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Spectrum Offers BASF Catalysts

Building on core competencies in materials science and surface chemistry, BASF developed a range of Precious Metal powder catalysts that offer excellent performance and high efficiency. These catalysts include Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Ruthenium supported on Activated Carbon, Alumina powder and Calcium Carbonate.


NanoSelect™ catalysts are characterized by unimodal metal particles on the nanometer scale. Reducing the size of metal particles to nanometers:

  • Greatly increases the available metal surface area

  • Boosts the catalytic activity

  • Demonstrates different catalytic behavior

BASF used these basic principles to develop the innovative, patented NanoSelectâ„¢ technology. This technology utilizes a BASF reagent to combine reducing and stabilizing functions that produce highly unimodal, nano-sized metal colloids. These colloids can be deposited onto different support materials giving heterogeneous catalysts showing unique catalytic behaviors.


Use the Catalyst Reaction Table below to find the right catalyst for you, and be sure to click on the catalog number to find more product information, available sizes, and pricing.



Catalyst Reaction
SP-100 (5% Pd/CP W) X   X X X X X X X     X   X
SP-101 (5% Pd/CP) X   X X X X X X X     X   X
SP-102 (5% Pd/CP U,W) X X     X X X X X     X    
SP-103 (5% Pd/CP U,W coupling)                     X      
SP-104 (3% Pd/CP U,W) X                     X X  
SP-105 (10% Pd/CP U,W) X           X         X X  
SP-106 (10% Pd/CP U,W) X   X X     X         X X  
SP-107 (20% Pd/CP U,W Pearlman) X           X         X X  
SP-108 (5% Pd/AP) X   X     X X         X    
SP-109 (5% Pd/CCP U) X   X       X         X    
SP-200 (5% Pt/CP W) X X X X   X   X X X        
SP-201 (5% Pt/CP) X   X X   X   X X X        
SP-202 (5% Pt/CP U,W) X X           X X X        
SP-203 (3% Pt/CP W) X     X X X                
SP-204 (5% Pt/AP W) X X X     X                
SP-205 (5% Pt/CCP U) X X X     X                
SP-300 (5% Rh/CP W)     X     X       X        
SP-301 (5% Rh/AP W)                   X        
SP-400 (5% Ru/CP W)   X       X               X
SP-401 (5% Ru/AP W)   X       X               X
PT-100 (NanoSelect Pt-100)       X                    
PT-110 (NanoSelect Pt-110)       X                    
PT-200 (NanoSelect Pt-200)       X                    
PT-210 (NanoSelect Pt-210)       X                    
LF-100 (NanoSelect LF-100)       X   X                
LF-200 (NanoSelect LF-200)       X   X