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Cosmetic Chemical Abrasives

Cosmetic Chemical Abrasives

Abrasives are used in the cosmetic industry in products such as body and facial scrub, soaps, dermabrasion, cleansing lotions, and toothpaste. In the case of applications such as facial scrubs, and dermabrasion, abrasives actually sand the skin to improve skin contour by removing old layers of damaged skin. Fine, pure abrasives are the products best suited to the cosmetic industry and Spectrum offers the most popular cosmetic abrasives.

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  • Fuller's Earth, Powder

    F1093 | 8031-18-3 | Spectrum Chemical

    Fuller's Earth, Powder is a palygorskite or bentonite clay material that has the ability to decolorize oil and other liquids. It is typically used as an absorbent for grease or oil. ...