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Hair Colorant Chemicals

Hair Colorant Chemicals

Improve and expand hair coloring formulations with Spectrum's supply of hair colorant chemicals. Choose from four classifications including permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary.

Spectrum specializes in providing the top hair colorant chemicals but if you do not see the product, grade or form of the ingredient you require, just contact our chemical specialist at 800-772-8786. Over 45,000 Chemicals, batch traceability - Trust Your Ingredients!

Top Sellers in Hair Colorant Chemicals

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  • Acid Red 14

    A3004 | 3567-69-9 | C20H12N2Na2O7S2 | Spectrum Chemical

    Acid Red 14, also known as Azorubine or carmoisine, is a synthetic red food dye used in externally applied cosmetics and drugs; it can also be used in certain foods like cheeses and ...

  • Acid Red 52

    A1586 | 3520-42-1 | C27H29N2NaO7S2 | Spectrum Chemical

    Acid Red 52

  • 4-Amino-2-hydroxytoluene

    A1233 | 2835-95-2 | C7H9NO | Spectrum Chemical


  • Basic Fuchsin Hydrochloride

    BA135 | 632-99-5 | C20H19N3•HCl | Spectrum Chemical

    Basic Fuchsin Hydrochloride, also known as rosaniline hydrochloride or fuchsin, is a dye that becomes magenta when dissolved in water. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative ...

  • Bismuth Citrate, Powder, USP

    B1973 | 813-93-4 | C6H5BiO7 | Spectrum Chemical

    Bismuth Citrate, Powder, USP - All Spectrum Chemical USP products are manufactured, packaged and stored under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) per 21CFR part 211 in FDA registered ...

  • Bromophenol Blue, Reagent, ACS

    BR144 | 115-39-9 | C19H10O5SBr4 | Spectrum Chemical

    Bromophenol Blue, Reagent, ACS is used as an acid-base indicator and a gel electrophoresis color marker. As an acid-base indicator its useful range lies between pH 3.0 and 4.6. At pH ...

  • Bromothymol Blue, Reagent, ACS

    BR154 | 76-59-5 | C27H28O5SBr2 | Spectrum Chemical

    Bromothymol Blue, Reagent, ACS is a pH indicator for weak acids and bases. It is mostly used in applications that require measuring substances that would have a relatively neutral pH ...

  • 2,4-Diaminophenol Dihydrochloride

    DI103 | 137-09-7 | (H2N)2C6H3OH•2HCl | Spectrum Chemical

    2,4-Diaminophenol Dihydrochloride, also known as Amidol, is a dihydrogen chloride salt used as a developing agent in photography; it is a colorless crystalline compound. Ungraded products ...

  • 2,6-Diaminopyridine

    D2655 | 141-86-6 | C5H7N3 | Spectrum Chemical


  • 2,3-Dihydroxynaphthalene

    D2602 | 92-44-4 | C10H8O2 | Spectrum Chemical


  • 2,7-Dihydroxynaphthalene

    N2075 | 582-17-2 | C10H8O2 | Spectrum Chemical


  • Ethyl Violet

    ET120 | 2390-59-2 | C31H42N3Cl | Spectrum Chemical

    Ethyl Violet

  • Hydroquinone, USP

    HY113 | 123-31-9 | C6H6O2 | Spectrum Chemical

    Hydroquinone, USP is an effective topical medicine used to treat dark colored patches, freckles, and spots on the skin that appear due to sun exposure. All Spectrum Chemical USP grade ...

  • Isatin

    IS105 | 91-56-5 | C8H5NO2 | Spectrum Chemical


  • Lead Acetate, Trihydrate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS

    L1040 | 6080-56-4 | C4H6O4Pb•3H2O | Spectrum Chemical

    Lead Acetate, Trihydrate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS is a chemical compound and is obtained by treating lead oxide with acetic acid. It is used as a reagent and comes in a crystalline form. ...

  • Malachite Green, Crystal, Technical

    MA143 | 569-64-2 | C23H25CIN2 | Spectrum Chemical

    Malachite Green, Crystal, Technical, also known as Aniline green or Basic green 4, is used as a dyestuff and an agent in aquaculture. Technical grade products supplied by Spectrum are ...

  • m-Aminophenol

    A2349 | 591-27-5 | C6H7NO | Spectrum Chemical

    m-Aminophenol, also known as 3-Aminophenol or 3-Hydroxyaniline, is an organic compound and an aromatic amine which has applications as a stabilizer for chlorine-containing thermoplastics ...

  • 2-Methylresorcinol, Technical

    M2379 | 608-25-3 | C7H8O2 | Spectrum Chemical

    2-Methylresorcinol, Technical

  • Methyl Violet 2B

    ME175 | 8004-87-3 | C24H28N3CI | Spectrum Chemical

    Methyl Violet 2B, also known as crystal violet, can be used as a purple dye for textiles and to give deep violet colors in paint and ink. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative ...

  • m-Nitrophenol

    N2033 | 554-84-7 | C6H5NO3 | Spectrum Chemical


  • m-Phenylenediamine

    P2385 | 108-45-2 | C6H8N2 | Spectrum Chemical

    m-Phenylenediamine, also known as 1,3-diaminobenzene, is an organic compound and an isomer of p-phenylenediamine and o-phenylenediamine which can be used to prepare several polymers ...

  • 1-Naphthol, Reagent

    N1009 | 90-15-3 | C10H7OH | Spectrum Chemical

    1-Naphthol, Reagent is a fluorescent organic compound that has an appearance of a white solid. It is soluble in alcohols, ethers, and chloroform. It is commonly used as biomarkers for ...

  • 2-Naphthol, Reagent

    N1014 | 135-19-3 | C10H7OH | Spectrum Chemical

    2-Naphthol, Reagent, also known as 2-Hydroxynaphthalene, is an intermediate used for the production of dyes and other compounds. The Reagent grade denotes that this chemical is the highest ...

  • Naphthol Yellow S

    N1301 | 846-70-8 | C10H4N2O8SNa2 | Spectrum Chemical

    Naphthol Yellow S, also known as Acid Yellow 1 or Food Yellow 1, is a dye and a general protein stain. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative of a grade suitable for general ...

  • New Fuchsin

    NE115 | 3248-91-7 | C22H23N3•HCI | Spectrum Chemical

    New Fuchsin, also known as Magenta III, is magenta colored and most commonly used as a dye. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative of a grade suitable for general industrial ...

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