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Cosmetic Skin Conditioners

Cosmetic Skin Conditioners

Cosmetic skin conditioners are used to leave skin soft, supple and hydrated by preventing chaffing, chapping and cracking. Skin conditioners are used not only used to provide a hydration base for cosmetic humectants and moisturizers but to provide a source of skin nutrients from organic herbs and water-soluble botanicals, vitamins and essential oils.

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  • Acetylcysteine, USP

    AC126 | 616-91-1 | C5H9NO3S | Spectrum Chemical

    Acetylcysteine, USP is used as a nutritional antioxidant. All Spectrum Chemical USP products, including all USP Acetylcysteine products, are manufactured, packaged and stored under current ...

  • Acetyl-L-carnitine Hydrochloride

    A1583 | 5080-50-2 | C9H17NO4•HCl | Spectrum Chemical

    Acetyl-L-carnitine Hydrochloride

  • Adenosine-5'-monophosphate, Free Acid

    AD113 | 61-19-8 | C10H14N5O7P | Spectrum Chemical

    Adenosine-5'-monophosphate, Free Acid, also known as Adenosine monophosphate, is used as a monomer in DNA and RNA. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative of a grade suitable ...

  • Adenosine-5'-triphosphate Disodium Salt

    AD125 | 987-65-5 | C10H14N5O13P3Na2•xH2O | Spectrum Chemical

    Adenosine-5'-triphosphate Disodium Salt is a nucleoside triphosphate that cells use as a coenzyme. It is used by structural proteins and enzymes in several types of cellular processes ...

  • Albumin, Bovine, Fraction V, Lyophilized Powder

    AL135 | 9048-46-8 | Spectrum Chemical

    Albumin, Bovine, Fraction V, Lyophilized Powder

  • Albumin, Bovine, pH 5.2

    A3614 | 9048-46-8 | Spectrum Chemical

    Albumin, Bovine, pH 5.2, also known as Bovine serum albumin, is a serum albumin protein from cows which is used as a protein concentration standard in laboratory experiments. Ungraded ...

  • Alkaline Phosphatase

    A3617 | 9001-78-9 | Spectrum Chemical

    Alkaline Phosphatase, also known as ALPase or Alk Phos, is a hydrolase enzyme used in the lab to remove phosphate monoester to prevent self-ligation. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum ...

  • Allantoin, USP

    A2721 | 97-59-6 | C4H6N4O3 | Spectrum Chemical

    Allantoin, USP is a moisturizing ingredient. All Spectrum Chemical USP products are manufactured, packaged and stored under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) per 21CFR part ...

  • Allantoin, Powder

    AL213 | 97-59-6 | C4H6N4O3 | Spectrum Chemical

    Allantoin, Powder, also referred to as glyoxyldiureide, is an important metabolic intermediate in many mammals, plants and bacteria, exept humans and higher apes. It is present in botanical ...

  • all-trans-Retinal

    R3041 | 116-31-4 | C20H28O | Spectrum Chemical

    all-trans-Retinal is also known as retinaldehyde and considered a form of vitamin A. It is the chemical basis of animal vision. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative ...

  • all-trans-Retinol

    R1474 | 68-26-8 | C20H30O | Spectrum Chemical

    all-trans-Retinol is also known as all-trans-retinol 13,14-reductase. This is an enzyme that belongs to the family of oxidoreductases. Ungraded products supplied by Spectrum are indicative ...

  • Almond Oil, Sweet, NF

    AL215 | 8007-69-0 | Spectrum Chemical

    Almond Oil, Sweet, NF is a natural, versatile and effective emollient known for its stability and high level of the skin-nourishing Linoleic Acid. Spectrum Chemical NF products are manufactured, ...

  • Aloe Vera, 200:1, Powder

    A1861 | 85507-69-3 | Spectrum Chemical

    Aloe Vera, 200:1, Powder - Spectrum's freeze dried aloe vera powder is easy to use. Just add 199 parts distilled or deionized water to 1 part aloe vera powder to reconstitute the oil ...

  • Aloe Vera Oil

    A1612 | 100084-89-7 | Spectrum Chemical

    Aloe Vera Oil is a succulent plant species used in herbal medicine. It is typically used in cosmetics and known for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Ungraded products supplied ...

  • alpha-Angelicalactone

    A2477 | 591-12-8 | C5H6O2 | Spectrum Chemical


  • alpha-Bisabolol

    B3002 | 515-69-5 | C15H26O | Spectrum Chemical

    alpha-Bisabolol, also known as bisabolol or levomenol, is a monocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol and can be used to enhance the percutaneous absorption of certain molecules. Ungraded products ...

  • 5-alpha-Cholestan-3-beta-ol

    C3804 | 80-97-7 | C27H48O | Spectrum Chemical


  • (+)-alpha-Tocopherol

    T2764 | 59-02-9 | C29H50O2 | Spectrum Chemical

    (+)-alpha-Tocopherol is a type of vitamin E which is accumulated and absorbed in humans. Alpha-tocopherol has an E number, E307, and is used as an antioxidant. Ungraded products supplied ...

  • alpha-Tocopherylquinone

    T2546 | 7559-04-8 | C29H50O3 | Spectrum Chemical


  • Ammonium Lactate, 70 Percent (w/v) Solution

    A1207 | 515-98-0 | C3H9NO3 | Spectrum Chemical

    Ammonium Lactate, 70 Percent (w/v) Solution, also known as Lac-hydrin, is the ammonium salt of lactic acid and has mild antibacterial properties. Spectrum solutions utilize the highest ...

  • Anise Extract

    A1194 | 84775-42-8 | Spectrum Chemical

    Anise Extract

  • Antipyrine, USP

    A1997 | 60-80-0 | C11H12N2O | Spectrum Chemical

    Antipyrine, USP is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic and antipyretic. All Spectrum Chemical USP grade products are manufactured, packaged and stored under current Good Manufacturing ...

  • Apple Juice, Powder

    A1199 | Spectrum Chemical

    Apple Juice, Powder

  • Arbutin

    A2450 | 497-76-7 | C12H16O7 | Spectrum Chemical

    Arbutin is a glycosylated hydroquinone extracted from a plant called bearberry. It is used to prevent formation of melamine by inhibiting tyrosinase. It is commercially used as a skin ...

  • Arlacel(R) 165

    A1783 | Spectrum Chemical

    Arlacel(R) 165

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