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Solvent Excipients

Solvent Excipients

Solvent excipients are used in ointments and other topical products, such as antibacterial creams and corticosteroids. These solvent excipients are also used in the beginning of the process to manufacture the active ingredients. As the drug is being transformed into its final form, whether cream, lotion or liquid, solvents are used as a medium for blending materials. Solvents also are used to help the final product achieve the proper consistency. Spectrum specializes in providing the top drug solvents but if you do not see the product, grade or form of the drug solvent you require, just contact our excipient chemical specialist. Get your products to market Safer, Sooner - Trust Your Ingredients!

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  • Acetone, NF

    AC115 | 67-64-1 | C3H6O | Spectrum Chemical

    Acetone, NF is a low boiling, volatile organic compound. It is considered one of the five common excipient solvents suitable for pharmaceutical preparations, including water, methanol, ...

  • Alcohol, 190 Proof, USP

    ET108 | 64-17-5 | C2H5OH | Spectrum Chemical

    Alcohol, 190 Proof, USP is approximately 95% Ethanol and 5% water. This product, 190 proof USP grade alcohol, is used as an antiseptic to disinfect skin prior to injections and ...