We manufacture and distribute fine chemicals and laboratory
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1000 Chemical Solutions

Spectrum Chemical has 1000 USP Chemicals

Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp. manufactures and distributes fine chemicals and laboratory products, including over 1,200 ready-made laboratory chemical solutions and reagents for all your analytical testing requirements. Discover a complete laboratory at your fingertips:


• ACS Chemical Testing Solutions

• Buffers, Indicators, and pH Solutions

• cGMP Grade Chemical Solutions

• Dyes and Stains

• EDTA & EDTA Derivative Solutions

• Electrode Filling Solutions

• General Percentage Chemical Solutions

• ASTM Industrial Testing Reagents

• Karl Fischer Reagents

• TAPPI Paper and Pulp Testing Reagents

• Titrants and Normalized Chemical Solutions

• USP Test Solution Concentrates and Volumetric Solutions

• APHA Water Quality Testing Solutions



Integrated QualitySM – Count on Consistency 

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Spectrum Chemical has 1000 USP Chemicals

Spectrum actively participates in the American Chemical Society's Committee on Analytical Reagents, the only organization in the world that sets requirements and develops validated methods for determining the purity of analytical reagents. All raw materials and finished goods entering our facilities are subject to stringent in-house testing in our analytical laboratories to ensure all chemicals and reagents meet our own high quality standards. Our Integrated QualityTM (IQ) program demonstrates our commitment to providing quality products to our customers that deliver accurate, reliable results every time. 


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