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Dyes and Stains

Dyes and Stains

Spectrum manufactures a wide variety of Dyes and Stains. While Spectrum dyes are coloring agents used for general coloring purposes, Spectrum stains are used for a wide variety of biological specimen staining techniques. Regardless of your staining technique, Spectrum has the product for you. Trust your ingredients when you buy from Spectrum!

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  • Leishman Stain Solution

    R03087 | 12627-53-1 | Millipore Sigma

    Leishman Stain Solution, also called Leishman's stain, is used for staining blood smears in microscopy. It can also be used to differentiate leucocytes, trypanosomas, malaria parasites. ...

  • Litmus, Powder

    LI130 | 1393-92-6 | Spectrum Chemical

    Litmus, Powder is a mixture of dyes that are extracted from lichens and used to test whether materials are acidic or basic. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative of ...