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Other Bulk Chemicals

Other Bulk Chemicals

Other bulk chemicals are used extensively in the 40+ markets that Spectrum Chemical serves on a daily basis. Whether you are in charge of a pilot plant, small production facility or several large facilities in the waste water management, electroplating, aerospace or chemical production industries, Spectrum has the grade in size you need.

Top Sellers in Other Bulk Chemicals

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  • Xanthurenic Acid

    X2004 | 59-00-7 | C10H7NO4 | Spectrum Chemical

    Xanthurenic Acid

  • Xylenes, Technical

    X1003 | 1330-20-7 | C8H10 | Spectrum Chemical

    Xylenes, Technical is a hydrocarbon that is aromatic and is a mixture of isomers. Used as a solvent that is colorless and has a sweet aroma but is extremely flammable. It is used in ...

  • Xylenol Blue

    X1050 | 125-31-5 | C23H22O5S | Spectrum Chemical

    Xylenol Blue

  • Xylitol

    XY107 | 87-99-0 | C5H12O5 | Spectrum Chemical

    Xylitol is a chemical that is known as a polyalcohol also known as a sugar alcohol'. The pharmaceutical and food grade Xylitol is used as a sweetener as a substitute for sugar. Ungraded ...

  • Xylose, CP

    XY112 | 58-86-6 | C5H10O5 | Spectrum Chemical

    Xylose, CP is a sugar that occurs in wood and is classified as being an aldopentose type of monosaccharide. The USP graded material is used in veterinary fields to asses the condition ...