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Dyes and Stains

Dyes and Stains

Spectrum manufactures a wide variety of Dyes and Stains. While Spectrum dyes are coloring agents used for general coloring purposes, Spectrum stains are used for a wide variety of biological specimen staining techniques. Regardless of your staining technique, Spectrum has the product for you. Trust your ingredients when you buy from Spectrum!

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  • Methylene Blue, C.I. 52015

    ME140 | 7220-79-3 | C16H18N3SCl•3H2O | Spectrum Chemical

    Methylene Blue, C.I. 52015 is a heterocyclic aromatic solid that is an odorless powder that has a dark green tinge and turns to blue when mixed with water. It is used in aquaculture ...

  • Methylene Blue

    LC16850 | 7220-79-3 | C16H18N3SCl•3H2O | LabChem

    Methylene Blue is an organic compound and part of the thiazine class of heterocycles which is used most often as an antimicrobial agent. Ungraded products supplied by LabChem are indicative ...

  • Methylene Blue Stain Solution, Loeffler's

    R03101 | 61-73-4 | Millipore Sigma

    Methylene Blue Stain Solution, Loeffler's

  • Methyl Orange, Reagent, ACS

    ME160 | 547-58-0 | C14H14N3O3SNa | Spectrum Chemical

    Methyl Orange, Reagent, ACS is most typically used as an indicator in titrations due to the fact of its color change. The color changes happen in acidic conditions and usually moves ...

  • Methyl Red Sodium Salt, Reagent, ACS

    ME166 | 845-10-3 | C15H14N3O2Na | Spectrum Chemical

    Methyl Red Sodium Salt, Reagent, ACS, is a pH indicator or indicator dye. It works by turning red for pH levels under 4.4 and yellow over 6.2. It becomes orange with a varying spectrum ...

  • Methyl Red Sodium Salt

    LC17080 | 845-10-3 | C15H14N3O2Na | LabChem

    Methyl Red Sodium Salt, also known as C.I. Acid Red 2, is an indicator and azo dye that turns red in acidic solutions. Ungraded products supplied by LabChem are indicative of a grade ...

  • Methyl Violet 2B

    ME175 | 8004-87-3 | C24H28N3CI | Spectrum Chemical

    Methyl Violet 2B, also known as crystal violet, can be used as a purple dye for textiles and to give deep violet colors in paint and ink. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative ...