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Reagent & Ungraded Solvents

Reagent Solvents

Spectrum carries Laboratory Solvents in various forms, grades and quantities. Choose from Spectrum’s wide selection, including Butyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, 2,2,4-Trimethylpentanemethyl alcohol, and more. Spectrum’s laboratory solvents are controlled for pesticide residue analysis by electron capture GLC techniques. Improve the quality of your materials and the precision of your data with whichever Spectrum product you select.

Top Sellers in Reagent & Ungraded Solvents

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  • Water, Reagent, ACS

    W1000 | 7732-18-5 | H2O | Spectrum Chemical

    Water, Reagent, ACS is used in many chemical reactions. Due to its ability to dissolve many ionic compounds, water is a common solvent in inorganic reactions. It is, however, rarely ...

  • Water, HPLC Grade

    HP902 | 7732-18-5 | H2O | Spectrum Chemical

    Water, HPLC Grade, is used in most HPLC mobile phases and in sample preparation. Because it dissolves most substances and is nontoxic, it is known as a Universal Solvent. To be used ...

  • Water, Deionized

    LC26750 | 7732-18-5 | H2O | LabChem

    Water, Deionized is water that has had most of any dissolved mineral ions removed (cations and anions) but not uncharged organic molecules. Deionized water uses include general laboratory ...

  • Water, OmniSolv(R)

    WX0004 | 7732-18-5 | H2O | Millipore Sigma

    Water, OmniSolv(R) is a common solvent in inorganic reactions. EMD's Omnisolv brand reagent quality products are tested for suitability in High Performance Liquid chromatography (HPLC). ...

  • Water, ASTM Type I, II, Reagent, ACS

    9150 | 7732-18-5 | H2O | Ricca Chemical

    Water, ASTM Type I, II, Reagent, ACS - As an ACS grade quality reagent, its chemical specifications are the de facto standards for chemicals used in many high-purity applications and ...