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Cosmetic pH Adjusters

Cosmetic pH Adjusters

Adjust the pH of a finished product with Spectrum's wide selection of cosmetic pH adjusters. These chemical ingredients maintain the stability of formulations and efficacy of the finished cosmetic or personal care product.

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  • Lactic Acid, Racemic, USP

    L1010 | 50-21-5 | C3H6O3 | Spectrum Chemical

    Lactic Acid, Racemic, USP is used as a food preservative, curing agent, and flavoring agent. All Spectrum Chemical USP products are manufactured, packaged and stored under current Good ...

  • Lactobionic Acid, Reagent

    L1017 | 96-82-2 | C12H22O12 | Spectrum Chemical

    Lactobionic Acid, Reagent, also known as Galactosylgluconic acid, is a food additive used as a stabilizer and in the pharmaceutical industry as an excipient for formulation. The Reagent ...

  • Lithium Hydroxide, Anhydrous

    L1121 | 1310-65-2 | LiOH | Spectrum Chemical

    Lithium Hydroxide, Anhydrous, also known as lithine, is a hygroscopic crystalline material mainly consumed for the production of lithium greases such as lithium stearate. It is also ...

  • L-(+)-Lactic Acid, High Purity

    L1004 | 79-33-4 | C3H6O3 | Spectrum Chemical

    L-(+)-Lactic Acid, High Purity, also known as milk acid, is used in various biochemical processes. It is a carboxylic acid and has a hydroxyl group adjacent to the carboxyl group. Ungraded ...

  • L-(-)-Malic Acid

    M2050 | 97-67-6 | C4H6O5 | Spectrum Chemical

    L-(-)-Malic Acid is a dicarboxylic acid and organic compound made by all living organisms. Malic acid is responsible for the sour taste of most fruits and is utilized as a food additive. ...