a high quality inventory of saturated higher fatty acids at Spectrum Chemical which are typically derived from triglycerides or phospholipids. Lauric acid is a saturated fatty acid ester used in selective synthesis of the secondary amide surfactant, N-methyl lauroylethanolamide.

Spectrum specializes in providing the top saturated higher fatty acids but if you do not see the product, grade or form of the ingredient you require, just contact our chemical specialist at 800-772-8786. Get your products to market Safer, Sooner - Trust Your Ingredients!

Top Sellers in Saturated Higher Fatty Acids

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  • Melissic Acid

    TCI-M0595 | 506-50-3 | C30H60O2 | TCI America

    Melissic Acid

  • Myristic Acid, Reagent

    MY110 | 544-63-8 | CH3(CH2)12COOH | Spectrum Chemical

    Myristic Acid, Reagent, also known as tetradecanoic acid, acts as a lipid anchor in biomembranes. The Reagent grade denotes that this chemical is the highest quality commercially available ...

  • Myristic Acid

    TCI-M0476 | 544-63-8 | CH3(CH2)12COOH | TCI America

    Myristic Acid, also known as tetradecanoic acid, is a saturated fatty acid that acts as a lipid anchor in biomembranes. Ungraded products supplied by TCI America are generally suitable ...