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Chemical Lists


The Chemical Lists shown below are a sampling of a number of diverse markets served by Spectrum Chemical, each with a multitude of chemical products.  These chemical lists represent some of the more popular product lines but are by no means meant to represent all products within that particular area.  We encourage our web users to use the search application which will return results based upon CAS Registry Number (CASRN), keywords and synonyms.




Alzheimer Disease Research Products
L-Amino Acids
Anhydrous Solvents
Atomic Absorption (AA) Standards
Biological Buffers
Color Index Number
Controlled Substances, DEA Schedule II
Controlled Substances, DEA Schedule III
Controlled Substances, DEA Schedule IV
Dental Products
Dyes and Stains
EDTA and Derivatives
Electrophoresis Reagents
Forensic Chemicals

High Purity Solvents
ICP (Plasma Emission) Standards
Indicators, USP Test
Ion-Pair Reagents for HPLC
Kosher Certified Products
Obesity Research Products
Test Solutions, USP
Volumetic Solutions, USP Testing